Cheapest source of vitamin B12


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  • I'm so confused. My supplement says 25µg which says 1000% of RDA. Yet your saying we should be taking 2500mcg per week? What does 25µg convert to in micrograms? Does anyone know?

  • Why cyanocobalamin? Cyanocobalimin must be broken down by the body to the highly absorbable methylcobalamin and releases cyanide duirng the process. Why not just take methylcobalamin and skip the whole breakdown and release of a potential poison?

  • Look, you've answered the whole Vegan argument right here.
    If a strict vegan diet is right for the human body—why take artificial supplements?

    B12 has  been identified as an essential component for health that a strict vegan diet doesn't provide- only because it was found that a deficiency will lead to a prolonged,  painful, white-haired tingly death.
     There are probably lots of components in meat that haven't been discovered yet.
    Why do chimps- our closest cousins eat meat when the need arises?
    Cows and sheep are strict vegetarians-

    You quote how healthy the Ugandan diet is- based  exclusively on maize and vegetables—- You forgot to mention the universal love of bush meat in that area.
    One shouldn't be so dictatorial or prescriptive in what's good for everyone?

  • i read thru the article he cited on his website regarding this ( )
    and on page 694 (2nd page of that document…so u dont actually need to scoll that much!)

    "Requirement is 0.7-2.0 µg/d across the life span" (im not talking about special cases that are regard the elderly…also mentioned in the article)

    "whereas the respective Recommended Dietary Allowance is Allowance is 0.9–2.4 µg/d." (<- This is regarding dietary allowance/INTAKE not how much ur body needs to absorb(!!)

    if i remember correctly he said 7.0µg/d is "optimal" in another video (rather than the 2.4µg/d mentioned in the quoting before)

    but….he recommends 2500µg/w or 250µg/d

    where i come from 7µg/d > 250µg/d

    some may say now "no nooo u made a mistake that what u said isnt regarding the absorption"…seriously read the article and the lable of ur vitamin b12 supplements which give like 30µg = 1200% recommendations (they apparently still calc with 2.4µg/d)

    tl;dr: he mixed up intake/absorption in a weird way which made him give a ~35-fold recommendation

    oh and btw something just came to my mind when i wanted to post
    this….maybe…he simply fucked up with the "µg" since they constantly
    talk about numbers like 2.4µg/d…maybe he means…2.5µg/d and not
    ( )
    also something weird regarding the graphics hes using at 2:00 into the video:
    it says 99.9 % are reabsorbed into the body…but wait a minute… didnt he just say @ 1:44 that u simply get expensive pee from eating alot of it? so is it reabsorbed nearly completely…or peed out?
    or is the absorption regarding just the parts that are actually used by the body (the 2.4-7 µg/d i mention above)

    i know these are a lot of numbers and reading thru scientific papers isnt the easiest job but i hope at least 1 will find what i wrote useful and try to proof me (or him?) wrong

  • Dr. Greger my name is Sherrick Duncan I am a husband and a father of four.

    I worked hard and saved up and made payment for years and now own two acres in Oklahoma and am starting to grow my own food so that I can get off of food stamps and section8 welfare.

    I did all this so we can afford to eat a mostly plant based diet (I would do all plant based but it conflicts with my 100% self sufficiency self reliance prepper goals) so I have a question.

    If I eat like 98% plant based but only eat as much animal products as absolutely necessary to get a self sufficienct b12 source off of eithet eggs or whatever the best animal product b12 source is how much and how often maximum/minimum would one person need to ingest of animal product a week, month, year to get there necessary b12?

    I am absolutely 100% unwilling to do b12 injections or sublingual drops or foods or drinks that are fortified because (UNLESS I can grow or produce the b12 supplements myself) which from my studies I cant, then it violates my self sufficiency goal.

    So my question is what is the maximum/minimum amount of whatever the animal product highest in b12 would I need to eat how much and how often only to get my b12 needs from our farm raised animals?

    In other words I want to know how much of and what animal product that i can produce myself to eat to get all my b12 but little enough of this animal product to get the absolute minimum to no damage to my body or health.

  • Wrong. All rivers, lakes and streams are saturated with Vitamin B12. We don't need prehistoric creatures to poop in them since fish do that anyway and their is a ecosystem in those natural bodies of water not to mention some of the soil run off into them. We didn't evolve. God made us so that we can store up nutrients so we can travel. People in the desert for example can travel the desert with nutrients stored up in their livers.

  • Just a question! I had my blood tests done at the Barnard Medical center here in DC and my b12 levels were quite low. I have been vegan for 6 years and vegetarian on and off over the previous 40. I bought a vegan b12 spray at whole foods that cost $18 for 2oz! I need a lower cost option! Any tips on brands and where to buy…besides the amazon big supply? Aimee

  • It's not about the cheapest, but most effective and efficient. If it is true that cyanocobalamin must be converted by our body into methylcobalamin, surely it is wiser to use methylcobalamin. The side benefit is no cyanide.

    This is always the problem where money is involved. Chemically these 2 types are identical apart from the obvious. So why is Dr. Greger in favour of cyanocobalamin?

  • you should not take cyanocoablamin, it is synthetic B12. Methylcobalamin is better to take as supplement, liquid sublingual work best I think in my opinion and tablet sublingual also work great. Cyanocobalamin contains small amounts of cyanide. No one needs that either.

  • Hi. That last info graphic is showing a gallbladder as part of the efficient B12 reabsorption process. I no longer have a gallbladder… am I more at risk for deficiency? Thanks.

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