Do the Health Benefits of Coffee Apply to Everyone?


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  • This isn't an audio book. What's with the delivery of inflected speech. If this man does all the talking, I will not be coming back. This isn't a pbs program. Cringe

  • Hi Dr. Greger, I've been looking for information on zinc bioavailability from chlorella. I am not able to find a consistent or reputable source to find out the zinc content or bioavailability. Do you have any info on this? Thanks!

  • I wish Dr Greger changes his way of talking or voice. It is getting in the way with the content. I really love to watch and listen to him speak but he talks like he is in his bed (if you know what i mean). Too much unnecessary sounds, long pauses, ugh.. The message in the video would have been very valuable, but his voice is so theatrical or "operatic". Really is very disturbing.

  • Very good research on this topic!
    Love the smell of the coffee and use to drink it. When stopped, my whole back (around the spine, from the neck, as if the nerves were inflamed…especially low back area) was in agony! Pain , throbbing …insane. Took small cup of coffee, gone. Every time going off the thing same happened. Now I drink black tea. Stopped, same happened! What is the problem , have no idea. Always lasts 3 days before pain/inflammation starts. If going trough the whole thing, takes about 9 days before I am clear of it all. But it is agonizing!

    Caffeine must be a huge poison to our bodies if used daily. And I still do…

  • I agree with Dr Birkmayer coffee is roasted and burned and it has not as much benefits as tea like green tea and those intolerant to coffee caffeine can often tolerate green tea caffeine as green tea reduces stress ✌

  • But coffee does promote inflammation. 5 days without coffee and my hand arthritis subsided to barely noticeable and I felt my hand lighter and more flexible, once I restarted taking it, only after a couple of hours, the pain returned. Talking about nespresso black coffee with a bit of date syrup. Black-currant-seed-oil seemed to help ease the pain. I'm 46.

  • Wouldn't people who can metabolise coffee faster, just have a higher metabolism, meaning they don't have fat clogged mitochondria, meaning they are likely eating a diet low in animal products, which is the thing that is actually protective? Theobromine and Caffeine are designed to keep animals from eating plants. They also allow the body to chew into ADP stores after ATP has run out, meaning it has a long term negative effect?

  • If I have just an 8 oz of coffee a day I feel like my chest tightens up, I get chest pains and high blood pressure and panic attacks and sweating. I get palpitations and tachycardia as well. I have gone to the ER about 3 times.

  • Cann…. you…. (mmmmm) talk like a — a—- a—- Normal HUUUUUUMAN being? I like the connnnnnntent, but the wayyyyyy you TALK prevents me frommmmmmmm(?) watching your ummmmmmm anymore…… uh…… VIDEOS.

  • Longtime subscriber to the Godzilla of Veganism, Dr. Greger. Just had some sauteed (organic) eggs for breakfast though, and I feel amazing. This is the energy I feel as though I would like to have. Just telling the truth of my own anecdote; not telling anyone else what to eat. But for myself, eggs just skyrocketed to become the #1 contender for adding a new thing to my diet.

  • Sunday Challenge Question: How does cholesterol cause cardiovascular disease?

    Don't give me a line about LDL. LDL is not cholesterol. HDL is not cholesterol. Put down that kool aid already. Focus. Learn what cholesterol actually is and learn what the purposes of cholesterol actually are. Once the homework is done….

    Explain to me, dear veganlings, HOW does cholesterol cause heart disease? Causal
    mechanism, please. I contend you are sentencing cholesterol to prison due to guilt by association.

  • Coffee = one of the most HIGHLY sprayed crops, full of insect infestations, chemicals exported to 3rd world countries for thier usage, molds, etc. NOT to mention destruction of natural environments to grow such a highly profitable crop to sustain the masses' RAGING ADDICTIONS to caffeine.🍼
    It is IMPOSSIBLE to create absolute sterile environments to roast and process coffee, this isn't done in a lab.
    Follow organic, fair trade, innocent growing (Sumatra, etc.) practices or better yet, drink WATER the way nature intended YOU to be optimally healthy!
    Dr. Greger, why don't you address THAT ISSUE and promote saving the planet as opposed to the silly little benefits NOT outweighing the solid evidence of rainforest destruction. I love Greger, but he can be devoid of an environmental spine sometimes.


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