Cell Phone Brain Tumor Risk?


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  • Dr. G, Many people want to know how to mitigate the radiation and are asking you what should we do? I don't think people will just give up their cell phone. So can you give us the scoop on wireless ear buds, putting the phone in your pocket, etc. Practical steps we can take.

    thank you.

  • Actually if you ride in an airplane you get exposed to excessive amounts of radiation as space is radioactive. Also you get exposed to too much fluorine and other chemicals they add in the water to kill the bacteria. Seriously, don't be an airline pilot or shower more than twice a day. It's the same deal with cell phones. Use the speakerphone whenever possible and don't talk on that thing when a regular phone is available to use. Limit your time to 5 min conversations.

  • And yet the brain cancer incidence rates have not increased, _whatsoever_, throughout the last 30 or more years. Veritasium did a video on this, cell phones are perfectly safe.

  • Cell phone radiation absolutely cause cancer and brain tumors. They knew it right from the beginning. They could care less about your health…it's all about the money!

  • What about the radiation coming from computer monitors and TV sets or power lines? I guess we need to turn everything off and go live like caveman. Probably live longer if we taped the phone to our heads.

  • Blast your brain with your cell phone if you want. I have run into too many people who have brain cancer or are no longer here with us because of brain cancer. Way too many people getting brain cancer to try and tell us that we are just imagining things… Don't put your phone up to your head, used only corded headsets or use the speaker phone function. This also applies to anyone who still uses a cordless phone at home. Same risks.

  • Phones emit microwaves (~2.4 Ghz) the same as the microwaves we cook with but at a much lower amperage.
    Cell phones might cause cancer by creating free radicals. So does that mean when we cook with microwaves it's creating a lot of free radicals in our food?

  • You didn't really address the other side of the argument, other than saying some studies having financial backing influence. What about recall bias or confirmation bias in your cited studies? What about biochemical arguments? You should at least address these

  • Holding a mobile phone up to your ear is a lot less common than what it used to be.

    What happens if I leave my phone in my pocket the majority of the time, will it cause issues to my legs? What about my hands when I am using it?

  • What about people who keep it in a pocket or use a belt clip, keeping it in the same place for over 12 hours a day. Does that increase the risk to organs (I’m thinking liver and boy parts depending on where you keep it) adjacent? I think I’ll continue to keep mine mostly in my purse, but I don’t think it’s possible not to have it in my pocket occasionally. My husband’s is a belt clip user – if we were trying to conceive I might worry. I don’t really know when an electromagnet field is created during cell phone use, but my guess is that it is always sending and receiving, so is pretty continuous. Since it’s not in my knowledge area, I could be totally wrong. Also, I mostly use hands free in the car and at home, so it’s rarely near my head long.

  • The real question is are cell phones vegan? Is it compassionate to microwave birds, insects, your neighbors, and your kids every time you need to make a call or use some wireless data?

  • one of my Yoga instructors has been diagnosed with Brain Cancer and has been told he has only 3 years to live. He eats really healthy, so I wondered if it was from Cell Phones.

  • Hi, I have a very important question: do headsets (cable, not bluetooth) reduce or increase the amount of radiation? I used to use my mobile phone only with headsets until I read that it is actually worse! So I am very confused. Thanks Dr. Greger for all the provided information 🙂

  • Its usual for the young women in Germany to carry their phone in their ass pockets all the time. Gonna be curious to see if the cases of Colorectal cancer skyrocket in a few decades…

  • Hot showers (and worse Hot Baths) are bad because they contribute to erectile dysfunction because the heat on the balls. Besides, cold showers help the circulation, whereas hot showers draw the blood to the surface of the skin.

  • Bill Clinton deregulated the telecommunications industry and now we have cell phone towers everywhere.  Then Obama handed out billons of our tax dollars to force wireless transceiver "smart" meters on every home in the US.  It's been known for at least 40 years that these kinds of emissions are harmful.  Very smart for profits, but very bad for a population that already has an epidemic of chronic diseases like cancers, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, heart diseases, etc.   $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • The stats in the study say it is rare, I know 1 person who died of Lung Cancer, I know 1 person who has died of uterine cancer, I know 4 people that have had brain cancer and am in the same circle as one other so that is 5 total. The aspect that I noticed they all have in common, they have to use a phone a lot (own there own businesses) and all were between 50 and 65 when they were diagnosed, oh and all of them were diagnosed in 2017.

  • Exposure to the sun is measurably thousands of times more carcinogenic. In fact you receive more harmful rays from the sun even while indoors than even constant cell phone usage could.

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