Does Cell Phone Radiation Cause Cancer?


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  • I just ordered the Apple Watch 3 LTE, this video came at an ironic time because I too have wondered if having a cellular radio strapped to my wrist is an increased localized tissue cancer risk 🤔

  • If there is a positive association then what is the risk level? Well, next video. I wonder if it turns out to be something like the issue of living close to big power lines. The only risk seems to be very weak association with childhood leukemia and big power lines; IIRC, it less than doubles that risk from something like from one to almost two out of a hundred. If it is that small then there is practically nothing to do about it.

  • Shouldn't financial conflict of interest in health studies be transnationally illegal? Wouldn't spreading misinformation and confusion actually hurt people? I get that counter arguments and studies are necessary for science but this is a little ridiculous. Killing people through misinformation or greed is wrong and should be illegal.

  • Eh.. Okay there's issues with all the conspiracy cognitive-dissonance idiots in the comments…

    Firstly, you'd have to be on the phone a HUGE amount, which nowadays we are with texting being more popular.

    Second, most people use earphones and their earphone speakers to chat, and their phone is in their pocket. That will reduce the risk greatly.

    Third, you're watching these videos, so I presume you eat a healthy diet, the free-radicals can be dodged pretty easily if you're healthy.

    Fourth, technology is getting better and better and slowly phones are releasing less of this energy, so you have little to fear.

    Finally, this video too misleading, I love you Greger, and I approached this with an open mind, but you can't go ignoring studies. Many show no correlation, and no increase in tumors and various types of cancers. I chose to go vegan despite being raised in a omnivorous society because that's what studies and facts showed me, the same as I believe in science, and don't believe in the chakra's, the third eye, or the illuminati. And while I am not saying this is as unrealistic as that, I am saying there is little to no evidence supporting claims like this, it's a waiting game, and to be fair, you should hold back more, because you release a lot of videos showing some amazing studies, but you need to refrain and wait. Be patient.

  • Check out a video by Veritasium 2 years ago.

    Since the invention of cell phones the amount of brain tumors hasn't gone up. This is pretty conclusive evidence that it probably doesn't cause cancer, unless the tumors will take decades to form (longer than we've been able to observe) and then we're all screwed.

  • In 2011 The World Health Organization classified EMF (electromagnetic radiation from things like cell phones, wifi, baby monitors, cell phone towers etc.) as a class 2B human carcinogen (possible human carcinogen). Since then, scientists from around the world have petitioned the WHO to reclassify EMF as a class 2A human carcinogen (probable human carcinogen). Though, aside from cancer risk, this radiation has been shown to affect human physiology in a myriad of other ways.

  • Thank you so much for educating the public so we can make more informed decisions, Dr.Greger. This info is so crucial, and most people aren't informed on subjects like these (I'll include myself in that list).
    Slowly learning and re-learning w/ countless others due to the information you research & share. 💚🐾🌱

  • Great video, however, the focus only on cell phone use and cancer is a bit myopic and almost a red herring. To truly understand the threat of man-made non-ionizing radiation (EMF/EMR), one must consider all frequencies including power lines (50/60hz) and dirty electricity as well as the dozens of linked symptoms and chronic ailments that can be caused by these relatively novel exposures.

    For example, a person can have never owned/used a cell phone but still have abnormally high exposures to wireless and wired electromagnetic fields in their home and work environment, which will increase their likelihood of being sicker, sooner. Smoking cigarettes clearly increase your chance of getting cancer, but let's not forget about 2nd/3rd hand exposures to tobacco and the many other health problems to which they contribute.

    Cell phones are a small piece of the EMF puzzle. Proximity to power lines/substations, house wiring in the bedroom, DECT cordless phones, Wifi routers, cell towers, "smart" everything are cumulatively much more important than the question of whether cell phones cause cancer.

  • Folks dont get that non-ionizing radiations are either acidifying or alcalinizing.

    It is my understanding that men dont use alcaline rays. We just dont and thats a problem, a big one for us and the environment.

  • Hello. I have a question not related to this particular video:

    I recently started watching Dr Greger videos and now just watched a few videos with Dr Bikman. Very confusing. Both Dr. Greger and Dr Bikman cite scientific studies that arrive at seemingly different conclusions and advocate different diets? Please advise. Low carb and high fat versus the opposite.

    How does one really find out what the truth is?

  • At EMF Warriors, we get into the biophysics details on a daily basis talked about in this video, including specifics with oxidative stress and mitochondrial function.

  • Cellphones emit a form of Electromagnetic radiation known as non ionizing. There is no health risk and if you don't believe me. Can you receive any form of TV or RADIO signal where you currently sit? If so you're being bombarded with the same radiation 24/7. Forget your phone or even the RADIO or TV, why is there static between stations? It's the universe's cosmic microwave background radiation smashing you 24/7. Same shit.
    Yet we live longer and longer.

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