Coffee and Mortality


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  • pancreatic cancer n breast cancers fro m stimulating breast fibroids are just 2 of problems w coffee,not to mention depression n for some really allergic causes psychotic violent episodes like violent moms sleep deprivation who use coffee to keep up busy activities

  • Tbh I don't drink coffee or tea everyday. I also have decaf. I don't need it to function because I eat a whole food plant based diet and have a ton of energy anyway. If I do drink it, I have it with a plant milk and no sugar

  • just look at what cadmium does to our body. It hardens the arteries. I dont think coffee is good for us. All the good components can be found in other less toxic foods.

  • From what I heard, coffee has something like a hundred or hundreds of different compounds in it and caffeine is just one of them. There is much more than meets the eye with coffee. As there are more studies done on coffee and more unbiased ones at that, we are going to find out it has a lot of benefits AND drawbacks.

  • Look at this woman. Probably like my Mom, raised on a farm started drinking coffee as a child, raised and ate their own chicken,pork and beef. My Mom is 87, her Mom died at 82. What they didn't eat was McDonalds,Doritos, Little Debbie's and Dominos. I'm a vegan for ethical reasons but I think it's processed foods full of chemicals that are killing us. Just my opinion. Teresa S.

  • I love the taste of coffee. I thought about it and I gave it up because it overall seems to be a negative influence on the body… its addicting, stresses the liver, aggregates the immune system.. it’s not a health food, but it does wonderfully as an enema. I’ll stick to tea in my mouth and coffee in my butt..

  • Coffee is the highest antioxidant containing food item we consume in the West. On a totally unrelated note: Beer has the most silicon of any food item consumed in the human diet. Silicon is required for strong bones. I wonder what the fracture rate is for moderate beer drinkers? I think we need another study! ;o)

  • "coffee is associated with NO change"
    "less than 5 cups a day may have a protective effect on atrial fibrilation"
    I mix a teaspoon of coffee with 2 tablespoons of yerba mate tea, 1/2 teaspoon of moringa, 1/2 ts of pau D arco, 1/2 of bacopa, 1/2 of rhodiola, 1/2 of licorice. Then few drops of natural vanilla and packet of stevia. Total per day drunk is 250-750ml which made the above mix and steeped for hours making it stronger during day.

  • Coffee is one of thee safest and best things you can do, such bullshit….walking too far too long may cause a tumor, worrying all day about what the fuck you're eating and drinking down to the fucking 1/2 ounce causes a ton of stress on the vessels and stroke, how about that…….getting this ridiculous about something like coffee, means you have wayyyy too much time on your hands, LOL………tea and coffee are both the same as far as none worse than the other, and if you need it to get your "run on" that's a whole lot better than not running and drinking no coffee (boring lifestyle, depression, and why fucking live anyway…see the point)

  • The block of adenosine receptors is a enough reason to avoid caffeine. One small cup a day makes you addict in just one week. I was an addict and now my insomnia is gone. My night’s sleep is so much better now.

  • The smallest cup of coffee, in fact, just a few sips, and I start to shake, my heart is pounding, I feel that my sugar has fallen and I become upset …
    So … maybe I'm hypersensitive to caffeine … but many people I know, who, because of the habit, drink coffee, say that coffee causes them disturbances.
    This is not the case with green tea, he pleases me.

  • I love Gregor don't get me wrong but how can you promote health when you clearly know a vegetarian/vegan diet is vegetables and fruit and healthy grains with exercise and meditation and a healty emotional like will heal all these diseases you claim coffee does? At what expense? It may be scientifically valid but who CARES if what you are saying destroys forests, farmers, wildlife and people? Coffee has much deeper implications about the human than aI care to go into here, just like alcohol or drugs as a poor coping mechanism for an imbalanced, toxic lifestyle. Maybe I'll do a video and delve deeper into to esoteric understanding as well and the energetic components that are causing the worldwide toxic aggressive behavior. Don't see them discussing that problem now do they?

  • Thoughts on coffee / energy drinks: I observe most energy drinks like redbull and kickstart have less caffeine per serving than coffee, although with all the EMPTY calories and higher acidity it makes sense to stick to coffee. Coffee also tastes better and makes you a patrician. I wake up at 3am nowadays since I love the mornings and have a cup of coffee. Since I get up so early I have no problem with my circadian rhythm knocking me out , coffee or no coffee, by around 6pm.

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