Does Marijuana Cause Permanent Brain Damage in Teens?


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  • I HAVE a quesiton , hopefully it can reach to Dr Greger or his fellow nutritionists.
    So. Can i drink orange juice right before my food to get the non-heme iron absorbed.Or does it have to be during eating. (I dont like my stomach when i drink during eating).I am eating also fruits and vegetables full with Vit C

  • PLEASE make a video about CHARCOAL!

    There's a lot of hype at the moment and different sources say different things. Is it safe to eat it? Is it safe to use it on your skin? Thanks in advance Dr. Greger and Nutrition Fact team!

  • I’m 18y/o. Been plant based for over a year, no meat, dairy, eggs, none of that bullshit. Exercise/lift weights and meditate daily, as well as research lifestyle medicine on my own for hours throughout the day because I find such interest in the topic, planning to find a career within the areas of naturopathic and lifestyle medicine. However, I also smoke marijuana daily and have been for over two years. Marijuana, though it may somewhat hinder your intelligence/memory with excessive use, opened my eyes to the truth of reality. I used to be a sedentary, unhealthy, skinny piece of shit before I smoked weed, and when I began getting high I began to research things I had never looked into before; things like health, political corruption around the world, and the life I am really living. Marijuana made me realize that society is an illusion, and everyone around me is caged into their own western perceptions of the world. Marijuana morphed my perception of my own body, that it is my personal “temple” that I need to care for first and foremost in this world above anything else. I find it amazing these days how people throw trash inside their bodies and then question me why I would ever want to be a “vegan”.
    Marijuana has a tendency to, and this is coming from personal experience with friends and colleagues, change your perceptions and widen your them. It allows you to almost see in between the lines of the lies that are fed to you on a daily basis, especially me, still stuck in the public schooling system. I believe that, for the worlds sake, everyone should smoke marijuana multiple times throughout their lifetime; there are way too many blind sheep in our world today, and the slightest change of perception can make a huge difference. If everyone in the world smoked weed daily for a month, I sincerely believe that we would see a difference in how we perceive our bodies, Earth, and the BS lives we are living in this society, which values “profit”, a made up concept, over the place we as well as billions of other organisms rely on to survive; Earth.

  • So I started smoking weed at 16 on a monthly basis (once a month or once every few months). I quit permenantley at 19. And quit all drugs at 20 (including alcohol). How fucked am I?

  • Weed makes you less motivated. Everyone should smoke it because we're all over-motivated and it's killing the planet and our health. Seriously. Sit back, light a bomber. And be at peace. You're good enough.

  • Think these scientists could wrap their brains around measuring someones emotional intelligence or "spiritual" health? And the hippocampus is shrunk prob because the body doesn't need to produce as much of it's own neurohormones since the cannabis is facilitating some of its duties, (in a healthy way in my opinion). I would rather take a safe plant to help my hormone levels stay balanced than have bouts of depression and anger throughout the day. Common Dr G

  • Marijuana does cause brain damage in unborn children ….we know that much !

    If your father was a chronic weed abuser and then had children…those children have less motivation to exert energy

    They become chronic couch potatoes for the remainder of their lives!

  • They should do studies using landrace strains. They are radically different than modern hybrid strains which have incomplete molecular structures due to their reckless breeding ancestry…

  • I was in the top of my classes in high school without trying …then in late teens I started smoking weed and drinking booze for 10 years and my brain was so fried I could hardly string a coherent sentence together. Found God and He changed my life after being weed cigarette and alcohol free (and vegan) for 7 years i am now attending uni getting A’s…I don’t know whether I have permanent brain damage or not but I do know I threw away the best years of my life on that ** and wish I’d never touched the damned stuff.

  • I smoked from high school to age 27 and haven't smoked for 5 years. I often wonder if it's caused permanent damage. I still question these studies though. The brain is extremely complex and adaptive. If there is permanent change, I think over time it will find harmony within the dysfunction or actually repair the dysfunction in some. We're all very different and will have varying abilities to heal something like that.

  • Yes, but longterm effects of any drug are probably more severe if exposed to kids and adolescents anyway, not to mention most people aren't heavy users so one could assume cannabis is probably not that damaging to the average healthy occasional adult user.
    (i'm assuming).

  • As a Kid, I grew up with the "Dare" program. TBH it scared the crap out of me which caused me to not do drugs and alcohol. So dare was probably not effective for a lot of kids but it was effective for some kids.

  • Noticed that the study he quotes "Persistent Cannabis Users Show Neurological Decline…" (Meier et al) identifies users 24 hours post cannabis use and determines the problem remains. On the other hand, the study "Reply to Rogeberg and Daly: No Evidence…" shows that the effect of cannabis use persists up to three months after use – but not beyond. Makes me wonder if Meier et al would've found different results if they'd required study participants to lay off the weed for three months prior to IQ testing.

  • I see all these cannabis videos from him now, but I don’t see anything from him about using it as a source of plant-based nutrition, and this is disappointing since he lives in DC, illegal grow city. Cannabis is extremely nutritious

  • I started smoking at 13 and smoked regularly through till I was 19. Still got above average marks when I finished school and regularly 85% scores at postgraduate university level. Would love to know what I could have done had I never gone down that pathway as a young, disengaged teen…

  • Ehm I’m 16 I have an IQ of 123 but i’ve been smoking since 13 yo. Is this irreversible?
    So What if i got really high. That feeling you feel the next day doesnt go away?
    And if i wanted to stop smoking weed but I still have 2 joints that i wanna smoke the last time.
    Should i smoke em all at the same day or acros 2 weeks to prevent brain damage?

  • I’m a teen and I feel like I damaged my brain by smoking I just wanna feel normal again how can I do that ? Answers please ?! I realized that smoking because my “friends” where wasn’t cool

  • Many young people smoked pot during teens and live functional lives. Cannabis does not damage the brain, THC in cannabis can intoxicate but once stopped is reversible. CBD in marijuana can be taken as it is a neuro-protective antioxidant.

    What damages developing brains permanently are taking psychiatric drugs during adolescence not cannabis.

  • I'm a 24 year old who consumes marijuana daily in small amounts. I also played youth football at ages 10 and 11. After participating I noticed an extreme decline in social, behavioral, and cognitive abilities. Old hobbies such as going out, hanging with friends completely didn't interest me anymore. There seemed to be a problem with my dopaminergic pathways, some sort of reward deficiency problem. I started smoking cannabis at age 16 to "self-medicate" and help with the loss of excitement and function in other areas. Whether the drug made it worse over time, lowered my iq, or affected my brain in other ways I have no way of knowing, but in my uneducated opinion, people who begin to use cannabis probably already have an affected or damaged brain.

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