Dairy and Cancer


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  • Whoa, that was a long one, but I didn’t want to break it up and lose the narrative thread. I hope it was clear enough. This may be one of those that require a second listen because I packed a bunch in there. Check out the description for other related videos you might be interested in.

  • Hey gassy Greger, some dairy would help you stop shitting 40 times a day, also I was sure you would not differentiate between raw dairy and pasteurized and like a good little vegan assclown you didn’t, very deceptive and anti intellectual, anyone who listen to you deserves the malnourishment they get

  • LIES, LIES, LIES. PURE VEGANS PROPAGANDA. People have been consuming dairy for eons. Raw, unpasteurised milk is a superfood.

    So fuck off you emaciated rat face.

  • Did any of these very interesting studies control for the health of the immune system? I suppose a strong immune system eliminates most, if not all, cancer cells.

  • Professor Colin Campbell had confirmed after 30 years of dietary cancer research,meats consumption causes cancer and dairy,like meats are both purines causing foods,these acidic conditions are playgrounds for parasites,bacteria,viruses and cancerous cells which thrives and multiply in these conditions aided by junk foods,alcohol and processed meats ,fruits and veggies are Alkaline which best suits our human bodies.

  • Thanks so much.
    I am a urologist in SA and tell all my patients not to consume dairy especially the biochemical recurrent prostate cancer patients
    I wish all my colleagues would promote a plant- based diet
    The young men that see me for circumcisions, etc also get informed about the dangers of dairy for their long- term health

  • If calcium pills increase cardiovascular disease risk, why would the same calcium supplement added to soy or almond milk be expected to have any different effect?

  • Nothing wrong with enthusiasm when speaking, but the extra little noises and inflections on every single word are becoming too much for me to continue haha

  • The moderate-high fat/low carb diet has also been able to achieve similar results as far as improvement in metabolic profile (reduce LDL, increase HDL, reduce triglycerides), reduce BP, reduce cancer rates, as well as reduce obesity, all of which are risk factors for CVD, stroke, CKD and the like. The benefits seen with the Bernard-style diet also has some overlap with the mod-high fat/low carb diet with the exception being of course the high fat part. With so much focus on macro nutrients and no emphasis on environmental factors (ex. herbicides like glyphosate), on the surface these two theories that yield similar results seem at odds with each other. Looking deeper, by advocating the removal of processed foods such as white flour/grains, simple sugars and by emphasizing whole, fresh foods, these two dieting styles both lead to the avoidance of the most widely used herbicide in the world, glyphosate. Being an analogue of the essential amino acid glycine (a neurotransmitter, an active component of substrate binding sites on numerous enzymes, as well as essential building block of collagen), glyphosate replaces glycine in the body. It is an endocrine disruptor, mitochondrial toxin as well as a mutagen. Its widespread and unregulated use has coincided with the dramatic rise in metabolic syndrome in recent decades. As such, it is a confounder in a lot of studies that purport the benefit of dairy avoidance without specifying if the dairy came from cows that were fed glyphosate-ridden processed grains. I bet if organic, grass-fed milk was studied, the conclusions of some of these studies would be quite different.

  • I must say that I agree with all facts and am an active vegan however the style of which the narrator speaks is the most annoying one I have ever heard and sounds condescending and simply not genuine.

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