Does Apple Cider Vinegar Help with Weight Loss?


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  • The last few years, my weight has been around 140-145lbs. Really hasn't changed until I started using ACV. I'm 136lbs now. I'm 32 years old. I haven't been in the 130's rage since I was young teenager… I have been drinking water with ACV in it, through out the day, every day, for the last 2 months. It has certainly made a difference. I was already skinny, so this ACV made me shed weight I didn't need on me.

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  • Ok, at the very end this entire video is reduced to bullshit propaganda. Dont make excuses for biased research. You dont know what they could have done, those weight loss figures dont look significant at all – its bullshit. We have no place for biased research in medicine.

  • I lost 10kg in three months and was only slightly overweight to begin with. I think apple cider vinegar was a major part although of course it could have been a placebo effect!

  • New subscriber and I also greatly appreciate the rationalized logical information found here in contrast to the sea of misinformation. Also people from the UK are biased, I love the taste and smell of vinegar. My parents had to hide the packets of it from me when we would go out and have french fries. We also love Salt and Vinegar chips in Canada!

  • In case anyone is interested in trying apple cider vinegar for weight loss; here is the little recipe I use to make it more bearable

    Fill a regular sized mug or cup with water
    -2tbsp Apple cider vinegar
    -cinnamon (as much as you like)
    -ice cubes
    -date sugar (or agave)

  • If you have colitis or gastritis PLEASE be cautious with acv or whatever vinegar. I learned the hard way. Unfortunately I read many times colitis suffering people swearing by acv and I took it like 2 weeks and not only I didn't see any improvements in my weight but I had a HORRIBLE flare up that sent me to the hospital 2 months ago. I still feel sick even though it's been a long time since I stopped taking it. My poor colon and stomach were ravaged by that shit. If you want to lose weight eat less and exercise. Stop looking for miracle products seriously.

  • When I searched the "fetching tuti space" on google, the results I discovered convinced me to use it! When I tried using this diet regime, it was not long before I began losing weight! In just a duration of three months, I was able to lose twenty pounds. I will utilize the plan to drop another ten pounds. I even had a full week of eating food at unusual hours, consuming lots of fatty foods.

  • Can daily apple cider vinegar cause low level acidosis? I'm trying to build muscle at gym, but if acidosis happens, I learned in another video of yours that the body will break down muscle in order to use the aminos to alleviate the acidosis.

  • Laying down scientific 'truth' in the most compelling way, as always – end result is we don't know much but here is the most recent research and why it is and is not reliable. Keep this, that and the other thing in mind and there you have it —> Perfection! Informed uncertainty, the only possibility at the frontier of knowledge

  • Please! I would like your advice on ACV in pill form! Which would you recommend please. I would much rather take a pill and save my esophagus and my stomach lining from any damage, Plus I think pills would be tasteless what do you think?

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