Does Tea Tree Oil Work for Nail Fungus?


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  • I can confirm from direct experience that tea tree oil works but you need to apply regularly and file down the nail. You will start to notice results within months but it takes a long time to eradicate completely.

  • Is hydrofluorocarbon 152a considered an PAH (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon). It's a chemical commonly used in cosmetic products and body sprays. I remember a Dr. Gregor video where he says PAH can cause cancer.

  • There's at least one video on YT, where they do a demo of treating this using a combination of olive oil, slivers of fresh, organic garlic placed under and all around the nail then they wrap it in cotton cloth, like old clean flannel shirt remnants and Saran wrap (cling film, in the UK) and leave it for like 24 hrs.

  • How can you increase the circulation if you already eat plant based??…i have only had leg swelling and poor circulation to my feet since going wfpb vegan 6 years ago…is it possible I'm not getting enough sodium? I have low bp and heart rate, and I'm cold most of the time….i am fed up with the leg swelling though and i work out everyday. I do have iodine deficiency and have been supplementing with nascent iodine for 2 months, upping the dose as i am still deficient.

  • Poor circulation is not always diet. It’s also lack of exercise, it’s the fact that people with certain diseases just tend to have more circulatory issues, also diet. Don’t forget sun exposure for nails. Also some people just have thicker nailbeds than others. There’s so much missing here from this video.

  • sorry, but based on my own experiment, the hypothesis of the blood circulation is just crap. 1/ Not only do I eat vegetalian for more than 5 years, but 2/ I focus a part of my diet on blood flow as I'm a (ultra trail) runner. 3/ and last but not least I wear large toebox zero drop shoes (altra, vivo, vibram FF) for 5 years too (and that increase feet bloodflow a lot)., sometimes wearing correct toes. Believe me, that hypothesis is just plain garbage.
    I also do not have a depressed immune system. Better look at other factors like imbalance in gut bacteria, some gluten intolerance or whatever.

  • Anecdotally, I can't comment on the circulation issues, but I picked up this nail fungus from a public pool area once (gross). For a year, I tried all sorts of OTC treatments that did nothing. Finally, I tried nightly treatments of tea tree oil and witch hazel (alternated between nights). That did the trick, though it's impossible to say which worked / worked better. The key to using it was to make sure to get the nail truly wet, especially at the cuticles and under the nail at front. I'd sleep barefoot. Once I figured all that out, my symptoms improved dramatically and new, healthy nail growth began. Unfortunately, it took months for a fully new nail. Been without issue for seven years now, no need for continued preventive treatments or anything. I'd say it worked, but I sure would like to understand how.

  • Like with so many things wrong with us, it’s simply a symptom showing something else is wrong. This is why people believe in pharmaceuticals, they do just that – fixes your symptom, by putting a lid on it. The body’s like “Heey, I’m tryin to tell you something here!!” No money in curing anyone, right… 💊🏦💊

  • Improving your circulation might only make your feet sweat more, which is my problem. Only thing non-systemic that cures it is laser treatment, but keeping feet dry with baby powder, etc. can keep it from coming back.

  • Surprisingly…WD 40 works …was used in Vietnam where conditions were ideal for growth and spreading…like other applications must be consistent for 4 to 6 months….or just eat right….which is easier said than done

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