Dr. Gundry’s The Plant Paradox Is Wrong


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  • I’ve seen theses videos coming out now, interesting , but it seemed to me like misinformation from the meat n dairy boys! What about what they had to say about kale?? Anyway ,Nutrition Facts.org , your the best out here on this web, thank you

  • Your condescending attitude and annoying presentation make this video unbearable to watch; I tried but only managed a couple of minutes. I've been on the Plant Paradox regime for only a couple of weeks ( after being diagnosed with autoimmune gastritis). Maybe people with no health issues ( good luck with that) can cope with the copious amounts of dairy and grains, and lack of good oils that our current food pyramid promotes; but anyone with an autoimmune condition can benefit greatly from the suggestions put forward in the Plant Paradox. No I'm not using any supplements from Gundry MD. But I'm open minded.

  • How do you explain the success he’s had with his patients? Please, change my mind, because this diet is the first one I’ve heard of that makes sense for people with autoimmune diseases.

  • Well, as an RN, I have met patients whose lives were turned around when they followed the plant paradox diet. Diagnosed with fibromyalgia, after diet initiated, off all medication. Hmm, hard to argue.

  • Those with auto-immune diseases may be encouraged by his findings. I've tried many other plans that didn't work for RA……maybe this will!  He's had great success with RA too!

  • Well, you don't have to buy his products, just stop eating lectins and eat more olive oil and see how you feel after a week…
    Was it BS? did you lost 5 pounds and feel better? you be the judge.

  • I followed the book lost weight, gained my skin color back and my bowel problems reduced significantly. People should read the book because you can pick at one article and report on it in half truths. This video is a bit deceiving because the book indicates pros and cons foods both can have positive benefits and negative benefits it's more about balance and understanding your particular situation and your gut problems. Everyone comes from different backgrounds it's about understanding the limitations of your food source and making adjustments that are healthy. Legumes have benefits too but it you are sensitive to certain compounds in it like lectins that a closer review of what you eat is warranted. An asian adult may have a different response then say a european adult. But the tone of this video just suggests he wants you to be redirected to his website, and it's working.

  • Maybe you should read the book properly .

    Tomato juice has no skin or seeds, so no lectins: end of danger.
    It's not just any eggs. He calls them pasture-fed eggs. Factory-fed poultry don't produce good food.

    Bean eaters live longer, do they? Could it be that they know to soak them and cook them in a pressure cooker which renders the lectins relatively harmless?

    When compared to people who live on junk, they survive the lectins because they''re not dealing with garbage fats, high fructose corn syrup, preservatives, pesticide & herbicide residue that the general population doesn't take measures to avoid. Just comparing those who eat beans with those who don't is not a valid comparison and not one anyone would make in my research centre. We can't assume everything else about them is the same — which is necessary for a valid comparison.

    Of course you'll find lots of good properties of whole grains and the like. Why do you think the word "paradox" is in the title?

  • Just like a nutritionists. Brainwashed. You are reading a book with a closed mind, that's even if you even read it and didn't skim it. You obviously haven't seen all the people doing this way of eating, and their success. I have been doing it for two months and am feeling great. The way I look at it, everyone that is looking at feeling better, read the book and try it out. As for beans, yes, they have a lot of lectins, but the way you prepare them or buy them is how they affect you. He might have MD in his title, but he has done 15 – 20 years of research on this. You are going by what has been spoon fed to you in college. What all of the big food and drugs companys want you to say. Hell, you are probably funded by them.

  • I will unsub from your channel just for the pleasure of subscribing again. In the mean time I liked the video, can I do it twice?

  • Everything is bad for you we are all gone die and these MD health people are selling you 50 dollar bottles of magic bullshit for a fucking reason. Best advice, get some excersize weekly, try not to overeat, cut out as much sugar especially soda, and stop giving a fuck cause we are all gonna die and there's nothing we can do to stop that fact. Don't let these douche bags rob you, this doctor says that beans are bad for you… fucking hilarious… what a joke.

  • Tomatoes, beans, bell peppers, and potatoes are bad for you and will poison you, hilarious! These are healthy foods what a joke. Gundry is a fucker. YOU WILL NOT TAKE MY BELL PEPPER OR MY TOMATO BITCHES! LOL JK

  • You can’t fuckn know who to believe. I could probably find studies supporting Coca Cola as a health drink ( it would be obviously bias bs) but everyone has an agenda, wether it’s listen to me cos’ I have a product, service, book ect..

  • Dr. Gundy never said you couldn't, or shouldn't eat the beans, but that they were obviously dangerous to human beings if they were not cooked thoroughly…he suggests pressure cooking the beans. He uses several cultural examples that illustrate how these cultures eliminated the skins and seeds of nightshade plants that are high in lectin…it's proven that lectin is dangerous to human beings and the fact that it does lower inflammation(by keeping the immune proteins at bay, which by definition is dangerous to humans – that's what nightshades do!)…

  • I knew something was up with this book with it's shady infomercial and reference to the author being the doctor to Tony Robbins. How much you wanna bet that Robbins either bankrolled this book, or is at least profiting from sales in some percentage?

  • Why-some-people-say-lectins-are-bad?–and-that-quote-'everyone-is-different-'-that-your-body-chemistry-is-unique-and-keto-diet-or-paleo-diet-wo;;-will-help-reduce-infammation-in-the-gut-with-people-getting-their-guts-healed-on-a-paleo-no-grain-diet?—this-man-says-blood-type-diet-is-baseless-but-is-not-OUR-BODY'S-BLOOD-TYPE-A-PART-OF-OUR-BODIES-CHEMISTRY-AND-WHAT-MAKES-US-DIFFERENT-FROMPONE-ANOTHER-AND-AFFECT-OUR-FOOD-DIGESTION?

  • wonder-what-this-man-thinks-of-doctor-a-real-mainstream-doctor!-Jason-Fung-author-of-obesity-diet-and-promoter-of-intermittent-fasting-and-keto-diets-and-paleo-diets-with-lots-of-plany-plants-i-mean-andsaturated-fats-from-MCT-OIL-AND-COCONUT-OIL

  • Its always hard to argue with a person with a fancy degree who twists data in a bad way; only recognizable to the well informed; few will be able to see you as a poorly informed idiot.

  • If you read the BOOK and pay attention to the dialog Dr Gundry refers to mentioned foods that are chemically affected by plant toxins which plants excrete , then as things go on Animals eat the plants which passes the toxins into the animals, humans eat the animals, Humans carry the toxins which subsequently gets in to our genes and so on. Its pretty logical and methodical from the evolution of MAN……..

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