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  • The conclusion that I am jumping to is that if one takes a safe creatine supplement (assuming that one can find a safe supplement), then the body will adapt to an expectation of receiving the supplement and will stop making as much. So, in the long run the body's creatine level will probably end up in the same place, even as vegetarians and omnivores have similar levels without taking supplements. Best to avoid drugs one doesn't need.

  • free full text, 68 kB: David Benton and Rachel Donohoe (2011). The influence of creatine supplementation on the cognitive functioning of vegetarians and omnivores. British Journal of Nutrition, 105 , pp 1100-1105 doi:10.1017/S0007114510004733

  • The safer creatine supplements are manufactured in Germany and are labeled creapure. There are many brands that come from the same bulk supplier in Germany, so shop around for the one you like.

  • +Some Teacher: In the long run most probably yes, but as a vegan/vegetarian you can take some creatine e.g. during learning for a very important exam and according to the study you should learn faster than "normal" students. Then after the exam (or other hard cognitive work) you stop taking creatine and your own synthesis probably will be ok.

  • @ Hi Dr Greger if you get this thanks for your great work. Vegan for just over 3.5 years and I am keen in exercise largely weigh lifting so I was interested in your Creatine video, thanks I see this is not a healthful substance due to heavy metal contamination. I don't think I will stop using as it is pretty tried and tested with regards to producing muscle, all my supplements are pretty clean Vegan sources Vega, Sun Warrior etc and my nutrition is on point so I hope to mitigate these effects with the good things I am doing in nutrition. The only other sports supplement I take that may be in the same boat  as Creatine is Beta Alanie do you have a view on this? Perhaps a video could be made if you think it warrants it. I know it's the 2nd most studied non essential amino after Creatine and studies suggest it's also grat for building muscle, just not sure what else it's doing which is the problem, can you help? Thanks Dr G you amazing man you from Ricky

  • despite the Doctors advise against taking creatine, I did it anyway. Why? Creatine Monohydrate Elite from MyProtein is not only considered a very trustworthy brand, but the Elite Edition especially gets double checked for metal contamination. Plus, lists a LOT of the common questions about Creatine. Creatine is the single most researched supplement, even more than caffeine.

  • CREAPURE is made in Germany and is 100 percent pure with no heavy metals or contaminates, but of course Dr. Greger is not going to mention that because is 100 percent against any supplementation. He is only for eating vegetables and fruits.

  • The study of vegetarians gaining a memory boost and meat eaters losing memory after creatine supplementation is 100% flawed. The mechanisms at work do not act in accordance with the results. The explanation for the results, or lack there of, tells you all you need to know if you do not understand biology.

  • 1/Creatine helps vegetarians' memory, hurts meat eaters': Meat eaters' diet causes them down-regulate natural production. Wouldn't continued use by vegetarians eventually have the same negative effect? 2/Yes, 50% of tested brands have contaminants. There's a supplier to brands than are 'clean' :"Crea-Pure". 3/ Creatine's made with methionine.Doesn't this make it unhealthy under any circumstances?

  • Where is the links to these studies? I am almost certain this is not true. This is the most researched supplement on the market and you are saying almost the complete opposite of every other study I have read.

  • The studies you referred to are from like 6 years back at least the one w regards to impurities. I would hope companies would be aware because consumers are becoming more aware w websites like Labdoor and consumer labs third party testers. I take life extension creatine ( and I thinks it's creapure but Iam not sure I will check)

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