Dietary Treatments for Computer Eye Strain


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  • Goji and because it acts on the liver, chrysanthemum. Other liver foods and herbs like amla are likely also helpful. Really, you would have never discovered amla if it weren't for the studies. If living to 120 is your goal, try more untested ancient medicines. And read the original texts. Countless things not mentioned by modern chinese or Ayurvedic doctors. Read Hippocrates, Galen, "pseudo"-Aristotle and Celsus too.

  • I have been working with this problem and trying out different techniques for years, and have found something that really works: doing a baking soda mask after using the computer. There is plenty of information on this procedure in the internet for beauty purposes, etc., but it works wonders for computer fatigue, eye fatigue after computer use, feeling like a zombie after hours at the computer…

    You simply make a paste of baking soda and warm water and apply it to your face. Leave it on for about 5 minutes, maybe a little more, then wash it off. When I do this after hours at the computer, I feel like the tiredness in my face and head is completely lifted away, I feel totally refreshed, like new. The only side effect is that it dries your skin, so it is good to apply some moisturizer on your face afterwards. (I prefer warm sesame oil or warm olive oil for this purpose, as they're much healthier for the face than commercial moisterizers)

    Why does this work? Baking soda is known to suck away negative or harmful energies from the body; baking soda, or baking soda/salt, baking soda/epsom salt baths are well-known for this purpose. Not everyone might believe in such an apparently mysterious means of action. This doesn't matter, though, since it works whether one believes in it or not.

    Wishing good health, in spite of computer use! 🙂

  • wow I wasnt aware of a n eye specific diet thanks for sharing 🙂 i happen to be using some black currents in my chocolate dessert this morning lol. never seen bilberries. do the sell those at the supermarket in uS?

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