Diet vs. Exercise for Weight Loss


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  • I have trouble believing this because I've been consuming an average of 1000 calories a day for the last month and have only lost 4 lbs. When I up my exercise and calorie intake I tend to lose weight much more rapidly and efficiently. For some reason this is difficult for me to do lately…My pursuits and work are quite sedentary and mentally focussed, lately the weather has been exceedingly warm, I'm sun sensitive, other excuses. I better exercise more, I think.

  • Well there are plenty of people doing it on 30bananasaday com and I consistently eat far too many calories every day and do not gain weight.

    Not all calories are the same. Fruit calories are slimming. Dead animal calories are fattening. See Dr G's other videos on nuts for an explanation.

  • maybe…….the Perfect Health Diet guy Paul Jamieson? says vegetables have so much fiber you use all the calories during digestion so that must apply to fruit too. Still, 5800 is alot of calories

  • This is not the case of fruit. Vegetables, with the exception of culinary starches like potatoes and yams, are indeed very low calorie, but fruits, especially dates and bananas, are extremely high calorie foods.

    The reason why I can eat 7000 calories in a day from fruit and not get fat VS 2500 calories a day from butter and get fat extremely quickly, is that the calorie in – out model doesn't take into effect other digestive mechanisms such as the others explained by Dr G in his previous vids

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  • Hello NutritionFacts

    Can I ask a favor? I really enjoyed your video Diet vs. Exercise for Weight Loss
    It was really informative. I wanted to find out if it was okay to repost your videos to my channel? All credit for the videos will still remain yours, and I will not edit the original video, unless you give me permission to do so. I can even keep the links in the video, as this will give you additional exposure. If this is acceptable to you, please let me know.


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  • I am of the opinion that exercise before breakfast burns fat but my friend's trainer said that exercise before breakfast, or any time without eating, will cause the burning of muscle. So what is the science on that matter? Thanks. 

  • Duh, this is why the energy balance model is establishment propaganda to absolve responsibility for the food companies and put everything squarely on the individual. This is why the fattening carbohydrate disappeared after the second world war.
    Taubes is right. Noam Chomsky is right. The establishment is the establishment. Mind control is manufactured consent. A free society needs a lot of manufactured consent. That's how the rich and powerful stay rich and powerful. Doctors (like Greger) have naively been working for food company profits. They are more easily duped than people with less education.

  • Democrats do not like exercise because they don't want a strong US. The purpose of the video was to minimize the importance of exercise. Whether or not a person wants to lose weight, everyone needs to watch what they shove down their throats, and they need to exercise. Thumbs down on the video.

  • Exercise benefits go way beyond burning calories. It helps our body regulste blood sugar, it enhances our mood and helps us control our hunger, amongst other things. Doing more exercise will make it FAR MORE easy to maintain a good diet. The diet, on the other hands, should be seen as a complement to a healthy lifestyle ; it is what will help you sustain your daily exercise.

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  • It is easy to misunderstand these findings. What he's talking about is obesity, and in that respect he's right, but shaping your body is another thing. Obese people eat energy dense food. If they would change their eating habits they'd drop in weight, and that is key, but if you want to build an athletic body you need to train.

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