Does Bovine Insulin in Milk Trigger Type 1 Diabetes?

Is it the casein or the cow insulin that explains the link between milk consumption and the development of type I diabetes? Subscribe to Dr. Greger’s free nutrition …


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  • grass-fed healthy cow raw milk??? what about other animals? What about
    the cleanest most nutritious milk from humans other than your mother? 😮
    and difference in effects at varying ages?… PLEASE ANSWER!

  • Hey there, I'm a fan of your videos, loving your work and enthusiasm in it.
    I wanted to comment on the little scenes of you saying characteristic phrases into the camera as opposed to your typical video flow – I'm always kinda irritated by those clips.
    This is just my feeling about this and others might like it just as much as I enjoy you, Dr. Greger, saying those catchphrases during your videos and getting some puns into your monologues now and then.
    Have a great week and keep them videos coming 🙂 Bye

  • I love your videos and your wisdom Dr.Greger, but I honestly think that popping up on them makes it less likely for the video to be credible? It's just that from that point on it looks like it's more a video of your personal opinion instead of a research based share of information.

  • Fact is milk from another animal irregardless is not normal behaviour no matter how much anybody likes to argue for it, no other species on earth does it. It its not nature's intended way. It cant be justified from a sane perspective, its purely sold to the sleeping masses as a, for profit commodity and they believe it it like santa clause.

  • The Jersey and Guernsey dairy cows produce the highest amount of A2 casein milk then all other breeds. Some Italian breeds of dairy cows are also very high. The bovine insulin is a good idea to study. Thank you Dr Greger for discussing this subject.

  • Dr. Greger, Are you a FAKE Doctor?

    You should be Ashamed that you fear monger the common public about everyday foods. Did your mom not feed you the Cows milk. Do you get paid to do this kind of dirty work.

    Don't you have a better thing to do.
    Go wash the damn dishes if you don't have any thing better to do.

  • Dr. Greger, Looks like you lost your hair cause some one worried you.
    Was that a COW or was she a GOAT.
    Did she took you to court for Child support. And now you make videos to pay back.

  • In 2008, the NEJM reported that they know the 4 components (w/possible 5th) that cause Type 1 Diabetes in infants. They describe the following as the "perfect storm".
    1) genetic predisposition
    2) intestinal permeability most likely passed on by mothers with gluten (gliadin) intolerance or celiac spru.
    3) bovine protein from the introduction of milk. (the bovine engages the immune system, collateral damage occurs because of molecular mimicry (the immune system mistakes your beta cells for the targeted bovine.
    (auto-immune 101) (they did not call out Similac but it is a milk substitute that is made with both gluten and milk.
    4) Chromium/Vanadium deficiencies
    5) MMR vaccine is linked to the onset of type 1 diabetes (see multiple studies in NEJM and
    I slipped into a 10 day diabetic comma 4 days after my first MMR vaccine at age 13 months. I had the genetic predisposition, my mother had Celiac Spru while pregnant with me and I was only given Similac.
    That is what led me to do 5 years of research on the cause and how to reverse it by addressing and eliminating the cause. I had the perfect storm and only 1 day after that first MMR vaccine I stopped walking and talking (signs of a major vaccine injury) On the 4th day after the MMR is when my mother found me unresponsive. You piece it together for your self. There is a big reason that these studies never hit the alphabet news, it would impact three major multi-hundred-billion dollar industries: grain, milk and big Pharma. We will never hear about this in the good old USA because the FDA will not allow this information to get out.

  • Please Dr. Greger reply to my question:
    My nephew is 15 and has type.1 diabetes. My question is… theoretically if he stops consuming milk protein for ever. the autoimmune reaction which kills beta cells will never occur again? since he is only 15 he can still grow some beta cells and theoretically not inject any insulin in the future?

  • Hey everyone, someone I know has type 1 diabetes.. I need help on how to cure it. She is not vegan by the way but she is willing to go vegan if it helps cure it. Any information and/or doctors you can link me or refer me to would be amazing. Thank you very much

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