Dietary Cure for Hidradenitis Suppurativa


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  • I know I sound so dumb, but I really wish for some sort of a database that would list all the stuff that contains yeast! I recently heard even fermented stuff like pickles can contain it, and it's on grapes too? If I try google I get to bogus candida sites that want my money instead 🙁

  • it is the food causing you to have insulin resistance causing hormones changing including DHT – you didn't do enough research! 👎🏻- fried foods sugars and sugar products i.e. Bread, pasta and drinking sodas the cure is lower you insulin resistance try consuming cinnamon tea will work!!!😍Surgery and antibiotics aren't going to help!!yes dairy is to avoid

  • hey ,if anyone else wants to uncover hidradenitis suppurativa and natural remedies try Loctavan Download HS Strategy (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my mate got great results with it.

  • Bs about the yeast I have celiac and and allergy to gluten so I never eat bread nor dairy because I have a dairy allergy as well and my hs is still as severe as ever.

  • I am actually an Hidradenitis suppurativa sufferer since 1996. With nearly 40 "light" surgeries (called incisions) and 5 severe surgeries, like cutting out very large areas of my skin, up to 18 x 6 Inches. Completely cutting dairy out of my diet let me stay almost symptom free over the course of the past 5 years. And I try to spreading the word almost every day. But it seems, milk and cheese is like a drug. Even if sufferers can almost be cured, they hold on to it like heroin. Can't understand. But, anyway, thank you very much for this Video. I share it as much as I possibly can!

  • sad, but true. I have HS and managed to get it under control. I recently went off my diet and have eaten diary, gluten and nightshades a lot lately, and im getting it back all over my pits, groin and breasts. UGH, so diet is a HUGE part in getting better. trust me i've tried it all even the crazy crap and nothing helped like simple diet changes. BUT sticking to the diet can really be a drag which is why i went off it and now am in hell again.

  • The weird and funny thing is…that last photo at the end of the vid I thought was a piece of pizza. I was horrified when I heard the narrator announce this was a photo of end stage HS. Interesting that pizza, made of gluten and tomato, looks the same as end stage HS.

  • Thank you for this. I have HS really bad on my tailbone and perianal and and I also have Crohn's. I have soft gauze in those areas but it still ruins all of my underwear and it hurts and bleeds like crazy. I'm going to mention this to my wound doctor and start cutting these foods out.

  • What is the diet, I have HS bad I done had stage 3 and I didn't know there were stages of this horrible disease , please help I'm willing to do the diet !!!!!

  • I thought the picture at the end was pizza and it horrified me that any pizza would look like that. Spoiler alert…it's not pizza

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