Can Pesticides Be Rinsed Off?


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  • This sounds like a pitch for Whole Foods stores. Besides the non existent of pesticides, organic food does not have more vitamins and nutrients than a non organic food. 

  • What is your opinion on the recent change of the FDA with respect to the USDA labeling of Organic not really being Organic anymore. This might have been true before, but to be honest I think it is just a money making scheme. Most of the tiem they just import the food from the outside and label it with organic.

  • I read a journal study awhile back that scrubbing your edible plant based foods with eco-friendly soap washes off over 90% of the pesticides. Wish Dr. Greger would have compared this instead of just rinsing with water.

  • It's a shame that only upper income neighborhoods have grocery stores that stock a decent selection of organic produce.  Most others do not.  Same chain stores in differing income neighborhoods are indeed typically vastly different with the quality of their offerings.  Once again lower income people get the shaft.

  • Soy consumption would be higher in China and Soy allergies have explode to 50% in the UK due to overuse in the last 10 years of soy based products so maybe your statistics need to be revisited DR.? Again I see a little bit of knowledge doing a lot of harm, there aught to be a law against people like you!

  • use white vinegar to rinse your veggies and fruits even if they are organic.  They have been exposed to people touching them, sneezing in public, children etc. 

  • Is this covert information?  Is there a reason why you are mumbling it?  Enunciate and project your sentences so your audience can understand what you are saying.

  • Amazing how much research has been done showing that organic produce significantly reduces agricultural chemicals in bodies. And still people claim that it's a myth that organic is healthier

  • I now appreciate organic even more considering how little pesticides come off with washing. Chlorella and chlorophyllin are good options to consume with conventional produce if need be.

  • Can't eat meat, can't eat eggs, can't eat this, can't eat that ? No milk, no cheese, and now no veges unless they're super expensive organic ones. Unfortunately , not in everyone's budget ;(looks like all middle-class people have to die

  • Pause and read the study at 2:50. No hypospadias in the control group, but 25% with the soy estrogen alone! The Asians eat a lot of FERMENTED soy products, that's the difference. Fermentation digests the phytoestrogens and adds beneficial bacteria, making an unhealthy food into a very healthy one. Miso and real, living soy sauce are inexpensive, too.
    More recent studies in 2015-2016 have proven higher levels and concentrations of vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats in organic produce and proteins, along with fewer pesticides and weed killers.
    Cost of organic is only slightly higher than conventional in most areas now, especially where it is in demand! Get your friends and neighbors to demand more and better local organic options at your grocer, and the volume will drive prices down dramatically. Support your local farmers, and form co-ops to protect land and begin organic farms near you. It CAN be done, it is being done all over the USA.
    Take charge of your diet and your health. Don't let government or anyone else use you as a lab experiment. Eat food as God intended, not from a test tube. Nothing costs more than food full of poisons, just like nothing costs more than a "free" government program.

  • I'm curious to know what kind of test a consumer can perform on produce to determine whether or not it is organic. The organic movement arose in response to known toxic chemicals being added to foods for various reasons including pest resistance. To eliminate the chemicals the focus switched to the farming practices to ensure that chemicals were not used for food production but even when the best practices are followed, these chemicals can wind up on food. Neighboring farms can overspray, produce can be accidentally mislabeled, maliciously mislabeled, or simply mixed up at the grocery store if a consumer grabs an orange without a sticker then puts it back in the wrong bin. The consumer can accidentally buy the wrong stuff too if they do not read carefully. Really, organic should be about the produce itself at the point of sale because that is what needs to be healthy and non toxic. So how can the consumer test what he is about to buy/eat to ensure that it meets the standards?

  • Organic crops are sprayed with substances that have the same effects as Conventional Pesticides. They are those substances approved for Organic farming aka "The National List" substances. Why are you mistating the facts Dr. Greger?

  • Some of you may not know this but if there is a farm nearby that is using pesticides on their food and there is a farm close to it that is not. The organic farm or soil can become contaminated because to this. There is a video about this on Youtube

  • Dr Gregor I've always appreciated the content of your videos BUT the photo of the infant without limbs was inappropriate. Nothing you spoke about indicated that would happen. You discussed hypospadius. I'm sad you stooped to that. Why?

  • organic industry is a total SCAM.. this is just another way if increasing the price of food… I know supermarkets that spray their organic fruits and vegetables before putting them out for display with pesticides… just wash your food properly and don't waste your money on a label that says "organic".

  • Solution: buy organic, grow organic, raise organic. Try planting and scattering cilantro seeds among your edible crops for easy, safe pest and disease control. These are Hardy, grow easily, and produce lots of seeds that you can easily harvest to repeat and expand the process.

  • I haven't been able to buy organic all of the time;
    the foods at the Food Banks are GMO and
    preserved, and pesticide laden!
    We gotta die if we can't afford organic!

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