Don’t use antiseptic mouthwash


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  • i just chew on roots or a soft branch and clean the teeth with the fibre and often just drinking some water is good enough. no refined sugar/junk food + water + mechanical cleaning against mouth odor.

  • But most people don't use mouthwash before they eat; they use it after, so I don't see how mouthwash would be a factor in the typical person.  By the time one is ready to have another meal, the mouth bacteria should have repopulated, especially if you only have two meals per day, as I do.

  • Dr. Greger, I don't use mouthwash, but, along with twice daily teeth brushing and flossing, I do use a tongue brush to clean my tongue and cheek gums. Brushing my tongue really helps with freshening breath, but now I am wondering if I'm doing more harm than good. Any studies or thoughts on tongue brushes affecting the "good" bacteria in the crevices of the tongue?

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