Changing a Man’s Diet After a Prostate Cancer Diagnosis


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  • And a beautiful example of how sexism against women (women are weak and less than men and being in any way associated with feminine shit is bad so this also counts for female associated behaviors like eating more veggies and fruit) can backlash at men (or their health rather). Fucking gender roles man….a hell of a drug. Men rather losing parts of their dick or the ability to fuck than eat a fucking vegetable.

  • Those backwards guys who believe the "Mens Health Magazine" will get exactly what they deserve. Let them be "manly" in their grave… or lose inches of their dicks… What manly men!

  • im a man and dont eat meat, i eat fruit,veggies,etc those guys are just ignorant retards who are too scared to go against the status quo, these same men are also the ones scared to even talk to a female and take the lead aka beta males aka fem men lol these are the men that you see following their old ladies around while she shops and gives their paycheck to her to manage lol nothing masculine about that haha

  • Men who are worried about looking feminine in front of their friends aren't very manly. Personally I prefer keeping my dick (and prostate) in working order. Stubborn idiots.

  • I must be a woman then and my wife must be a man, when I met her I encouraged her to cook predominantly vegetable meals rather than the meat heavy meals she used to have. I also got her started on quinoa

  • Real men are warriors of the mind and body, real men are superior in intellect and powers of reason, triumphant over primitive ideas of manliness that pervades the commoners.

  • (This my wife's gmail – I am am male, 67 years of age and awaiting biopsy results; with a PSA that has been above 10 but now dropping with PBWFD).
    Having been a social worker for years I learned how important it is to couch advice/counselling in terms people understand – eg talking with a plumber we might use metaphors about flow, blockages and pressure. This is essentially Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) derived from the highly effective work of therapist Milton Erickson.
    So men might have been found to have resistance to change in these studies but this is not an abnormal phenomenon regarding any changes in our perceptions of our lifestyle and beliefs – look at the number of women who resist their own liberation from repressive gender specific behaviours. It has become clear that our rational mind constructs defences to protect the status quo – our perception of ourselves, our beliefs and behaviours. That men often resist diet change relates to our socialisation as men and should arouse our compassion – we are all 'victims' of the system until we clearly see, believe and act on a different way of being.
    Good to see all the high performance athletes who are coming out as vegan/plant based, and good to remember the strength and power of vegan gorillas, elephants, buffalo etc. Thanks for everything Drs Gregor, McDougal, Barnard and the many who share their personal stories.

  • I'm just going to leave this here:
    "To quadruple their survival rate, many women would mortgage their home to fly to some quick clinic in Mexico, would lose all their hair to chemo, but most, apparently, couldn't stand the thought of eating broccoli, and cutting down on meat." – Michael Greger

  • my dad's the kind of person that will eat a (vegan) salad unless he knows it was intentionally made vegan. i don't get it. he will eat food that happens to be vegan (oreos, not healthy, but he loves them), but he made a face when he found out that i can still eat them. even his favorite beer is vegan. my mom thinks he'd actually stop eating the protein bars he is right now if he found out that they are indeed vegan. i don't understand toxic masculinity.

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