Does A2 Milk Carry Less Autism Risk?


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  • Casein and Glutin can be ok for some but contribute to develop autism /other disease to others- Proved. But Vaccines adjuvants ( like aluminum salts which are inorganic substances ) which stimulate the immune system in an understood way are safe and can never cause autism , but milk and bread can, but wait vaccines cannot…

  • Thank you once again Dr. Greger for researching, deciphering and delivering this information in a "palatable" "whey"… sorry that was really "cheesey" but I couldn't help myself 😉

  • Since the majority of children are vaccinated and for over 30 years vaccines have been very strongly associated with leaky gut are you going to have the guts (pun intended ) discuss vaccines in a video ?

  • Dr Greger needs to start sharing the toxic truth about "Glyphosate" main chemical in Roundup herbicide (Glyphosate is a patented Antibiotic!!) which can also cause leaky gut, Autism, ADHD, learning problems, mental disorders, kidney stones, adrenal fatigue, RA in joints and causing these & more in lab rats and now people. Stop avoiding the MAIN cause and protecting Monsanto!!! Cows are fed Glyphosate sprayed grains and oils.

  • Another deceiving video. A1 milk is indeed a problem. A2 milk is not. If you actually read "Devil in the Milk" by Keith Woodford you will find that all evidence points to the opposite of what you present in your video. But I am sure that you already knew that. There are already decades of overwhelming global evidence that show the problem is A1 milk, and not A2. Humans survived and thrived for thousands of years on A2 milk, and still do.

  • My son was diagnosed a few years ago and I mentioned dairy numerous times. He doesn’t have much dairy TG and I went mostly plant based when he was born so he is exposed to more of this lifestyle as apposed to the standard American diet. Thank you dr Gregor for all of your hard work, I you don’t know what this mean to us families suffering with autism to have this info to share 🙌🏽 💕

  • I live in Australia/NZ region where A2 Milk originated and I get eczema and I've had no noticeable changes using A2 for long periods. To me it just seems like a medium quality milk.

  • The antibody chart to me seems very telling-that autistic children have much higher antibodies against gluten and casein. Very interesting. Wonder if it might be a result of autism instead of the cause of it, though.

  • As an adult on the autism spectrum, the mother of two autistic kids, the sister of two autistic siblings, the daughter of an autistic father and a behaviour interventionist who works with kids on the spectrum I’m asking you to please be more educated when speaking about autism. In your previous video you compared “kids with autism” to “normal kids” when the politically correct language would be “children on the autism spectrum” and “neurotypical kids”. I was a normal child, my kids are normal and so are the ones I’ve worked with. They aren’t neurotypical. Also, please don’t use language that suggest autism needs a treatment like a disease. Most of us in the autism community do NOT want to cure autism because it’s part of who we are as people but we would like to alleviate some of the negative symptoms that can be experience like sensory overload.

    If you’re going to Continue these videos about those of us with ASD you need to keep in mind you are representing our entire community and you need to be more mindful of the language you choose because it’s really crossing some lines.

    I’m a fan of Dr. Gregor, but this has been really bothering me. Myself and my kids eat a plant based diet and my children have less struggles with negative behaviour because they were allergic to dairy and now their stomach aches and eczema are gone so they are much calmer now.

  • I watched this; and can tell you from 40 years of drinking milk that A2A2 does make a difference. I can tell what casein is in the milk because I sneeze like crazy after A1 milk. All allergies are to proteins, and the caseins that you drink make a difference. OF COURSE there is no better milk for humans than human milk; however not everyone is able to provide milk for their children. IT is a proven fact that man has been drinking milk for thousands of years, and many have had actually a better health overall. It is modern medicine that has made the difference in longevity; once pneumonia was a deadly killer, now with modern medicine we can cure it easily. So it is disingenuous to say that we live longer today because we eat healthier; we do not. It is also a proven fact that a vegan diet has never been a long term diet, only a recent fad. In truth; man has not yet found a way to produce all the necessary dietary components from a plant based diet only. The jury is still out on that as to my knowledge there have not been any long term studies on the affects of a vegan diet over time. I personally know two people who have taught veganism for 35 years, only to have had to have had liver surgery and are now surviving on a diet that includes high levels of animal fat, meat and organs. IT was also very telling to me in this video that the first 99% of the "tests and studies" were all done on A1 milk, only the last that has NOT been peer reviewed was done with supposedly A1, A2 and I milk. I would like to see this peer reviewed before we put too much credence on it.

  • Dr Greger, we need your help. The EU just approved a 5 year extension on Monsanto's glyphosate, and people don't understand what this vote means. It's going to be in our food supply, even the water supply. Please, can you discuss the literature on this?

    Yours Truly,

    Concerned EU Citizen

  • Wow, I had thought from previous videos and readings that the A2 type of milk wasn't as bad for people. I wonder if those studies were based on animals studies too instead of human trials. Another great reason to not do medical testing on animals! You can draw all sorts of crazy conclusions. Thanks Dr. Greger & team!

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