Do Men Who Have More Sex Live Longer?


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  • It's probably more likely that those who have a lot of sex are wanted, loved and cared for, and that is amazing for your life. But it goes that way for women too. With all the lonely people on the planet, we just can't love each other right.

  • I'm asexual. And the reason for it is not because I don't find women attractive, or I can't find a girlfriend, or a I have some type disease or dysfunction, the reason for it, or how it began ,was through anecdotal early life experiences(my teens), where I've noticed a trend that the people that started having sex early, looked much older compared to non sexually active people.
    Understanding that we are biological machines with one indisputable goal, goal of passing on our genes to the next generation via the method of sexual reproduction, it seemed reasonable for me to assume that from the biological evolutionary perspective, it would be beneficial for your genes to keep you in top condition(YOUNG), until you reproduced and produced offspring, then your genetic lineage is passed on(saved from non existence), and you(the body, the individual) can be discarded and maintenance of your own body can be neglected by your genes, and of course there's numerous studies and examples from history to support my "hypothesis". My hypothesis is, that if you completely abstain from sex, you will age more slowly, because it is in the interest of your genes, to maintain your body until you produce offspring, and save your genetic lineage from extinction. Of course there are higher reasons why I abstain from sex, but I would be going off topic…

    The "healthy" side of sex is the physical exercise aspect of it, people are so lazy, that sex is probably the only form of exercise they get…. which is pathetic. Saying the act of sex is healthy is very misleading only the "exercise" portion of it is what is healthy. I can guarantee(~say with very high confidence) that a person who has never had sex but lets say swims in the river or in the ocean every week, compared to an average american that has sex 4-5 times a week, would be MUCH healthier.

    Castration at an early age followed by life long abstinence from sex, plant based diet ,environment free(low/er) of pollution, low stress life, high in physical activity, good life long sleeping pattern.. would be a real way to live a longer life… I'm talking realistic expectations of 90 to 105. I know it doesn't sound good to most of you, no sex how terrible… but this is the reality vs fantasy.

  • Who are these Doctors who measure the growth of men's beards after they masturbate? You guys need to get back to giving prostrate exams and prescribing pain pills.

  • A worthy field of exploration that needs to be more clearly defined in order to be useful. in the articles chosen sex seems to be defined as heterosexual male sex.
    Sex also seems to be defined as a physical act that is not connected to mind / spirit. Defining sex in these ways make the observations more entertaining than useful.

  • Sex may be a confounding variable.

    I have often heard that the people with the best social relationships and the happiest marriages, all other things being equal, are healthier than the lonely or divorced. Maybe the people that have the happiest relationships have more sex because they fight the least, so it is actually the happiness of the relationship that dictates both health and sexual frequency. Extramarital sex was not correlated with better health, so it looks like the quality of one's relationship has a greater effect on health than sex. 3:25

    My other guess is that people that have the most sex also have the time and energy to do the deed. People that work, but are not overworked tend to sleep, exercise, eat, and manage their stress better than those that are, all of which have positive impacts on health. It is easy to imagine that those with more time to sleep, exercise, eat, and manage their stress will also be able to make more time for and be more likely to desire more sex.

    Testosterone may be a confounding variable. Sure, it is produced after sex, but so is sweat. Testosterone increases before tennis matches, so it looks like testosterone is a psychological more than a physical phenomenon. 1:54

  • I'm extremely impressed by you and your videos Dr. Greger! I've shared a bunch of them with family and friends the past two days since I found your channel. Also I've added a link to your channel on my channels page. Love the work you're doing and thank you so much for making such great information so available to all. Much appreciated! 😊 Cheers from Norway

  • I've had this nagging feeling that I am already dead. The information in this video would seem to confirm my darkest suspicions or, at least, explain why. Remind me again, sex, just what is that?

  • I like the way this makes me feel. I am more confident of myself and I leveled up in so many ways. Prolargent 5×5 Extreme was made me better, made me feel younger and made me healthier.

  • This is not science. Because of good health some can have lots of sex, it does not mean that sex cause good health. There are mouse like creatures some specie of antechinus when it starts to mate. it fucks until it dies. Yeah SEX is GOOD for you, Well, not in all cases

  • Published on "April 3rd?"…..looks like you missed by a couple days there doc. "Decreased longevity if you are cheating?" Maybe it just "feels" like life is taking longer to end if you're sleeping with one person for your entire life.

  • When you fuck the same pussy for over 3 years, you lose the feeling of being a winner, then your T gets depleted.
    That's why married men (who don't have secret lovers) age faster and die earlier.

  • I wonder if real contact with woman thru touch and futhermore olfact sens doesn't play a role in this testosterone boost. Some interresting studies can be set up to confund the corrects factors.

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