Dining by Traffic Light: Green Is for Go, Red Is for Stop


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  • I agree with the overall message here. But would you include stevia as unhealthy processed? It doesn't offer much in nutrition (little bit officer) but since it costs 0 calorie dollars and has no negative health effects that I know off, well. It's amazing as an aid to consume more oats.

  • Dr. Greger please do a video on whether fermented foods such as sauerkraut are healthy. I saw your video on kimchi and than found an interview with Dr. Mercola which left me confused as to whether sauerkraut should be eaten.

  • I come to nutritionfacts.org for the science on a wfpb diet, optimal nutrition, not for a watered down version that says bacon sprinkles with your salad is okay. I think everyone understands that the closer you get to a wfpb diet, the better. I would prefer if the nutritionfacts.org team would stick to informing us on the science on optimal nutrition instead of wasting time telling us it’s okay to add this or that to ‘make the medicine go down easy’.

  • I agree (humbly) with and trust your nutrition knowledge, and thank you for your immense contribution. But get this straight Dr Greger, I am not pleased at all with you and other plant-based doctors constantly dumping on vegans to put your point across. I would hope that you realise that college students (or people with eating disorders) may not actually represent the whole vegan population, and as a very healthy vegan who eats little junk food I am offended, and it only makes my life much harder when you, as a trusted source of information, ridicule my very healthy lifestyle. Next time you make a video like this, leave out the unnecessary negative vegan comments, it will be just as effective.

  • I went plant based for 6 months my energy level was amazing! I loved it however, I was bloated and constipated and really painful stomach it was bad. I then started eliminating whole grains and started to notice much better stomach symptoms is it healthy to take away grains? I mean I know they have a lot proteins too but my stomach does not digest them. I feel like it is not a complete diet for the day 🤷🤷

  • A lot of pitchforks over knives in the comments. Accusations of contradictions, selling out, mixed messages, and more. Odd…I didn't get any of that from the presentation. Dr. Greger was comparing one thing to another, explaining the three light system. Like a bullet in the foot is better than in the head! Then some comments interpreted that getting shot in the foot is healthy, according to Dr. Greger! Come on, people!!! 😁

  • Oh man all the vegans getting mad. Just because it's vegan doesn't means it's healthy or better. It's just a label to sell product these days (unfortunately). I respect the dietary choice and all but he talking colorfully here. Maybe trying to reach a wider audience. Instead of cutting out meat just have it occasionally. It's healthier and a good start to cutting it out of the diet entirely.

  • This is a wonderful way to eat, and also help kids eat! It is a European concept (they use this instead of "My Plate . gov") …. Dr. Sears adapted it and uses it as well with his L.E.A.N. Start program. I guess maybe this is HIS interpretation of the already-existent traffic light eating system.

  • Thank you. I come across so many trying to eat this way and they over stress themselves trying to do 100% compliance 100% of the time. They freak out and feel they’ll instantly die if they go out to eat for a birthday dinner or something. Congrats on your eating disorder. What I get from the video is, when you can, choose better foods, or do the best you can. If you slip up today, do better tomorrow. Live your life as best you can.

  • Not surprised that he included unprocessed animal foods on special occasions as a yellow light food cos he went on a vegan cruise ship recently and the vlogger, I think she has a YouTube channel called Potato something or another stated that she saw Dr Greger over the non vegan section getting food. If that were true I don't think it was really a vegan cruise at all.

  • i dont get it why all are you people hating so much on this video. it is easy for us who have already adopted plant based diets years ago to eat this way and we know that it is beneficial and not that difficult. but whole food plant based diet is for most people very extreme to switch to in just one day. and this video is exactly for all those people who dont want or dont know how to start eating healthy, showing that slowly adding plant foods and choosing less danger is so beneficial. that is how you can actually get used to these foods and start incorporating them into your diet. this video is clearly made for people who are not that familiar with eating healthy, or maybe they dont even know how to start at all.
    every change requires small steps, and if you expect people to go vegan/plant based just in one second then dont be surprised that others hate on us.

  • Amazing cohesive and coherent video with very relevant information. This level of summary of decades of debate in just minutes was astonishing. Awesome job 👍

  • MYCOTOXINS have a negative health effects on your brain and immune system-inflammation. MYCOTOXINS are found in beans, corn, chocolate, nuts, grains and coffee and would make a great video! Also Mycotoxins from mold in your house causes compromised immune system and can cause death.

  • I've had a similar perspective after reading dr. Weil's eating well for optimum health back in 2000. Although quite different in recommendations, after ripping through the book in a weekend, it was an easy read, I put food into one of four catagories: never, rarely, occasionally, and frequently. It served me well.
    Sadly, I bought three copies, gave them to friends and family who were interested in health, and they were all returned untouched. I don't want to be judgmental, but I guess even when it comes to nutrition, the obstinence is off the charts.

  • In UK the health service got close to get the semaphore labels. But the breakfast cereal companies blocked it as they are full of sugar and got red lights. And they sell mostly to kids. Truly evil people.

  • He doesn't have his morals straight – he kind of reminds me of the Nazi scientist, who, as long as it doesn't harm "his people" – he doesn't give a shit if the action itself is completely immoral. Also he has to lean the difference between "better", and "less bad/evil". Thumbs down from me. He is a speciezist after all. If we talk about mental health, or health in general – you can't put a blinder on ethics, and call yourself a whole, healthy human – you are a blind criple… mental is connected with physical, and one day it will catch up.

  • I absolutely loved this video like virtually all your videos! But if you made a lengthy, strictly green light video that explains everything scientifically proven to specifically benefit a vegan diet (me and most of all my jewish friends and family are) I and them would be extremely indebted to you, more so than we already are for your valuable information. I of coarse would forward it to my multiple rabbinic authorities I know in the holy land as well as my chabad since most of them value a plant based diet, as I very much do, much more than your average vegan Jew.

  • I've heard arguments for and against Kombucha… Does anyone have reference to a study showing benefits? Or can you do a video on your thoughts! Thanks folks.

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