Cranberries versus Cancer


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  • Just a guess… but if "the Drug companies and supplement manufacturers have yet to isolate the components of cranberries that suppress cancer cell growth", exactly of what do the 'supplements' consist?

    Why use supplements when the WHOLE unsweetened unprocessed cranberries can be readily had for a reasonable price?

  • I appreciate that, as I am doing the China 'thing'.
    The presentation covers the nature & limitations of concentrates & supplements & the value of Whole foods.

    But to your specific point, the fundamental issue remains that the active ingredients have not been identified.

    So, what concentrates &/or supplements do you posit that overcome this noted limitation & contain the proper combination of effective ingredients?

    Therein lies your dilemma & answer.

    Here the drink is the posited solution.

  • Unfortunately,few commercialized juices or dried (sugar saturated) fruits offers much that is worthwhile. In almost all cases the whole fruit is superior & generally cheaper. It simply requires a bit more prep on our part. Here fortunately the sugar content is not as significant an issue as with other fruit.

    But still many persist in seeking the magic processed pill, powder or juice that begs & overcomes the fundamental issues wherein the whole plant is superior.

  • I can't speak specifically for Japan, but you might want to see if can't source Amla (Indian gooseberry) powder (packaged for ingestion & not with extra gunk as a shampoo/conditioner!). While I can't specifically compare the two 1:1, the anti-oxidant properties of Amla are significant as per the pertinent videos.
    That might be a more readily available benificial option in you locale.

  • And just one more comment before going dormant… I hope Dr. Gregor will examine the reports from Nam Dang, M.D., Ph.D. of the Univ of Florida regarding tea made from papaya leaf & bark regarding its anti-cancer benefits. The initial reports are very exciting & it will be interesting to follow the ongoing developments. Based upon such reports, papaya leaf may be a viable alternative option that compliments the benefits of cranberries in a slightly more manageable and easily sourced form.

  • You can pick up 100% Cranberry Juice from several companies. It would be interesting to see if any of those compare with eating raw cranberries. They are still very tart and I dilute them in a glass of water to get it down. But I have acquired a taste for it.

  • @tbayguy, YES!!! they are so good to add to *other * berries too…I add them to blues and straws in blender to sweeten up my dark berry concoctions 4 to 5 times each week, plus almond milk and ground flax. Usually at Thanksgiving time, I load up on fresh raw crans and chuck them into my freezer. Great stuff!

  • pat557, just bought a gently used Vitamix today…am *so*happy*…my little Osterizer is from the early 80's and probably will give up the ghost soon!

  • He always shows the "Head" of the Studies with full name – you can google the name and will allways find the study! Try it – i did 🙂

    Example: First Studie in this Video is "Cranberries: ripe for more cancer research?" – google gives the right suggestion by just typing "Cranberries: ripe for". Have fun!

  • Lakewood organic cranberry juice available in many health food stores is pure and not even from concentrate. The only processing is that it is pasteurized. It is extremely strong and I need to use water with it. Too bad we cant get studies on that??? I suppose blending raw whole cranberries in with water may also do the trick!

  • Oh, and I'd consider sweetening them with xylitol (~40% caloric), erythritol (even less) or another polyol rather than sugar or fructose. It can even be beneficial for health.
    The article by dr Greger is called "Erythritol May Be a Sweet Antioxidant".

  • The real question is, does this synergystic effect persist after the cranberries pass through the bloodstream? If drying affects them that much, what would submersing in acid and slowly eroding them through a couple hundred yards of intestine do?
    Of course, I love sour food. But it's important to know if this awesome anti-cancer effect gets all the way from your mouth to the actual cancer.

  • It cracks me up when researchers try so hard to identify an isolated component of various foods that they could potentially profit from when it is almost always the whole of the components working together in synergy.  That's the beauty and wisdom of nature.  Not sure why we always think we can do better…

  • Hmm I wonder if I can grow cranberries in a cooler climate.what climate do cranberries grow best in?if you have to eat them fresh then we are best to grow them where I live as u can only get them frozen or dried etc and I love dried and eat them nearly every day.
    Great video,thanks for all the great info on health 🙂

  • I don't understand why you would need 7 cups of dried cranberries to get 1 cup of fresh cranberries. Shouldn't you need fewer dried cranberries by volume?

  • Exciting news! What is wrong with tart or sour? They are delicious! Buy some frozen, organic cranberries and enjoy! Or if you want to balance things out, add raw local organic honey on top and eat away. Do not add sugar or table salt. Enjoy!

  • One can easily add a half cup or more of frozen fresh, unsweetened cranberries to a banana and leafy green vegetable smoothie and not taste the tartness. I originally starting using cranberries because they had a very low glycemic load, so it's good to learn that they can potentially head off cancer also.

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