Does Cocoa Powder Cause Acne?


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  • Interesting.

    My acne seems to be caused by dehydrated.
    My skin is not lacking oil but simply moisture/water.
    When my skin is feeling smooth then the acne is not bad, when my skin is dehydrated then the acne is worse.
    And the skin is basically always dehydrated to some extent.

    Anyone got any suggestions? Greger?

    Even during the summer, it feels slightly dehydrated. Which is weird since I'm avoiding unnecessary dehydration of the skin.
    I'm already eating a plant-based diet, drinking a lot of water, supplementing zinc & DHA/EPA.
    Avoiding warm showers, avoiding too much sun exposure, avoiding caffeine, avoiding harsh cleansers, minimizing overall stress. Using moisturizer.

  • The sugar and fat is mostly removed so the Cocoa Protein might provoke Acne
    I will still use Cocoa in my Coffee and make Cocoa Hummus

  • Awwww man. I am one of those 'lucky' people who seems to break out from ten million different things and going whole food plant based has helped a great deal but it's still not totally clear. I love my chocolate smoothie (no sugar added) but I will have to try something else for a while and see if that helps my skin. What a bummer if it's the cocoa that's kept my acne going all the time!

  • I put cacao powder daily in my milk daily , my skin rather feel good also I don't eat fried food , I even sometimes have a bitter dark chocolate bars along the day sometimes , my acne is long gone 🙏. acne and cacao don't make any sense . thkx anyway , good video

  • damn I was eating a lot of cocoa powder with bananas (chocolate banana) and my acnes did get a bit worse these last few days..

  • I always noticed an increase in my acne whether it was milk or dark or cocoa powder, although my preferred choco is dark (Hu quinoa and vanilla bar is my "fix.") When I gave up chocolate for a while, my skin looked so much better. What a pity. Why can't something icky tasting be the thing you give up for acne relief?

  • Thank you Dr Greger, I'll pass this information on to my partner who is an old dude but still has acne on his forehead. I think he has been eating raw fruit bars with cocoa power, UNTIL NOW!

  • oh wow! my skin has slowly gotten worse over the last few months, and I've increased the amount of cocoa/cacao i use in my foods! I'll try cutting back

  • Ok, this may be a poorly informed question, but can the Argentine in chocolate cause skin reactions through latent virus stimulation, or cause a rise testosterone, or some other amino acid or endocrine pathway to skin reaction?

  • Darn… I LOVE chocolate so much. Say it isn't so! I do have a history of acne. Even after going vegan this year. I put cocoa powder in my oatmeal every night and drink almond milk Mocha's from Starbucks every weekday at noon. I guess I could cut back or tolerate the acne on occasion….

  • Hahaha, I KNEW someone would eventually do this study! I have known that I break out from chocolate for years, and I've already tested sugar, oil and milk alone – none of these give me bad acne. 3 squared of dark chocolate though, and 12 cystic pimples. I've been testing this out on myself for the past 3-4 years. Coffee doesn't break me out at all though, but cocoa does. If it's possible to replace cocoa with coffee in a recipe, that's what I do – just a tip to those who like the taste 😉

    Now I'm waiting for someone to figure out the mechanisms of action, and expecting it to have to do with hormones, as I didn't break out from chocolate when I was on strong hormonal contraception, interestingly enough

  • I Loved This One!!!

    I already stopped eating coco and went straight for Carob Powder to make a beautiful coconut cream ice cream(BPA free”till I get a freer flowing income to just get real whole coconuts to use in the many parts they can be made out to be”)and I saw the results for a year now and the occasional red bump seems to never find my face anymore haha so yeah I scienced this before the scientists could pop it out and I love listening and seeing all the results you find but it’s too much for even me to go through every food type and I love your traffic light food system and I love your in-depth medical(latest facts) professional opinion always leaving some room for that person who can’t just get their entire food schedule of eat instantly on track even without the actual studies yet proven fact to the best of our scientific abilities we have for testing today and thank you so much for being there for all us persons who just can’t read everything to date like in-depth with such a lovely broad yet subjective analysis but always to the point and I hope you get joy of out making these should videos for us people who aren’t medical base brains but we love science but I species hasn’t yet understood the basic of health is still not even standard in schools today because of (Australian Curriculum”the country I am in) and listening to you and using your app after a year of trying to figure all of these case studies but not knowing how to find each and every piece of the same all knowing question but getting the opportunity to find your resources I really can’t say no 🤤 I started studying free nutrition through Itube but it wasn’t individual enough but until now and I saw you and watched your small highly dense packed messages that are really so important and relive the to persons suffering just basic poor nutrition and lifestyles(I am not exception until now I started taking my life back for 1 year only and I ain’t looking back haha) and I am amazed, I wish I had more to say but you have got a nice things going and I am glad for you and like I said wish you to continue the way and finding the evidence and sticking with facts to the best of our science today that one day we have all the truth and maybe not one individual be fooled again and never leave that place and love each other for a eternity 😇😁

  • I am still acne prone even though I have been plant-based for 6 years now. I was still eating small amounts of dark chocolate and powdered cocoa. As soon as I saw this video I put it to the test! So far now I have had no new breakouts and the old ones are disappearing even though I have stopped using the acne wash too. Later I will try adding cocoa back to see what happens. Thanks Dr. Gregor.

  • Back in college I read some studies of juvenile asthma also being caused by cocoa. So we put it to the test by using the jock class of Reading 101. All the jocks got to eat pure cocoa for 3 days and see what effects it had on their stamina during workouts. Most reported it being harder to breathe as well as a few saying that it felt like they couldn't get their breath back fast enough.
    One noticeable side effect was how bad all of the acne breakouts were. Guys with even a couple of pimples had a huge increase in breakouts, while those that had none, to begin with, had none after the test.
    Cocoa has lots of amazing benefits, but its all about moderation. Just like everything else in life.

  • I used to have acne… it calm down a lot since I switched to plant based diet and started avoided oil and processed food. However I eat my musli with a spoon of cocoa powder in my soy milk. I got really clean face a month ago…and I wondered why or how… After watching this I know. I had paused my cocoa powder consumption for few weeks then resumed it.
    This is sad news but I will once again adjust to the new information. Thanks for the video!

  • I haven't had any dark chocolate for the past two months, and my skin is basically almost clear now! Now I know why 😁 Though too bad I can't have chocolatey treats now 🙁 Vanilla it is!

  • I eat 30/40g of cocoa powder along with oats, flaxseeds and 4 bananas EVERY. DAY. I had a severe acne condition and ever since I did away with milk, sugar and processed foods, my face has been looking great! Cocoa powder makes me great. Gives me a lot of energy.

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