Does Rye Bread Protect Against Cancer?


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  • I just turned 20. I really don't hope what I did the first two decades matters too much. I can do 25 pullups. 90kg bench press. Jump very high. I do very well in HIIT. Full dragonflags and stand on my hands. What I thought was healthy doesn't really mean healthy. I wish I paid more attention to my diet. More than staying around 10% bodyfat.

    The men in my family all die before they reach 90. Mostly from heart issues. Do you think diet could make me at least a 100 years old?
    Also is 5 tablespoons of grinded flax seeds too much?

  • Every corpuscle in my Ukrainian body is delighted to see the high lignan ranking of rye and buckwheat!  Very intriguing data; thanks for posting : )

  • The ending absolutely shocked me. Wow. I have a bag of flax seeds lying around in my house for about 2 years and I've never opened it. Now it's the time!

  • BTW a good blender, like a Vitamix or Blendtec does a very easy and quick job of grinding flax-seed, as well quickly doing 2-4 cups of whole wheat or rye berries for a loaf or two of fresh whole-grain bread.

  • Be wise, and eat flax seeds daily. Buy whole flax seeds and ground it yourself with a coffee-bean grounder just before you eat your meal. This way it is fresh and complete. Flax seeds has the perfect omega-3 to omega-6 fatty-acid ratio, that your body desperately need for proper cell functions all over in your body and brain.

  • Dr Greger, I saw you at Adventist Health last year and have great respect for your work.  We as humans do not have the required enzymes necessary to break down the Gliadin (a type of gluten found in barley, wheat and RYE)  When consumed, Gliadin leads to intestinal permeability (leaky gut).  This allows antigens into the blood stream that should not be there causing the immune system to be engaged.  Over 200 Auto-immune diseases are linked to Gliadin.  Take type 1 diabetes, for instance, leaky gut allows Bovine protein in causing an immune response,  Collateral damages happens when the bovine protein from Dairy is attacked.  The beta cells are also attacked by mistake. When the body attacks it's self, you now have an auto-immune disease called type 1 diabetes.    Why consume gliadin that sets you up for every auto-immune disease that you are genetically predisposed to?  NEJM 2008 report on the cause of type 1 diabetes.   Please look into the research at the NEJM.  or contact me and I will send you all the links to speed up the process.  PEACE

  • Mmmm, I love me some rye bread ever since I was a kid.  Any difference between light rye and dark rye or pumpernickel?

    But in that study, having to eat a whole loaf of bread a day as you said is too much.  Still, rye bread is pretty good, especially really good rye bread.  In this case, was the rye bread completely rye bread with nothing else added?

  • Rye, berries and, flax seeds all lower cancer risk and all have vitamin B 17. I am not surprised all. The more studies that are done on cancer and unknowly are foods on the vitamin B17 list the more foods yu'll find that kill cancer with out side effects.

  • the basic message here is use flax , even one little capsule a day, its also rich ,I  n omega3 fatty acids,  SURELY ITS A NO BRAINER , flax v cancer mmmm hard choice NOT , GET YOUR FLAX IN

  • Golden brown, flax, linn I am in like gongadin lol plus already been hitter them harder than lard in my biona Rye bread n flax seed organic with p nut butter from whole earth 🌍

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