Do Vitamin C Supplements Prevent Colds but Cause Kidney Stones?


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  • I am a 74 year old white male, whom has been taking 30 GM (30,000 MG) of vitamin C per day, for in the last 30+ years, I have had one cold, and I do volunteer work at nursing homes, where people are very sick from prescribed medications, and I do not get ill !  Not only do I never get sick, almost, my food allergies, and other pollen allergies have completely gone away.  My skin is without wrinkles and my muscle tone on my body is beyond belief for my age.  Take large amounts of vitamin C and you will not get ill, nor get cancer !  Never mind all of the prescribed medications, which are nothing but chemicals designed to make us sick and stay that way.  Don't believe me, just read the side effects of any of the prescribed medications, and you will never take them !  Eat organic foods and at the very least not GM foods, and you will lead a long healthy life !

  • Personally, I keep Vitamin C supplements to 500mg or under, in addition to balanced diet containing plenty of Vitamin C in natural food sources like berries, potatoes, broccoli, kale, red bell peppers, and citrus. The only reason i need a supplement occasionally is it helps glucosamine/chondroiton work better for joint repair from overuse or injuries.

  • Love your channel it's so informative. Although I don't really see the point in taking vitamine C supplements when their are so many delicious alternatives to choose from. Just eat your fruits and you not only cover your vitamine C intake but also enjoy the wonderfull flavours.

  • i love your videos and books. im wondering if one day you could touch upon diet and virus (specifically herpes simplex 1) ive noticed simce going vegan constant cold sores!.. lysine vs arginine? tha ks so much love your work

  • Is this risk due to taking Ascorbic Acid only? Or are vit C sources like fruit powders (camu camu powder, for example) also contributing to the risk?

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  • Who in the world is taking 1000mg a day!?! How many fresh squeezed lemons in your tea would account for 1000mg? That's over 50 LEMONS SQUEEZED!

    Moral of the story: Kidney stones may occur if you're mega-dosing daily. So stay away from vitamin c in concentrated doses of unnatural tablet-form such as in supplements and stay away from an enormous amount of lemon juice equivalent to 50 lemons. 2-5 squeezed lemons is enough for an average human to prevent scurvy and provide optimal immunity from the long term effects of a cold.

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