Diet and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)

A neurotoxin called BMAA that concentrates in seafood may help explain clusters of Lou Gehrig’s disease. Subscribe to Dr. Greger’s free nutrition newsletter at …


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  • Sure to follow, multi-billion $$ research for new drugs to combat the effects of BMAA and other toxins … vs. the obvious solutions of cleaning up the environment, leaving the animals alone, and eating better.

  • Can you do a video on the right amount of calories for the average human. And the right amount of calories for a vegan adult? And the quality of those calories? This is off the back of 1600 calories being considered starving yourself as an adult on this limited calorie diet? What are the risks health wise if any??

  • Great I had made the same Research cause i Suffer from Symptoms, Fasciculations non-stop all over the Body, and tingling and prickling all over every second, vibrations……and wnat to ASK an Improtant Thing about BMAA, if  a large Amount of BMAA is in the Body, how we can remove this toxiy stuff from the Body rapidly? With Chelation? Ist BMAA like heavy Metall, can chelation with EDTA or DMPS or DMSA can be Helpful for BMAA too or L-serine? I must go all this Toxins out of my Body….before all this stuffs will killing me……….PLS HELP!!!!!

  • The link of ALS, MS, Alzheimer's and Lyme to exposure to tick borne diseases is now solid. Add heavy metals, chemicals and toxins from our diet and environment and we have a growing epidemic of neurodegenerative disease worldwide.

  • They found BMAA was also found in plants watered from areas of blue gree algae. The important question is what level of BMAA in food is a risk. Is it any level at all. The body mistakes BMAA for its own made protein which is then used in Motor Neurons, which then don't fold properly and cause neuron death. The issue would be what ratio of BMAA to native protein in the body is a risk. 1 part BMAA to 1 million native protein wouldn't be risk since it is 1 in million chance the BMAA would be used by the body. Would like to know this data so we can assess the level of risk we are talking about. Is there a level of BMAA in most plant and meat products, since ALL algae produce this toxin at some level, not just blue green algae (though BGA seems to be a major producer) – and it can then get concentrated in the food chain. In Guam fruit bats were eating cycads which had blue green algae on them – over time bat meat concentrated BMAA in their meat, and the natives ate the fruit bats in soup form, so the BMAA boiled out into solution making it more available. So they were getting high concentrations. But lower concentrations over an extended time frame is also the risk. So the IMPORTANT question is – what is the general BMAA levels in ALL food stuffs, not just sea food. Remember pigs eat lots of different stuff in a wet environment good for algae growth…and so on.

  • For someone who maybe be alarmed at hearing this info, i.e., high ingestion of seafood for years – what if anything can be done to protect your motor neurons prophylactically … or reverse the damage before ALS develops?

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  • I just ate an assload of cocktail shrimp from Alabama. Yikes. Had an uncle who died of ALS so this is always a worry for me. Is all seafood potentially contaminated with BMAA, or just certain types from some areas? And what about spirulina supplements? (I don't take that vile stuff but my ex did daily).

  • My husband was diagnosed with ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) when he was 61 years old 4 years ago. The Rilutek (riluzole) did very little to help him. The medical team did even less. His decline was rapid and devastating. His arms weakened first, then his hands and legs. Last year, a family friend told us about Rich Herbs Foundation (RHF) and their successful ALS TREATMENT, we visited their website www. richherbsfoundation. com and ordered their ALS/MND Formula, i am happy to report the treatment effectively treated and reversed his Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), most of the symptoms stopped, he is able to walk and able to ride his treadmill again, he is pretty active now.

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