Can Cannabis Cure Cancer?


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  • I would like to point out that Dr Gregor often speaks about these reductionist ways and how the don’t work but call thc that has been extracted and used “cannabis”. Obviously they did not use cannabis in this trial but instead one active compound in cannabis. Pretty sure no one ever said thc cures cancer. Luckily Israel has been using it for a long time and running much better studies than this reductionist point of view study. But just reading the comments makes it obvious many people don’t have the mental capacity to even realize this. Sad.

  • If it is legal, the stress relieving effect may help with general health and battling the cancer. I used cannabis oil to shrink a skin cancer on my arm, and that is now gone. Burning it off or cutting it out were options, but since it was incredibly slow growing I thought I would see for myself. Otherwise. If I develop serious cancer, I will seek mainstream treatment and smoke all the weed I want to stay sane.

  • Tell us how many patients die from chemo and radiation. YET, doctors continue poisoning patients for profit ;even to the point bankrupting families. Only to gain a few more weeks.
    By the way ,How many patients die from starvation do to the results of normal medical treatmentof cancer..where even adding cannabis would help eating issues. .

  • Why should we believe that a topical application of one component of cannabis is the same as using the whole or is it the same as into as inhalation or ingestion of cannabis as a whole and not part of the components.

  • Would be nice to know who supported these studies? Like big pharmaceutical? 🤔 until it’s legal I don’t see us really knowing the truth. I do know that companies that are against it will bring out studies to say it’s bad, as with the opposite side of the spectrum.

  • Dr. Gregor should do a video on low dose naltrexone after he reads up on it.  

    FDA-approved naltrexone, in a low dose, can normalize the immune system — helping those with HIV/AIDS, cancer, autoimmune diseases, and central nervous system disorders.

    “I started on LDN as a patient in the MS clinical trial at UCSF. I continued on it and just had my MRI check up and have found that my lesions are disappearing. I have less lesions in my brain and the ones that do remain are smaller. This is just AMAZING and WONDERFUL news!”

    “Just 3 months of LDN & chemo and the stage IV bladder cancer is GONE….no scar tissue, nothing. Just gone! The doctors can’t explain it, they are baffled. The radiologist actually thought he had the wrong patient’s scan and asked the oncologist what on earth my Dad was taking. We told everyone….LDN!!! There is no other explanation to this medical miracle!!!”

    “I Have been on LDN for 2 months for primary progressive MS. For the past year and a half, I have been nearly blind. I would put on a pair of 2.75 reading glasses, then put a second pair of 3.25 on top of that. LDN has restored my vision and I couldn’t be more excited, as I’m driving again.”

    “My dad has been using LDN for PD since October 2004 with great success. I have started a Yahoo Group called ‘Healing Parkinsons’.”

    “I have had Crohn’s for 30 years (progressed after surgery) and have been unsuccessful with many treatments until now. I refused to go on Remicade or Humira because I feared the extreme side effects. LDN provided me with reduction of symptoms on the first day!”

    “I was diagnosed with SPMS and transverse myelitis and the first 8 months used Betaseron and in those first 8 months I went from using a walker, wheelchair to a Hoveround power chair. Then I started taking LDN and now I don’t have to use anything to help me walk or get around.”

    “The foot-long fistula (think of it as a really deep ulcer) that was connecting my small intestine to my colon is gone! My last colonoscopy was in February and in the three months of being on LDN, it healed.”

    “I have scleroderma, CREST syndrome and have been on LDN for almost 15 months. I also have Sjögren’s, and fibromyalgia. I have to say that within a week of starting LDN, I felt like I had my life back.”

  • It was the only thing that helped me with the pain cure with my colon carcinoma. The drug companies and medical trials will not tell us the truth. I do hope Israel come through with the new study and save peoples lives.

  • Cancer is a problem no doubt but you use poison in chemo therapy to get rid of the cancer after you put the poison in your body then you want to test to see if THC can help cure you. 🤦🏻‍♂️ How about a study without using chemo and just straight cannabis natural cannabis not extracted THC? Don’t forget if there is a natural remedy for cancer that anyone can use or grow in their own home you can’t make money off of it! The pharmaceutical companies will never allow this or promote it.

  • CBD oil acts like an anticancer in the body.
    It should be used massively to treat these tumors and even smaller diseases.
    HEMP IS A GIFT in every form: cloths, food, paper, medicine and even for entertainment why not 🙂

  • "Cancers that are curable by cutting out the cancer" ? Not in this life. Only if you address the true cause that created whatever cancer you cut out can you call it a true cure. Until then it is not a cure but rather a relief of symptom. Medications, Supplements and operations never did and never will heal anything unless these interventions are able to return normal physiology. A body is self healing, but only when physiology is normalized.

  • My wife had Stage 4 non-small cell lung cancer. She took high doses of THC oil as a vaginal suppository, as recommended by her alternative therapy oncologist. Taken as a suppository, there was no hallucinary effects despite the very high dosages.

    The medicinal marijuana did not save her, but it did: 1) suppress seizures (which she had before THC) without any other seizure medicine and 2) reduced pain. She died not taking any opioids or any other narcotics like morphine… she was lucid and not in pain when she died.

    The medicinal marijuana was not taken until my wife’s cancer had progressed pretty far… we never considered it her sole or even primary treatment protocol. I do believe it was helpful with seizures and pain, though… much better than the prescription pills she was given.

  • So THC only?! Was it also from the plant? Why is it that the scientists didn't try the whole oil with all the cannabinoids? They let the people die so the could write a paper on it!

  • Why dont use all the plant? Not just one particle of it? It's well know that he work better with ALL the canabinoids, not only THC anc CBD, there a hundred more in the plant. And is not that, we need to look the eating of the patients, they habits, like if they smoke, or drink alcohol, soda, coffee, etc. The history of criminalization of this plant is just unbelievible, and until this day, almost no one speaks of it. Before 1930, ALL MEDICINES HAD CANNABIS IN THE COMPOSITION.

  • The best thing about dr Gregor is he says only those things which are proven by experiments and nothing else. No opinion and no bias. And he doesn't say anything about what we dont know with certainty. Thats the guts of real scientist. Well done for your selfless service for humanity. Thank you

  • My great aunt died from that earlier this year. She tried taking Rick Simpson oil after the tumors started growing back, among so many other things she tried. She really fought to stay alive which made it even more sad when she lost.

  • I’m getting more and more disenchanted with this guy.
    In another video he also said avocados are bad for you.
    He’s getting paid by some entity to act as mouthpiece.
    I’m unsubscribing!

  • More study is needed. Make a whole extract of the plant, not a single chemical extract of the plant. Use the whole extract in testing. I'm sure there are plenty of people willing to be test subjects for this. It's too early to be isolating chemicals from the plant and testing them. First see if a whole extract does anything. If it does, then start isolating chemicals until you find what works. Of course, human testing of this has to be balanced. Don't want undue death or suffering.

  • It's the first time that I click the thumb down on one of Dr. Greger's videos. Sorry but this video is incomplete at best. There is much more cannabis-related research out there. This was just a pilot study (nine subjects) for one type of cancer. The question remains: CAN CANNABIS CURE CANCER?

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