Do Flexitarians Live Longer?


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  • Great job as usual. Very informative and very important. A couple of things which are on my mind. I share your videos on facebook and I don't think a single person who is in my circle actually watches them and some of these folks really need to take your advice. I find it disappointing that so many people WANT to drive their Ferrari (their body) right off the cliff and into an abyss. I fear that a multigenerational approach to fixing our dietary problems will end up like the multigenerational war on poverty. Sure it helped some but most just got stuck in a a rut and left behind. Our health care crisis is at absolute critical levels and people are absolutely convinced they can't live without meat even though they spend thousands and thousands on doctors, medications, and operations in the hope to live a little longer. The solution is obvious and everybody knows it. Just don't eat animal products. It isn't that hard to figure out. 

  • The solution to this problem of animal product versus plant product is to create plant-based cheese and meat and to market them well so that they are ingrained in culture. This happened with butter. Butter is an animal product. But then along came margarine, which looks similar but is arguably healthier and more convenient because it can be spread more easily. Now just about everyone uses margarine. If the same thing can happen to meat and cheese, that would be a win. The meat and cheese replacement, I feel, needs to be soy free since there is a great fear of soy. This plant based meat and cheese also needs to be high in plant proteins and be fortified with vitamin B12.

  • Delicious salads, cooked greens, various yummy mezzes and rice dishes, small amounts of oil- and maybe meat if you must a couple of times a year. BUt then you are so used to eating whole plant based you simply will not want nor need meat.

  • I love your show, but am not interested in long life.

    Please give me my BACON, Heavy CREAM, BUTTER, Ice Cream, Steak, raw hot dogs, etc – I'll happily take the shorter life.

  • Just FYI, it is so much less expensive to eat a Whole Foods Plant Based diet (rather than the Standard American Diet)!  And as this video shows, switching to this style of eating not only provides longer life but also will give us better quality of life (less illness!!!).  It's all win-win and with the terrific recipes that are now available for eating this way, there's no excuse not to give it a whirl.

  • 1. Vegetarians don't live longer than meat eaters! Vegetarians in the USA live longer than meat eaters in the USA, perhaps because of hormones and antibiotics in the meat… Numerous studies in the UK were done and your statement is simply not true.
    2. Okinawans are the ones that have the longest lifespan, not Cali vegetarians.
    3. Mediterranean diet is not primarily plant-based! Some countries consume excessive amounts of chicken, pork, lamb, fish, seafood, and so on. Also they consume a lot of fat!
    4. More fruit in the Mediterranean diet? Actually, primarily vegetables and breads!
    5. Western diet is not simply meat-based diet! It is primarily processed carb diet! Try eating low carb diet in the USA and we can then talk again!
    … I am sure that there are many more unsupported claims in this video but don't really care to hear what you have to lie about

  • You're telling me that eating only three times a week can reduce diseases so much it becomes almost undetectable in studies?
    In a video once I saw that eating 2 days a week would eliminate the environmental problems we face because of agriculture.

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