Do Lutein Supplements Help with Brain Function?

Avocados, greens, and lutein and zeaxanthin supplements are put to the test for improving cognitive function. Subscribe to Dr. Greger’s free nutrition newsletter …


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  • Yet another reason I get my daily dose of greens incl spinach and kale 🥬. Would eat them anyway but the science keeps adding up! Happy plant powered 2019! 💯👏🌱

  • My eye doctor says I might be developing glaucoma in my right eye 😫 I know that glaucoma affects peripheral vision, and macular degeneration affects central vision. Is there a nutrient that can help with glaucoma? I'll ask this at your next live q&a.

  • Of course they didn't test FRUIT which as frugivores our G.I. tracts are most designed to digest and raw FRUIT is the OPTIMAL healing diet for humans and would have worked like a charm. Dr.Robert Morse turns a lot of people around with neurological problems putting them on a diet of strictly RAW FRUIT – especially berries and grapes…. and by giving them the right whole herbs.. Cooked or even raw vegetables are far less effective at cleaning out plaque and eliminating inflammation and regenerating cells no matter how hard the medical establishment resists this truth and wants us to ignore fruit.

  • As Dr G says in video late stage cognitive impairment like dementia/Alzheimers may not seem amenable to intervention based on studies (to date) but there are millions like me who’ve had someone close suffer from this then it can’t hurt and may still yet help to change the diet and focus on those plant based foods like greens science is proving to be help while waiting for science to catch up. Bonus is the leafy greens and avocado also have healthy fats like Omega 3s.

  • supplements almost never seem to be necessary. according to andreas moritz (a holistic doctor) not even vitamin b12 supplementation is useful: b12 deficiency, he argues, is more due to a diminished ability to absorb it rather than a lack of b12 in the food

  • I have never liked cooked spinach and I don't eat it. BUT I eat a large fresh spinach salad every day AND I often eat cooked turnip greens. I wonder how my diet stacks up to the recommended cup of cooked spinach mentioned in this video?

  • When vitamin D and vitamin B12 are supplemented long term, does it have a bad impact in health and inner organs?

    The B12 and Vitamin D that I use is a vegan brand here in Germany called Plantrition. Both are drops and the ingredients are:

    B12 ingredients:
    – clear water
    – Methylcobalamin
    – ascorbic acid (vegan)

    Vitamin D ingredients:
    – MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) Oil, Cholecalciferol (from Lichen

    The brand insures the consumer (on their internet site and amazon) that the ingredients are vegan, doesn’t contain gmo, is gluten free, no artificial colors, no gelatine, no preservatives, no stabilizers, no silicone dioxide, no titanium dioxide, no lactose, no sugar, no sweetner, no magnesium salts.

    Are those supplements that I am using save? And are there downsides by using it long term?

  • My update on my eye photo exam from last week. No eye problems, no macular, cholesterol,  tumors,  high blood pressure , glaucoma . Everything good. Reminder, always wear your sunglasses  to prevent uv damage.

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