Cancer Risk From CT Scan Radiation


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  • I am 19 and have to have a CT Scan because I fell and have fluid gushing out of my nose and ears…. Should I not get a CT scan? (this is a serious question!!!!! Not sarcasm!!!) Should I refuse a CT Scan even though I might have a severe head injury???

  • I'm was only 15 that day when I suffered stroke and then one doctor(should be ashamed to call himself a doctor)did some fraud and in 6 months prescribed nearly 20-22 ct scans I know that no one would believe this but believe me it's true!.will I get brain tumour if anyone had knowledge about this please email me my email address is [email protected] help me come out of this mental trauma which is killing me I'm only 17 years currently.

  • Thank you for trying to make the public aware of this! I had a kidney stone, finally made it to the ER by myself, making a stop to roll on the ground and vomit a couple of times. Had a CT scan, went to my GP the next day. He practically whispered what you say here, told me I should avoid CT scans. Two days later, I was in the ER again for pain management, they were pushing HARD for another CT scan, I refused, it was the stone of course. I stay away from doctors as much as poss now.

  • Wouldn't the dangers to seniors who are fragile and who have weak DNA to start with be even more dangerous than it would be in children?   When you show a picture saying size of cohort, I'm not sure what that means or what the chart shows if it means the number of people in a group.  Does this mean that Canada irradiates far more people than any other country?

  • What questions should people ask before they get a Pet scan or CT?
    Should they ask what chemical will be used in them as a tracer and how much, so they can find out about the dangers beforehand?
    I guess they should also as the actual amount of radiation the accumulated full body PET or CT would give on the average person at one time too right?
    Or maybe they should also ask for written specs of the PET scan or CT?
    Any other questions?
    I heard recently that low level radiation is even more dangerous than high.  I also found out that some scans are both PET & CT combined.  In those cases would they use both at once on all patients, or can they just use one or the other separately?  How would a patient know if they used both when they were told they would just use one?

  • Hi Dr Greg, Im a subscriber and I would like to know if there is a way to reverse RADIATION damage to DNA caused by medical imaging test like CAT scans and Xrays,  I would appriciate if you could post a video regarding this question.

  • Im 63 and have had 3 stress and thallium heart scans since 1994 and so far so good but now Im a little concerned because I may need to have another stress test in the future since I am a heart patient.

  • I have a brain tumour caused by 2 "high contrast" CT scans (put a hole in my skull in the kitchen making coffee) which is proven as the type of tumour I have is well known and can only be caused by radiation and is normally female predominate, it just sucks to be the 1 in a hundred or thousand or ten thousand or million so don't do it no matter what the risk.

  • Imaging is crucial for cancer patients and survivor. It gives the Oncologist a blue print on what treatment the patient should get and what stage the patient is at. Also, risk and the benefits. I’ve had 13 scans during my treatment. But I had to do it, that’s how they found my cancer, blood clots, cyst in my kidney, and if my chemo treatment was working. Which it was. If I didn’t get those scans I would’ve been dead. My friend had cancer also. She’s had over 50 CAT scans, MRIs, Pet scans. Shes been alive for 8 years now. Never been diagnosed. I agree the less radiation the better, avoid them if you need too. But it’s also saved lives.

  • After a,apparant stroke i was given a ct angiography. I was confused or would never have agreed.
    This was less than one month ago.. my sinus is,destroyed. My eyes have what the speacialist says is consistent with radiation damage. My skin turned orange brown ..i was takimg pictures in the er and have the proof. My teeth that i always took care of are now mouth dry. My eyes barely tear.. the fear i feel is beyon d comprehension.
    Tonight my eyes are swollen. Si nus and upper teeth so painful as the gums have receded. My skin wont absorb moisturizers it feels changed. and i no longer sweat from the neck up.
    I can barely taste. My mouth is dry.i csn barel swallow.
    And here is the truth..there is NO ONE .protecting you from those that own or operate these scanners… no one can give you an axact accounting of dosage..
    Am i a rare case? Or have others found there is NO ONE protecting them.
    I am terrified. Depressed to a state i didnt know existed .
    No comfort my fear is beyond anything i have ever known.
    A,eye specialist said he saw damage consistent with radiation. Tonight my right eye swollen and painful i see little out of it today.
    Doctors can even buy used renovated scanners. Put anyone in. The booth and destroy you.
    I saw the doc that did this.. i told him how afraid how miserable i feel. How in less than a month i went from a vital woman to a woman loosing everything .
    I am non functional teorror being all i feel emotionally.
    He didnt look at my sinus . Eyes. Mouth. He seemed to act like a,child that already knew.
    And in the end nothing was admitted and nothing can ever be repaired. I have been future so scary i cant relax for a,moment.
    Think this is not true? I am going to share my pictures. And add a video.
    Try to find help .there is no agency or person ..NO. ONE who will help you if you are harmed.
    No one to report this to.
    Never accept a ct scan.. never.
    I didnt have a stroke.. now i am worse than dead…
    Any doctor who wants to examine me i am willling. Any doctor challenging this i am ready and wiilling.
    These are dangerous . This is radiation massive amounts can be spayed into you and in 5 min you could be destoyed too.
    And there is no going back and no one to help you.
    This is a big money procedure…radiation is dangerous. These machines ate not regulated or operated by qualified people every time. I am proof. I have no idea what will happen to me.. this,happend less than 30 days ago and i am lost my sense of smell 3 days after.
    I am in pain tonight .having sinus that produces nothing.i am in pain..
    NO ONE is protcting you..
    Try calling and asking anyone for help .say you were hurt in a scanner.. NO ONE will belive you or do anything for you..
    Greed.. its pure greed…
    Do they help people? Right up until you are the one hurt..
    Never get in a ct scanner… they are not protecring you…

  • There's a YouTube video: MSNBC Inositol and Cancer. Dr. Avnm Spira of Boston University School of Medicine gave former cigarette smokers a Vitamin B8 pill called Inosital twice a day for six months, and in 60–percent of the volunteers, dysplasia of the lung cells were reversed. Can you please research this study. I mean, if every former smoker were to take the Inosital pill, millions of former smokers wouldn't wind up with lung-cancer. Thank You

  • use CBCT ( used in oral surgeon office )  if your doctor ask for your sinusitis  condition . NEVER ever do medical CT scan for your sinus .    Cone beam computed topography(CBCT ) is a beautiful way to do it . Not too many ENT knows about this . because they are stupid.

  • I have had a lot of x-rays in my life, and no one has ever told me about the dangers. I suppose it’s in the form that I signed that nobody ever reads. Thank you so much for this video!

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