Does Coconut Oil Cure Alzheimer’s?


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  • It's too bad the narrator's speech affectations, repetitively sarcastic statements and stilted cadence makes this potentially valuable information not only difficult to listen to but also makes him seem like an insufferably smug ass-wipe.

  • The reason they don't shout it from the rooftops is because alzeimers and dementia are a business, a very profitable business. Just like cancer is a business, cancer can be cured but hey, it's a $400 billion a year industry, profit before lives. Also, i believe coconut oil cannot be patented, so no one can own it.

  • I used to consume coconut oil, thinking it was healthy. I'm glad that when I learned about the benefits of a whole foods plant based diet, and amongst other reading, that it's really just a hoax. Coconut oil is great for using on the skin though. 

    This study shows that a low carbohydrate (ketogenic) diet significantly improves cognitive performance in mildly impaired individuals in a substantial and more importantly – measurable way.   Its really a pretty ugly thing when a doctor has to go off his own agenda and out of his way to be dismissive in a smug, sloppy, and dishonest manner about an aspect of nutrition that – though requiring further study – still has a lot of potential promise, especially when used in unison with low carbohydrate diets.

  • The medical industry, along with Big Pharma is a powerful and well funded entity with its profit mongering agents euphemistically known as MD's, is bent on destroying all natural remedies that would otherwise affect its bottom line.  Michael Gregor (doctor, you say?) is a living example of a canniving douchebag!

  • this was fine for what was claimed .. but IMHO he's really dodging the bullet by only talking about MCTs in relation to Alzheimers and 1 study, while only talking about virgin coconut oil in relation to CVD (and numerous studies). I mean to say, the profit-mindful companies pushing MCTs are mostly interested in selling it as a substitute for coconut oil, not alzheimers medication.

  • Dr Greiger says that you can make money selling twenty pound buckets of coconut oil Well, I was at a trade fair last week and picked up several kilos of the stuff for nothing!!

  • why not give them whole coconuts instead
    this study is so strangely specific
    its like saying "broccoli juice extract's effect on parkinson patients"
    how about feed them…simple broccoli and check the results then?

  • The alzheimers association probably stands to lose money if a simple, natural cure is found, just like the cancer and diabetes industries. I am 66 and was diagnosed with diabetes in January, my glucose was 410. My dr prescribed metformin. I researched natural ways to cure diabetes, cleaned up my diet, very low carb, lost 55 pounds with exercise, used herbs and other natural supplements and as of today, I am off metformin for 15 days and my body is dealing properly with my glucose levels! We are told by the "establishment" that diabetes cannot be cured; not true from my experience!
    Whenever there are large amounts of money to be made, I investigate and learn for myself, rather than trusting the experts!!!

  • now that's what I like to hear jus my kind of guy, let's really push some boundaries on this one yeah! let's try and shrink some Mongolian gerbal testicles before this trials over people!
    Haahaa wot the actual fuq heehee

  • I love your videos, but this was just dumb. K. Tell this to all the people who are using coconut oil to actually stop the disease and get their lives back. Combine this with Cannabis Oil, consistently, and the disease makes a drastic reversal. You would lose your license for saying something like this, and Big Pharma would lose money if the truth were ever revealed (it is getting out there anyways). There are just some things you can't trust doctors on, and this subject is one of them (same for cancer treatment…Cannabis kills cancer as well, but you'll never hear a doctor say this). It has been proven that the Alzheimer's drugs out there do absolutely nothing but temporarily slow the disease, but in the long run do not stop or treat it. They also cause additional damage and side effects. My grandfather has Alzheimer's, and is on Namenda, and it does absolutely nothing for him. But when I give him coconut oil his cognitive function and interaction improves. So you can take your misinformation somewhere else. Nobody wants to hear it.

  • What should I put on toast? Iike to use avacado and nut or peanut butter but I like toast in the more traditional sense too! I've replaced butter with coconut oil, also my go-to for waffles, etc. Not that I eat this stuff all the time, so it it ok to have an Ezekiel raisin muffin once or twice a week with…. ( fill in the bank?)….? Thanks Doc! 👍😊

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