CHIP: the Complete Health Improvement Program


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  • But vegetable police has the answer…. if you want long term health, you need to think outside the box and eat the least healthiest food…. not sure how it works, but online internet trolls who believe in flat earth say it does!

  • It's rather expensive:
    (Only $130 /mo for 6 months ($780 USD total)) or (Only $699 one time up front payment (Save more!))

    Are there any options without paying anything? I mean, the information can't be that special to warrant 700$.

  • Ding, ding ding! "Foods as grown" = RAW FOODS – NOT COOKED. Nature does not also cook food (even though we like it that way). Then if you add in a little common sense and eat a SPECIES APPROPRIATE DIET which for humans who are FRUGIVORES is FRUIT and a few nuts and seeds and tender leafy greens (not tough kale), surprise, surprise, your food will be digested; your immune system won't get clogged and inflamed and lead to chronic and degenerative "incurable" conditions… and you'll be healthy all your life and even prolong your life! Who could have thunk it? Certainly the medical profession didn't until now.

    That is why you should ALWAYS do your OWN RESEARCH. Don't trust the so called experts who have been supposedly "educated". It is pretty pathetic that the "experts" stick to their guns so steadfastly actually. They've been so indoctrinated into lines of thinking the powers that be want them to. They obviously can't think for themselves either or they would know truth as simple as this inside and out. Duh. Fantastic health is as easy as following Mother Nature.

  • I've been following this channel for 7 years, and been vegan for seven years. The more I watch the channel the more I get sad that other people are so blind for this informations

  • I know this sounds stupid but the rise of carnivore diets is making me feel depressed.

    eating nothing but suffering and death and destroying the environment and not caring for every meal and promoting vegetables as unhealthy is seriously making me feel depressed man

  • I sat down with my wife's family for dinner. They are not vegan. They offer me some salad that is dripping with some white substance. I asked what's in it? " Oh that's just mayonnaise". Before I could think what to say I blurted out "that's disgusting "! They say we talk about your food please don't say things about ours. So I ask if they thought that mayonnaise was healthy for anyone? No one answered.

    Hole food should be the only food.

  • Thank you for sharing this wonderful information video. I went through the CHIP program. This is a wonderful program for anyone who want to change their lifestyle.

  • Seriously, who dislikes a video like this? It’s one of those moments where I’d want to sit down with them have a cup of coffee and just listen to what’s going on.

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