Do Cell Phones Cause Salivary Gland Tumors?


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  • As an electrical engineer I highly doubt that the radiation of the cellphone causes any kind of damage on a molecular level. I would rather suggest the source of the 28% increase would come from other factors like for example different lifestyle of the people that use cell phones compared to those that don't. But I don't know enough about the study to make any kind of guess if that is true.

  • Many health experts already been telling people for years now, that you should turn off your Wifi at night before bed. At least in your own house. Waves are everywhere obviously, but it seems that distance is a huge marker of damage. Closer you are to the source, more potential harm. This makes alot of sense when talking about salivary glands being damaged. Also I wouldnt even put my cell phone in my pocket all day long. There is research that shows harmful effects to sperm and eggs. Airplane mode if you can.

  • Speaking of cancer, that study you put up about Glioblastoma and THC was disheartening. It reminded me of all the "studies and clinical trials" big pharma has conducted while ignoring one very important word, "SYNERGISM". If people want to truly understand what medical cannabis and or industrial hemp is capable of they should look way beyond YouTube and dig into the real data such as:
    CBD synergies
    Clara Andradas, a medical scientist at the Telethon Kids Institute in Western Australia, has been researching potential applications of cannabinoids for treating pediatric cancer, specifically malignant brain tumors. Her poster disclosed that CBD and THC reduced the viability of brain cancer cells, an effect mediated in part by the CB2 cannabinoid receptor. Moreover, “the combination of cannabinoids with conventional chemotherapies enhances the anti-proliferative effects in these cells,” she concluded.
    Temple University scientists assessed the therapeutic impact of CBD combined with beta-caryophyllene (BCP), a versatile terpene present in many cannabis cultivars, kitchen spices, and green vegetables. Unlike cannabidiol, BCP directly activates the CB2 receptor, which modulates immune function and neuroprotection in response to brain trauma. The two compounds together “showed a statistically significant reduction in infarct size,” according to the investigators, who concluded that “combination therapies can provide a greater benefit than single treatments alone” and should be explored further for treating ischemic stroke and other diseases.
    Mark Lewis, a plant scientist with Napro Research in California, provided additional evidence that whole plant cannabis medicine may be more efficacious than pure, single-molecule cannabinoids. Lewis has bred several CBD-rich and BCP-rich cannabis chemovars. In vitro analysis showed that various CBD-BCP ratios inhibited cellular inflammation. Co-administration of CBD and BCP “produced enhanced effects as compared to each compound alone.” Of particular interest, the anti-inflammatory impact “produced by certain CBD concentrations increased by up to ten times when co-administered with certain concentrations of BCP.”

  • Thought Dr. Greger was going of on a tangent on us. Alas no, thank goodness. Antioxidants to protect against Salivary gland Cancer..Great info as always!

  • Every person that I've met that had either a "brain" or "tumour" related to the parotid gland were high mobile phone users. In fact, a clinical psychologist also said he was convinced the cause of his "brain tumour" was his mobile phone. I've been warning people for decades about mobile phones. I asked the partner of a man that passed over with "bowel cancer", "where did he keep his mobile phone?". As some men keep them in their pockets or strapped to their hips. I'm so against children having mobile phones.

  • In the late '90's when the cellphone/mobilephone arrived on the market, a small version became very popular in Australia. What else became popular was a (work)shirt with a front pocket on the left side of the chest, for a small mobilephone.

    The next years following there was an epidemic of men in Australia that developed breast cancer, and you guessed it; on their left side of the chest.

  • I guess it's a good thing I have few friends and the ones I do talk to over a phone are either texted or put on speakerphone. I hate having things up to my ear, including headsets/earbuds/headphones.

  • Can you do a video discussing the rising trend of vegan/vegeterian low carb diet i.e the so called keto vegan' diets and their healthfulness? Thanks

  • Thank you for this, Dr. Greger. I am 25 years old and recently had a benign tumor removed from my parotid gland…coincidentally on the same side where I always talk on the phone. The doctors kept telling me how rare it was of someone my age getting a tumor like this. It was terrifying and not fun. It led me to a whole foods plant based diet, and now I'll make sure to not talk on my phone anymore! A chance of 1 in 1400 seems like nothing until you're the actual 1 person.

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