Diverticulosis & Nuts


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  • I didn't get mine through not eating enough fibre. I got mine when I had an hysterectomy and I became severely constipated and I also have endometriosis in my bowel.

  • I don't have diverticulosis, but a doctor i talked to once told me it was not diet-related. i asked if she was sure. she insisted. i really can't stand most doctors. sorry. they are often so ignorant. but, i'm sure she was good at prescribing drugs to her patients.

  • Beavis and Butthead to follow; Heh heh, heh heh, dont eat nuts!!! Just being silly. Thank you for the information but i disagree about the popcorn. Maybe its my imagination but my intestine feels bothered when I eat popcorn. Thanks again.

  • I have been a Vegan for over 25 years, I have been diagnosed with Diverticulosis. I eat raw vegetables and Whole grain breads, lots of water and never to my memory have I been constipated, I actually have 2-3 bowel movements a day. My family does not have any history of Diverticulosis. So those who think this could not happen to Vegans, I am here to tell you that is not true.

  • Just want to mention that I've been vegan for almost 6 years and discovered I had diverticulitis after an awful episode of excruciating pain last year. I am the kind of vegan who eats a lot of fiber and whole foods, I avoid processed foods and also fake meats. I do not believe that a lack of fiber caused my diverticulitis. My grandma has it. My hunch is that it's hereditary. The pain I think was caused by a nut or seed getting caught in a pocket and getting inflamed. I went to the ER and the only thing they could do for it that helped was morphine, the pain was that bad. It lasted for days. I would not recommend foods that do not digest all the way (like popcorn), and I know for a fact that I did not get diverticulitis by not eating well. 

  • What about Chia seeds??  My father in law is in the hospital now diagnosed and has been eating alot of them for about a month now.. I HATE for him to have to discontinue them as they are a superfood!  I eat about a half pound a day or more !!  Hope I don't get it!

  • THANK YOU so much for posting this!!! My uncle in law insisted that he should not eat tomatoes or a lot of fresh foods because of the seeds and I just knew that didn't seem right.  He didn't have any evidence that avoiding healthy foods was going to help him.  He just said no one knows what causes it but in PR people always say to avoid seeds.  What remained on his plate was definitely not good fiber.  Obvious to me before being plant based so you can imagine what he was eating.

  • I have diverticulosis and I cant eat nuts when I do I get pain down low left side ,I have a friend who was a pistachio freak ate about a pound one day and was taking a shower and his colon blew out and almost killed him so nuts can cause problems for a lot of people

  • bullcrap. i eat just a few nuts and i get bad diverticulitis ,, along with popcorn and poppy seeds. if i stay away from the i can eat what ever i want. but ever time i have nuts seed or popcorn . i get it.

  • The 5 food groups that made this worse for my husband are: Milk, cottage cheese, sour cream, peanuts and peanut butter. Was dignaose with Diverticulitis after a colon scope. Had terrible pain, diahrea, and a lot of gas. Start maybe by elimating these foods and add Arrowhead Oat Flakes, or cream of wheat, with half banana and few raisins..sweeten and I use real brams butter, sweeten with stevia leaf. This has help him. As soon as he returns to milk, or one of the other food groups I mentioned above then the diahrea and gas returns, might take a while then he gets bad case of diahrea and pain. Hope this might help someone. Also eat more fruit and vegetables. Boiled, steamed are better than fried. Have to watch fried foods as well. Some can eat fried foods without any problems and some can't. Watch spicy foods as well. Eliminate those you find that make it worse, that's what were doing. Watch nuts and hard seeds.

  • for me
    this condition was caused by capitalism (processed food is about 5% of the price of healthy food)

    i tend to trust my doctor more than a youtube video unless the video uploader has some serious evidence to back it up

  • I had a colonoscopy two years ago and was diagnosed with this. I looked over my food journals for a year, I averaged about 6% fiber in my diet. Even my doctor agrees with eating a high fiber whole foods diet. I don't have issues any longer with pain, IBS or constipation since switching to a high fiber plant based diet. I don't like nuts, I don't eat them very often but they definitely do not bother me when I do.

  • Bullshit when I eat popcorn my diverticulosis starts to get inflamed the next day. I usually down a couple of tetracycline and a metronidazole to stop it from turning into diverticulitis

  • If you think you eat healthy and high fiber but have this, then you should track your actual fiber intake for 30 days. If it's not at least 40 grams a day then you are definitely not eating enough fiber. I thought salad and fruits would be adequate until I actually calculated my fiber intake and found out how hard it is to eat enough fiber. Now I eat at least 3.5 servings of beans per day and have never been better

  • I have a friend with diverticulosis and he has to stay far far away from popcorn, nuts and seeds. He has learned the hard way that eating those things makes his diverticulos, one in particular act up terribly. Please be careful about the information you spread online. Everyone is different, and what you are saying could be incredibly dangerous for some people with this disease.

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