Can Green Tea Help Treat Cancer?

A mixture of results have been reported using green tea to try to stop or reverse the progression of oral cancer, lung cancer, cervical cancer, and colon cancer.


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  • so bottom line, green tea looks protective in in vitro and epidemiological studies, but not clinical trials? Did I misunderstand these two videos? kind of disappointing…

  • i wish these studies also highlighted how much heavy metals there were in these green teas. i have read that tea leaves accumulate a lot of heavy metals.

  • the topical/direct contact benefits of green tea is consistent with an effect of one of the many minerals absorbed by the leaves, which could even mean trace lead.

  • Recently I've been trying to read scientific papers online, and while it was interesting, it was also the most tedious texts I have read.

    I respect Greger even more than before, now that I internalized that he goes through 10-20 studies per episode.

  • Food have more power to prevent illness rather than to treat illness. Green tea is an example of this theory. It isn't a panacea that I find many in the West tend to think of in terms of efficacy or healthfulness of a food item. In Asia and certainly from my experience and background, in Japan, there is a lot more acceptance that foods eaten for health is not a "magic bullet" thing, but more of a lifelong adherence to mindful eating.

    In medicine, it's also easier to prevent illness than to treat illness; this is why good preventative screening, regular health checkups, healthy lifestyle, and early report of symptoms are so important.

  • It seems that the active compounds in the tea are subject to some sort of first pass effect, which may explain why topical application or direct contact is beneficial, but the systemic effects are less than expected. Are there papers which report a time course of plasma concentrations of green tea metabolites after ingestion of pills / tea?

  • Green tea appears to benefit skin lesions and to fight off colon cancer. It seems if one included an array of food items to create a synergistic effect, then perhaps the fight against other cancers might be more productive. So, combine green tea with a vegan diet. Also take turmeric, vitamin C, getting exposure to sunshine for your vitamin D, exercise, think positive thoughts, hang around positive people, reduce stress. And, there are many more things that a person could do to fight off or to prevent cancer. I don't think one can just pick one thing to do in order to fight off cancer or prevent it, I think one needs to enlist an entire array of foods and techniques……especially the vegan diet.

  • OK, so this is not related to video at all. I got my blood test back from my doctor and I'm only low on D-vitamins (live high up north) and OK B-12 marks. Could someone explain to me why this is so off the chart;
    S- ASAT – 96 U/L <45

    S-CK – 2734 U/L <400
    Triglyceride 0.34 mmol/L

    S-Cholesterol 3.4 mmol/L

    HDL – 1.6 mmol/L

    LDL – 1.7 mmol/L

    S- B12 – 185 pmol/L

    Vitamin D – 42 nmol/L

    Just to mention I'm really active.

  • Dear Dr. Greger and/or Volunteers, would you please comment on YERBA MATE green tea? I eat only plant-based foods without oil and salt, but have not given up yerba mate tea yet. In short, is it safe to drink yerba mate tea when it is suppose to contain elements such as potassium, magnesium, and manganese, plus a variety of polyphenols such as the flavonoids quercetin and rutin; and three xanthines: caffeine, theobromine and theophylline, the main one being caffeine, etc.?

  • could be the green tea was not effective in the long run, because what caused the precancer or cancer was not fully eliminated, like one's lifestyle, i know a few people with lung cancer, they did not stop smoking, they basically pinned their hopes on chemo, so this video sort of dashes hope, when green tea could actually put cancer in remission.

  • quite a difference in volume levels from the logo intro into the whisper quiet video and the volume spike again with the outro…argh. Video content needs to be louder or normalized

  • Cancer charities have been around for what , 100 years ? 100 years and billions of dollars spent to try to " cure" cancers . Fast forward to 2018 and if your cancer is caught late, as most are, you are still screwed. Prevention is the key and yet hardly any funds are being used to study that. WFPB diet, organic for fruits and vegetables and minimizing carcinogens is the best we can do today. Think of everything you like to eat and drink and just stop doing that . LOL

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