Diet Versus Drugs for High Cholesterol


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  • I refused medications. Completely lowered my cholesterol and blood pressure by changing my diet, exercising and even a medical grade detox plan. It's changed my life.

  • Me too, sort of — my total cholesterol was never much above 220, so my doctor wasn't ready for medications yet. And I represent a sample of one, so I cannot say how this might extrapolate to other people, but when I finally went vegetarian, my cholesterol dropped from the 200-210 range down to 150-170. My other blood chemistry improved significantly and my athletic performance has improved slightly (50-year-old long-distance cyclist).

  • My cholesterol dropped down from good 176 (17-year-old long-distance cyclist, meat eater) to marvelous 145 ( 53-year-old general practitioner, vegan since 2007, vegetarian since 1982, never statins), LDL/ HDL 1.5.

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