Can Green Tea Help Prevent Cancer?


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  • a couple years you were on a hibiscus tea kick and made a bunch of videos about how healthy it is. if you had to pick one, would it be hibiscus or green tea?

  • The question of whether or not decaf green tea has the same benefits has come up a number to times in the comment section of your videos on green tea and you haven't addressed the issue.

  • Been drinking 2-3L of green tea (2 teabags in a glass jug) almost daily since green tea extract is an additive in "fat burners".

    Glad to hear it has other benefits.

  • My dog, whom I love dearly, was just diagnosed with bone cancer, and on the 13th, will have her front leg and shoulder amputated. I started her on green tea as soon as I got the diagnosis, as I drink it myself for health reasons as well as to replace coffee.

  • Dear Dr. Greger and/or Volunteers, would you please comment on whether YERBA MATE green tea is safe to drink for vegans? I eat only plant-based foods without oil and salt, but have not given up yerba mate tea yet. In short, is it safe to drink yerba mate when it is suppose to contain elements such as potassium, magnesium, and manganese, plus a variety of polyphenols such as the flavonoids quercetin and rutin; and three xanthines: caffeine, theobromine and theophylline, the main one being caffeine, etc.?

  • sir, many researches show that antioxidant can promote cancer growth. EVEN american cancer society donot recommend its consumption. why do you recommend it so strongly. please post your email id

  • I found this on Life Extension July 2017 issue and thought it might be relevant.

    In the October 1992 issue of this publication, I wrote an
    article about the cancer prevention potential of green tea
    extract. I based my article on about 100 scientific papers.
    If you search the National Library of Medicine database
    today, you’ll find over 1,000 studies relating to green
    tea and overall cancer prevention.
    In June 2005, the FDA went to considerable effort to
    publish a position paper stating:
    “…it is highly unlikely that green tea
    reduces the risk of prostate cancer.”1
    This prompted me to write a rebuttal in the November
    2005 issue of this magazine exposing flaws and omissions
    in the FDA’s report.2
    The most egregious omission was a study presented
    at the 96th American Association for Cancer Research
    Meeting, where men with premalignant prostate
    disease where given 600 mg a day of a green tea extract
    supplement or placebo. The men taking green tea
    extract were 90% less likely to progress to prostate
    cancer compared to the placebo group after
    one year.3
    While this study was relatively small, the FDA pretended
    as if this favorable data did not exist when disseminating
    their report questioning whether green tea
    had cancer protective effects.
    The FDA later attacked a maker of green tea leaves
    that dared to state on their label: “green tea may prevent
    prostate and breast cancer.”
    As reported in the July 2012 issue of this publication,
    a Federal Court ruled against FDA’s attempt to censor an
    anti-cancer claim on the box of these green tea leaves.4
    Move forward to 2017 and the totality of evidence
    supporting a role for green tea in cancer prevention has
    greatly expanded.

  • Dr Hiromi Shinya who is the dr to the Japanese emperoal family and the most famous dr in Japan treats all his cancerpatients with a wholefood vegan diet and very alkaline. He advises against green tea because of the caffeine.

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