Does Coconut Oil Clog Arteries?


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  • Yep I have to agree! My cholesterol went up and I’m vegan 😒! Now to be fair I wasn’t taking CO raw everyday like some people do. I would use it in baking and such perhaps more than occasionally, replacing other oils or vegan butters. I rarely ate fried food (I refuse to even make fried foods, so you can’t even say it’s for those reasons). We talk about CO but I’m noticing too coconut products such as ice creams made with coconut milk has so much saturated fat! I’m trying to cut down any oil intake and on coconut products as well. I always ate much less oil than most people, I always measured and cut down more than half if a recipe suggested a lot of oil, now I try not to even add any oil at all if I can avoid it. We hardly eat out, I’m at a healthy weight, I’m fairly sort of still young, so It’s strange that it went up. But I’m pretty sure coconut oil and products are most of the reasons why. I would be foolish to pretend it’s not the reason. I’m still below the 200 mark but I didn’t like that my ldl kept climbing up and getting closer to that mark (my hdl did go up too, which is good I know). I’m hoping now my ldl went down since I’ve been cutting a lot of stuff out and exercising more. People are suckers for those marketing claims. So glad someone challenged this, i wish I had saw this in 2013. Beware folks!✌🏼

  • I learned this back in the 80s. It's terrible for you. It will raise your cholesterol. It's merchandising. Quit following these fads. Every year there is a new oil and a new vitamin. Pure fat is good for you if you live somewhere that is extremely cold. Then it's a necessity.

  • DumAss… there is no "bad" cholesterol because cholesterol does not cause heart disease. Damage to the epithelial lining of the arteries that causes heart disease and that happens from eating too much sugar, stress hormones, nicotine, alcohol and drug abuse, poor genetics, toxin exposure, bacterial infection, etc. Cholesterol aids in repairing artery damage that already occurred. The calcified plaque buildup is the result and if a plaque ruptures thats when you have the heart attack because platelets form clots with macrofages and blockage results. Your body makes its own cholesterol because it is needed as a precursor for all endocrine hormones. No cholesterol means death. If you get too much dietary cholesterol, your body stops making its own. If you dont get enough dietary cholesterol you body makes more of its own…zero wash… look for the real culprit, the poison chemical additives in ALL our food sources. Add in pesticide residue, glyphosate, and HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP and it should be no surprise heart arterial linings are damaged… the Dude probably promoted margerine and transfats as safe at one time and is a big financial beneficiary of STATINS and Big Pharma…. statins are the kiss of death… avoid the chicanery at all costs…

  • To all fools, note the best oil today to use is coconut oil , it even beats olive oil, it is scientifically proven coconut oil melts at 29 degree Celsius and our body temperature is 32 degree Celsius, there are no unsaturated fats in coconut oil , pure coconut oil cakes at cold temperatures, but melts at normal room temperatures , Animal fats require 39 – 42 degree Celsius to melt and consumption of Animal fats increase the cholesterol levels , so stop coming out with crap , most South Indians cook, drink, and even use it on their hair skin with coconut oil, And the old generation who only used coconut oil are still alive and healthy even past 90 years of age

  • All things in moderation… We gave rats in the lab coconut oil to block them up to study heart disease. They blocked right up. Going by cholesterol numbers alone is a very misleading.

  • eating hydrogenated refined oils is worse. eating any veg oil is unatural. all foods contain a bit of natural oil.
    and why shud anyone believe medical doctors on this? first they demonised butter years back bc veg oil makers paid them money. now they say butter is not so bad.
    canola oil is poison too, but no harvard doc comes forward to say so, all docs r paid pimps. for centuries people hv been eating butter, lard, coconut oil wid no adverse results. stuff yr shit opinion up yr ass, who r u tell others wat to eat & wat not to eat???

  • I`ve always taken Lizard semen oil and have incredible giant muscles , strong heart, big %%% , low bad cholesterol, high good cholesteral, giant balls and great sex. Nuff said.

  • You make a video in which you assert that LDL is bad cholesterol without justifying why it's bad. My understanding is that LDL is superb, and everyday I give thanks to my body for all the good it does for me despite all the bad that I DO TO IT. Perhaps you need another video about all the human body manufactured substances that are bad for the body itself. This indeed is something that has never been done before. A scientific study of all the bad things created by the human body. And maybe we can then get to understand why our bodies create substances that are bad for the human body. Science might then start to realise that everything the body makes is for our good, for healthy outcomes. And you might come to realise what might happen to you if your body suddenly said "ok, you say LDL is bad, I'll stop making it". Then think about what is going to happen to your health. Whenever I watch the news and there is a fire somewhere, I notice that there are always firefighters at the scene. So, I propose that if we kill all firefighters there will be no fires. It's so simple. Firefighters are really BAD.

  • Glad to see the research here. It is important to keep learning and growing. I know many like taking opinions and turning them into facts. Proper scientific studies although hard to create shows what the numbers are sayings and that is a start👍

  • doesn't anyone find it suspicious that all these studies that coconut oil is bad for you are American driven….. how many coconuts are grown in America? on the other hand, how much vegetable oil does America produce?

    also, the vegetable oil manufacturers give the american heart association 531 million dollars a year to help with their "research". it makes you wonder

  • SOOOOO if people are eating ultra ultra 'healthy' and ultra ultra low fat… you can add some coconut oil or coconut milk to balacance out your cholesterol and increase your cholesterol a little bit — maybe for lifting weights and sports and kickboxing/fighting sports. 🙂 I know Muay Thai kickboxers eat coconuts every once in a while.

  • Coconut oil is a hype ….big marketing scam ! Alzheimer is caused by sugar another brain type 2 diabetes also by; ,Bacteria, yeast ,, Pathogens are microorganisms , mycotoxins -Fungus . Heavy metals like mercury , aluminium , pesticides , toxins .
    Bacteria release toxins, and viruses that damage our cells. if you take more than 4 spoons of coconut oil a day it will raise your cholesterol . any oil is hard on the liver ..Try it ! four spoons of coconut oil every day for two months and then after two months go to the doctor for a cholesterol blood test ….. ! try it !… video on all oils ,, for your health watch ;

  • Well, try the two-week challenge I did! Put the coconut oil in a refrigerator, cut out chunks and shew it till it turns to liquid.
    #1 you will never need a dentist again you will notice a difference in the first week.
    When you take a blood test you take the Cholesterol and divide it by your HDL, which gives the risk factor. Coconut oil is an Omega 3 acid which raises HDL.
    Star with Tatar control and I promise you will be amazed. Will also remove cavities take the two-week challenge you won't believe the outcome!

  • Everyone knows that if you mix sugar and saturated fat its bad combination. Plus how controlled were the monitored groups? How many carbs did they eat, how much together with sugar?

  • This guy needs to read up on cholesterol. Hard to take any of this seriously when not talking about LDL pattern A and pattern B, oxidation of fluffy healthy anti-inflammatory/hormone precursor from refined carbohydrates. Dr Greger is the biggest quack and his book "How not to die" is criminal with all the false information.

  • this guy sucks, his webpage, his book, everything is just made up lies. he pretends to be anti- doctor but he lies and makes up crap like this. coconut oil is short chain. it is very easily digested. every video i watch, or try to watch is full of bold faced LIES… scammer here.. i am going to unfollow, and burn that book, it is soooo bad, so drawn out and with watching a couple of his videos to be so full of crap… just listen to this voice? a whiny voice that any real man, would just like to punch.

  • LDL isn't cholesterol, there is no such thing as bad cholesterol, and it's not only not the #1 risk factor of heart disease, it's not any number of risk factor in heart disease. Cholesterol is one of the most important things our bodies produce. Blaming cholesterol is like blaming firemen for forest fires. Because there's a 95% correlation between firemen and fires, we blame the firemen? How dumb is that? Inflammation isn't the cause of heart disease either. Inflammation is a healing mechanism. No inflammation, no healing. What causes heart disease is tissue damage, whether to the arteries or the heart itself. If you have tissue damage you better hope the hell you have inflammation and cholesterol both or you're going to keep that tissue damage for the rest of your life. Stop confusing correlation with causation FFS.

  • It would be good if people had accurate information about fats and oils
    to make decisions about what to eat. Why there is so much disagreement,
    misinformation, bad information, and wrong information? That doesn't
    help people to make good decisions. And it doesn't really matter if a
    study is done where people seem to live longer as there could be many
    factors to that such as environmental pollution, water pollution,
    exercise, stress, etc, and not just diet. What they should tell us is
    what does eating fats or oils DO to the physical body. That is what they
    should study.

  • cholesterol is not bad, INFLAMMATION IS BAD, If you eat cholesterol, your body will adapt to make to less cholesterol to stay in balance. theres is no link between cholesterol and heart disease u dumbfuck

  • Why is that when I watch other experts talk I see good studies related to fats and when I watch this video I see bad studies about fats? Does anyone factcheck Dr Greger since he's showing only snippets from the studies?

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