Does Cholesterol Size Matter?


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  • I love most of your information, especially the way you pick out and summarised the info, which is easy to understand. However, when doing research we all know just looking at information from one source, is like putting all the eggs in one basket, if that basket fail all the eggs go down with it.  

    Till now cholesterol is identified as a substance with high correlation of whatever health risk or diseases it were measured against. Is it really the caused of those disease or health risk? Have anyone asked what if there is zero cholesterol in our body, will we survive? What caused ED? Just stress, gene or whatever that was found correlated? Well I never stop eating eggs, I have a history of high cholesterol since young because my mother with no education only know we need eggs for our healthy growth. Am I still healthy? Yes of course, I stop checking cholesterol level because just like HIV test are all smoke number that those in white coat, who are paid by huge pharm, used to put us on medication the huge pharm produced. No thanks! Btw I listen to my body. This is the real chemical lab that only tells me what is good or bad for me. Is my life, so I use my own common sense. Btw I go back on a high saturated fat diet, after knowing sugar & high carb are the REAL culprit and CAUSE of failing health in most people. My brain thanks to the eggs, which contain both saturated fat and high cholesterol, is actually functioning extremely well in the area of common sense. However we cannot measure common sense.  

    But whatever you are doing is still commendable and I appreciate very much your afford and time. I know you are doing it for a good cause.   

  • it must be a slow day for dr g… does he really need to waste his time pulling apart the egg industry's double-think bs? next thing we know he'll be going after big tobacco's bs science. i can see it now, the vid will be titled "does lung tumor size matter?"

  • Eggs for me were the easiest to leave behind. I keep hearing from friends and co workers how eggs are so healthy with good cholesterol and vitamins and yet when i show them the evidence they just rattle off by saying "My doctor said cholesterol level is normal" when the person saying it was underweight and didn't eat eggs every day. With those factors its no wonder if your cholesterol is low, but in Estonia health is increasingly considered a problem these days and people start rattling off the paleo diet which i call BS for the most part.

  • It pisses me off that I have always heard this crap claiming the health benefits of eggs outweigh the adverse health effects, so glad I've finally found these pieces of evidence that debunk the BS information out there!!

  • Is low HDL something anyone should really worry about? I'm a vegan and my LDL is quite low/healthy (55.6), but my HDL is only 25 (aim is above 40). Should I just eat more days?

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  • Yeah typical, there are no conflicts of interest because Fernandez was paid off hardcore haha. Trying to refute meta-analysis of many studies including long-standing 17 year old ones is like the egg board bashing their head into a brick wall and screaming that they made a dent. Elusive wording and cunning hoodwink science will not save their precious enterprise. The ides of march are upon the egg industry

  • This woman is a paradigm case of so much that's wrong with the world and it's business practices. i do find it a little depressing … this sort of rubbish. It also seems to be the norm. Take the money … sell your soul. Keep spouting bullshit and smiling and you are assured an audience.

  • My results are just in: LDL; 1,6 mmol/l and HDL; 1 mmol/

    I am told to multiply by 18 that will get me about 29 mg/dl LDL and 18 mg/dl HDL. Is this healthy?

  • My mind is messed up! Here in Brazil lot of nutritionists say that eggs have nothing related with cardiovascular diseases. I think the cherry picking studies related with eggs are reaching a large mass.

  • Funny, I have 2-3 eggs daily for years and yet my latest Lipid panel showed Total Cholesterol-194; HDL-92; Triglycerides-49 and LDL-92. Based on my TG/HDL ratio being .53 which being below 2.0 means most all of my LDL Cholesterol is large particle, my doctor said I should, on paper, outlive anyone my current age of 56. Reducing sugars seems to be the key to wellness.

  • Wow. They write those reports to shady (the semantics with the lower risk) and then to end the report she abbreviates her name or uses acronyms M.L.F. just to slightly lower the direct perceptibility that it's Maria L.Fernandez accepting money. Now I'm not expert on cholesterol but with grant monies you usually like over-advertising receipt thereof, so I guess she was truly trying to obscure the conflict of interest. It's true: the best place to hide is in plain sight.

  • you correctly said in a previous video that cholesterol was a risk factor and not a cause of heart disease. you're also cherry picking bits of evidence and you have a logic deficit disorder. you should discard this video for your own credibility. when you make a piece of junk like this it detracts from the good videos that you make

  • Yes, eggs intake increases cholesterol but increased risk of heart diseases from Cholesterol (LDL-C)is debunked anyway. It's the particle number(LDL-P) which causes the problem. and LDL-P count has nothing to do with egg consumption.

  • Could you explain to me why cholesterol is a main factor in CAD? Vegans still die form heart attacks and some Keto and Paleo live of cholesterol and don't die left and right. I mean, how come vegans bring the cholesterol factor all the time into their videos.
    If vegans still die from CAD then SOMETHING else is the main factor, isn't that right? From what I understand cholesterol is A factor but not the MAIN factor.
    If your liver produces 70% of your total cholesterol and then if you have some inflammation it doesn't matter if your cholesterol is low or high.
    Am I the only one to question that? All I can see is a bunch of people wanting their diet to succeed over the other. That is so sad, honestly.
    People say vegans are annoying but so are Keto people too.

  • Even in another video you mentioned some other factors like Homocysteine, Lipoprotein A and Omega3/6 ratios. If vegans have low cholesterol levels and they still die, it's not because they need to lower even more their cholesterol, it's because cholesterol IS NOT THE MAIN FACTOR in CAD.

  • Haha, I see through your bullshit Greger, thanks to Dr. Peter Attia’s blog. He explains that CVD risk is associated with particle number (LDL-P), not total cholesterol (LDL-C). Larger particles, equally dangerous as they may be, means there are fewer particles, and fewer particles means less risk for heart disease.

  • Video was made 4-years ago, still very relevant today in 2018! LDL particle size is used to rationalize high-fat and saturated fat. Very fascinating research Dr. Greger and just amazing. Wouldn't b e surprised if you were chosen for a Nobel prize in this field.

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