Cavities and Coronaries: Our Choice


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  • Noticed you posted an image of one of Dr.  Esselstyn's publications in this vid.  I'd love to hear your opinion about 'healthy vegetable oils' and avocados,  which Dr.  Esselstyn and others shun.

  • Dude, that's such good information. I love that you used another area of the world to make these type of findings even more credible. You're vids are some of my favourite by far. Thank you for everything you put together!

  • Human nature is SO odd. I've heard from a well known self healed stage four cancer survivor, who switched to an all plant based diet decades ago, that among cancer patients she spoke to, only about 1 in 5 are willing to go all in with plant based only foods to fight the disease. This odd aspect of human nature shouldn't surprise me, as this video shows those with coronary artery disease, or the threat of it, generally will never changer their diet either. Very sad. 

  • anyobdy has an idea or can give me a link how actually dietary cholsesterol influenses ur low density lipo protein, cause i do not know but id like to! 😀 (and its kinda hard to find out)

  • I wish the people I love would make informed decisions, however they are in denial.  They are addicted to meats and processed foods.  What we need is intervention on may levels, beginning with the companies that profit from addiction and human misery.

  • "I think that the Adventist dietary plan is really very close to our nutritional recommendations. It was marvelous that this woman was able to write all that she did without any real scientific background".- Nathan Pritikin talking about Ellen White's writings. Check them out, they are brilliant! 

  • I'll give this video a watch, but I find the Weston A Price institute an Ancestral diets to be compelling and making the most sense. Especially since I was already a vegan years ago and only got tooth decay and severe mental depression from that plant based diet. I would also advise people to consider Ramiel Nagy's work on tooth decay.

  • Ugandans die at average age of 52. Of course they don't usually die of heart disease. Other things kill them first. Hard to have a heart attack from obesity when you're starving, isn't it. Few live long enough to have heart attacks, they die of infectious disease, getting shot, parasites in their food and water, etc..

  • There is some research that the bacteria in your mouth that forms plaque on your teeth has also been found in the plaque found in coronary arteries. If you are eating a plant based diet, you increase beneficial bacteria which supplants the bad bacteria which are one component of coronary heart disease. It is thought by some scientists that the good bacteria secrete enzymes that will dissolve the plaque in coronary arteries and this is one of many mechanisms that are involved in the process of reversing coronary artery disease by eating a whole plant food based diet.

  • Vegan has been great and all but the problem is cavities got worse even though i cut out all junk food, meat, dairy and so on.
    Maybe blood type diet is more accurate for person to person.

  • hey, i am following you information and i am fully on plant base diet, but i got gum sore, i am not take vitamin b12, and i drink lot of back tea. and i add lemon, can you tell me please, am i getting sore because of too much acidic food?????

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