Does Marijuana Cause Permanent Brain Damage in Adults?


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  • What was this study made by a bunch of monkey's lol. This is bullshit I have more attention to detail when I smoke then when I don't and it's not in my head

  • My junior year I started smoking weed daily before school. My grades went from D's to B's and A's. I doubt if it made me smarter. I was just so paranoid of getting caught I did my worked and didn't say nothing even did my work in class which I've never done previously.

  • I wonder if this atrophy is connected with a specific component of the plant. Is it connected with THC, or CBD? Or is it related to SMOKING it? Any idea?

  • Its not the cannabinoids that are the problem, its the smoke. Another problem is bad science. Ive been taking cannabis oil for 5 years now. Cannabis oil saved my life and my IQ, coodination, logic and creativity have been enhanced, not reduced.

  • No, but a cannabis conviction will completely fuck the whole entire rest of your life, make you unemployable given modern day criminal record checks, and in due course turn you into a poverty stricken nobody, and probably a Black Marketeer to boot. The worst damage cannabis will do is to your front door when the cops sledge hammer it off it's hinges and storm the place. That assumes no trigger-happy gorilla blows your brains out as well.

  • How about more risk for new psychosis (even not related to familial psychosis) on a cohort of ~4000 teens. JAMA June 2018 number. Stay tunned for the next nutritionfacts video on THC 😉

  • The point is that it does cause impairment and there is also a spectrum of reactions, people are chronic users, they aren't going to stop for 15 years to repair the structural changes noted. Also, please keep in mind that weed is becoming more and more potent as time goes by and these studies are going to rapidly be less reliable with the new potent strains. Not to mention these studies are very limited in scope. We do have entheogenic use in traditional cultures and in these cases it was not used except in very limited circumstances on a frequent basis. I am afraid that those limited studies outstanding, what we have going on is a widespread cultural delusion of it not having any negative effects at all and a widespread experiment of a great deal of people using it in ways and doses and frequencies that any traditional culture associated with its use would caution heavily against.

  • Its nice to see on paper what is seen in clinic. Remember, this is not the ultra-low TCH medical use marijuana, this is the High TCH Recreational Use Marijuana. Come on, did you think a toxic substance that can affect cognitive function crossing the blood-brain barrier would not be harmful? Ever wonder where the term 'swiss cheese affect' came from when people talk about the brain of older long-term alcoholics? The THC in Marijuana is no different, Toxic chemicals damage, luckily we can recover if not over done. Some of the 'exploring' that occurred as you were young (I was in highschool in the 70's) as long as it was not a lot should do no harm, but if you kept denying life's lessons into your 20's, then you may see the brain damage, or not…. 😉

  • I had a friend back in college like 15 years ago at Virginia Tech and all he would do was smoke weed and he was still a very smart person, He would always smoke it whatever free time he had and i would say weed probably makes you smarter.

  • I think if you have too much, it will reduce creativity, but when I have an optimal dose, I'm pretty damn sure that the creativity I experience isn't an illusion. I hear awesome pieces of music created on the fly in my head, in an effortless way, something I never get sober, even if I try. It feels like my mind goes with the flow more and will explore new trains of thought it otherwise wouldn't.
    edit; I'm interested if these studies controlled for whether or not people were having within the optimal dose range for cannabis. The biphasic dosing effect means high doses worsen symptoms, and I suspect most people don't pay attention to optimally dosing themselves.

    Some info on biphasic dosing if you're curious on what it means:

    Though there's also twins studies that don't account for the dosing, but found no noteworthy difference between a cannabis-using twin and non-using twin, with any shared decline instead being explained by family background factors the twin adolescents shared;

  • Hippocampal harms, protection and recovery following regular cannabis use.

    "In contrast, current users of cannabis containing CBD, as well

    as former users, show no structural or neurochemical hippocampal

    differences compared with controls. These findings are consistent

    with suggestions that CBD may be neuroprotective, perhaps

    through its role in synaptic plasticity and/or neurogenesis."

    This is referenced STRAIGHT from the study Dr. Greger is siting. Thc NEEDS to be combined with cbd, it's a balance folks.

  • What if you only smoke it once every few months, would that also cause damage. Also, what about bongs, are they better or worse for your health than joints

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