Do Apricot Seeds Work as an Alternative Cancer Cure?


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  • This reminds me of my video Black Salve as an Alternative Cancer Cure (, though sometimes I’m surprised like in Can Aloe Cure Cancer? ( Stay tuned for my next video, Does Laetrile (Amygdalin or Vitamin B-17) Work as an Alternative Cancer Cure?  I’ve got tons of videos on cancer. Here’s an intro one to get started: How Not to Die from Cancer (

  • There is a difference between eating whole plant foods (eg. apricot kernels) and consuming only a particular chemical portion of a plant (amygdalin or laetrile). I'm surprised Dr Greger does not acknowledge this fact in his video. If amygdalin were so scary then we should all stop eating flaxseeds because apparently it's in them too. Who knows – maybe the amygdalin in flaxseeds plays a major role in its health benefits. But we'd better not spread the word about the wonders of whole foods because then the chemical companies would lose profits, wouldn't they? Boo hoo. By the way, I eat about 10 apricot kernels every single day and I'm not dead from cyanide poisoning. And all those Hunzas who ate apricot kernels (along with the apricots) on a daily basis, the only side effect they experienced was a cancer-free, long, healthy life.

  • Dr Greger is using the same type of fear tactics that every other doctor uses to promote chemotherapy. If he actually wanted to debunk vitamin B17, he should debate the arguments that made it so popular rather than spew anecdotal evidence.

  • Please if there are any studies about hemp-protein that would be awesome!

    In terms of : Absorbable chlorophyll, the perfect daily amount, compared with other protein powders.

    I think it could get many views as many bodybuilders arent the smartest so they rather listen to someone who is big than have studied the cases

  • Can you possibly talk more about foods that aid with cancer treatments? I recently found out I have cancer, and I would like to recover as fast as possible. Thank you!

  • There are quite a few people in the comment section who I would love to nominate for the "Apricot Kernel Challenge". But, besides the moral aspect, I fear being prosecuted for murder or incitement to suicide or whatever that would be called.

  • I don't understand why I have tried to eat a lot of apricot seeds in one portion and it have never caused even a headache. Do I have a kind of tolerance? I had the same experience eating raw cassava which has cyanide too.

  • Interesting. I bought a kilo of apricot kernels when travelling overseas, ate them within one week. Still alive. Kept apricot pips after buying the fruits. Dried them and used the kernels for my nut mylks. Oh , the flavour is so beautiful! Marzipan like. These are so intense in flavour that I ate about 10-15 each day until used up (about couple of weeks). Unsure about the seeds being "poisonous". Just know that they are yummmmm

  • My grandma always crushes the kernels after we eat the apricots. Thats what the did for ages in the greek village where she grew up on mount Olympus. 79 years later… she seems fine and so do we (she used to give the kernels to us. The are VERY tasty)

  • this video is supported by big pharma mafia …as they want you to buy their drugs instead of using the cheap power of nature. In Europe b17 and apricot kernels are not banned.

  • so this same channel has a video named "Which Nut Fights Cancer Better?" but here he fear mongers about overdose of those kernels instead of telling us the safe dose, and he never mentions about the chemo over dose that kills billions , shows what a spineless BASTARD he is.


    Hi, My name's Gloria, I'm 43 years old. In August 2013, I had a heart attack and subsequently had a double bypass. As a result of the heart surgery, for 4 year plus, I have been plagued with chronic debilitating pain from a maligned sternum and post sternotomy neuralgia/syndrome. I was ingesting copious amounts of various pain killers 24/7, They barely touched the pain.

    I spent my days in agony, waiting for evening so I could try to sleep. I took sleeping pills nightly in a futile attempt to escape the hell I was going through and failed miserably. Within 2 hours of taking the pills, I would be awake in agony.

    Fast forward to May 2017. Already coping with 2 spots of skin cancer on my collar bone, I was stunned when I was diagnosed with Anal Canal Cancer. (This is the same cancer that took Farrah Fawcett's life.) Following 2 surgeries, the doctor told me they did not get all the cancer and I would have to endure a regime of radiation treatments. I started researching what this would entail, and attended an intake meeting at the Cancer Clinic. I was informed that "this is the worst area of the body to radiate", the radiation beam would hit both my coccyx and pubic bone potentially causing permanent damage." They would try not to hit my spine.

    Additionally, I would suffer 2nd and 3rd degree burns vaginally, rectally, across my buttocks, as well as my entire "nether regions", and there was a "good possibility" both my vagina and rectum would fuse shut from the burns and subsequent scaring and long term side effects was endless and horrendous. I told the doctor, I needed time to think about it. His response was hostile, as he told me I had 4-6 months, possibly 8. He murmured something about a "death wish" and walked out. One day a friend sent me a

    Video, It took me days to get around to watching it, but when I did I was blown away.

    There was this man talking about Dr Musa and the amazing results he had seen with in himself and other people taking Dr Musa's herbal medicine and Cannabis oil gotten from him and curing themselves of a myriad of diseases and viruses including end stage cancers.

    After watching the video and the testimonials, i was feeling some hope for the first time. For 2 weeks I did nothing but research cannabis oil as a medicine. I was stunned by the sheer number of studies on Pub Med indicating that cannabis oil indeed has the capacity to heal. I contacted Dr Musa using the email i got from the video and assured me that i am going to be healed of all my sickness, with the high hope of getting a cure and assurance given to me by Dr Musa, I got the medications and started using I had huge hopes to cure my cancer, and embarked on my fight to live.

    As i was ingesting the cannabis oil and taking the herbal medicine, I tipically applied the herbal medicine to the 2 spots of skin cancer on my collar bone. Within 48 hours, there were visible changes, In just a week, the 2 spots were completely gone. Elated, I continued ingesting the oil and using the herbal medicine in hopes it would work on the other cancer attacking my body. Nothing prepared me for what happened next. About 2 weeks of using Dr Musa herbal medicine, the pain in my sternum, as well as the nerve pain had become non existent.

    You have to understand, I had resigned myself to a life sentence of pain and agony. It had been 4 years of pain that was with me 24/7 and never, in my wildest dreams, did I imagine I would be pain free ever again. I was able to stand up straight, the jolting pain so intense that it would cause me to cry out, ceased completely. I started to sleep through the night and stopped taking sleeping pills.

    I saw one of my doctors a couple of weeks ago and was thrilled to hear he believes there is a decrease in both the size and number of tumors. I know in my heart it is only a matter of time before I will be completely cured.

    Before I started using Dr Musa's herbal medicine, I typically took 10-15 Tylenol 3 a day, along with a smorgasbord of other drugs. Now, i have done away with them, Not only has Dr Musa herbal medicine changed my life, it is SAVING my life.

    On September 20, 2017, I saw my specialist/surgeon, whom I had not seen for a long time. He examined me once, then a second time, and then a third time. My heart was pounding so loudly I could hear the whooshing in my ears. And then the news I had only dared to hope for. "It's gone! I can't find anything at all. If it wasn't for the scar tissue I would never have known you ever had cancer." I was shaking, looking at him in disbelief. Tears streaming down my face, I hugged him mumbling, "thank you, thank you." He looked at me, "No, Thank YOU! You're the one that did this. You DID it Gloria! You pulled it off, you pulled it off! No doctor, Dr Musa herbal medicine and I pulled it off!.

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  • B12 has cyanide in it as well. I love Dr Greger, but he is wrong about soy, canola oil, GMO and a few other things like this, a few apricot seeds a day is not likely to hurt you, I took 8 to 10 seeds a day for a few weeks, my growth got smaller and I wend vegan, so I quit the seeds for a while. Also the test studies about alternative treatments are generally governed by the drug companies, thus severely biased. Dr Greger's own videos point out that a whole plant based diet is a way to fight cancer, and using a diet as a way to combat cancer is by definition an "alternative" treatment.
    I do not know for sure about the apricot seeds, but I took a few a day and I felt OK, the groth I had was said to be benign, but i figured I would try the seeds as an experiment, seems like it did something to reduce the size, could have been coincidence too. Dr Greger is great, I love his videos, he convinced me to go plant based and to stick to it. Peace

  • Nobody should be eating a whole bag of apricot kernels!! People don't do any research when they try alternative medicine, they just jump on the bandwagon and dive right in. You have to start with small amounts like 3-4 or 4-5 kernels and work your way up. I am at 30 per day eating 10 each time in a smoothie. Nothing has happened adversely maybe because I worked my way up to it. There are a people called the "Hunza's" and they eat these seeds all day and have little to zero incidence of cancer. You truly have to, to some degree educate yourself on what it is you're taking. So, yes I can understand why those people had to be hospitalized, they were probably popping them like sunflower seeds!

  • So these debates pretty much are about do you believe in gods cure or science cure, do you believe in heaven or scientology.

    I mean so many say don't eat the seeds cause they will kill you but some people have been eating them for years and are still alive,

    I personally had 2 friends who were doing ok then had a tiny lump and was forced to do chemotherapy and died right after, I mean they were fine then the chemotherapy literally sucked the life out of them yet chemo is strongly pushed on you? Hmm

  • I am going to add some of the examples Dr. Greger didn't give for people who are still evaluating.16 kids at a party ended up in the ER from apricot seeds and 3 died.  8 kids from another party ended up in the ER from apricot seeds and 1 died.  A tourist, adult male, bought some apricot seeds and ate them as a snack and didn't read the warning to stop at 2 or 3 seeds per day and he ended up in the ER with cyanide.Australia banned them in response to someone dying.  Children in Turkey get cyanide poisoning from apricot seeds and some of them have died.Those are people who were healthy and ate them as snacks.

  • Also, when a NY Times reporter went to visit the Hunza people in 1996 discovered that they didn't keep track of birth records and his estimation was more that they lived to 50 or 60, rather than 140.  That is according to Canada's oral cancer news.

  • I had an old Bible Study teacher who used to talk about how cultures influenced by the Greek Mindset tended to be more mathematical, where the Old Testament Hebrew was filled with symbolism and poetry and allegories.  He was the expert and I will already mess it up, but Greek mindset Western people think altogether differently.

  • There are not groups of 140 year old Hunza people even now and there are not photos of 6 generations or 5 or 4 generations of Hunza families.  Nobody is parading the Hunza people around the world to speak at conferences and there aren't PBS specials showing the 140 year old people.  There is the very beautiful legend of Shangri-La and that is what authors wrote about and that is where the apricot kernel logic came from.  The fact that the Hunza longevity is mythology and the not harming the healthy cells is mythology and the whole B-17 being called a vitamin was to avoid regulatory investigations and the people behind Laetrile were con artist snake oil salesmen who made millions at it.  The ONLY logic for either Laetrile or Apricot seeds would be if some of the anecdotal evidence is that people were healed just using it and if you watch interviews like on Chris Beat Cancer, people were often doing 10 or 30 things, but then they don't give credit to the Whole Food Plant Based Diet or the Water Fasting or the Turkey Tail Mushrooms or other things, which do have studies.  They give all the credit to the B-17 and that is the power of mythology.  Dr. McDougall did a cancer talk and he talked about how many cancers spontaneously go away without doing anything at all.

  • Wikipedia said that Shangri-La was more about the Western Culture searching for something, rather than a reality in the Eastern Culture.   My thoughts immediately became that it was a type of Eden, Camelot, Paradise, search for the Fountain of Youth, etc.  This is going to cause me to examine the Blue Zones to make sure they are real peoples where there is documentation of their ages.  I believe there are photos and documentation of some of them, but researching the Hunza and Laetrile makes me know that it is important to dot every "I" and cross every "T" and not rely on the internet.

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  • Seeds rich in amygdalin (characterized by a bitter taste) are useful in PREVENTING cancer by destroying cancer cells on an individual basis sd they form. In general, this is the idea behind all nutritive elements — prevention, NOT treatment. Also, you should not consume seeds in excess of what you would consume if you were to eat the entire fruit. Actually, consumption of the entire fruit would be beneficial as nutritive elements contained therein often prove synergistic.

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