Can Aloe Cure Cancer?


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  • This seems like a terrible study. Testing the effects of aloe by making a concoction in which the largest ingredient by far is actually honey and there’s also 40ml of vodka-strength alcohol is ridiculous. And there was no placebo.

    I’m doing a study to see if sugar can cure bacterial infections. I mix a spoonful of sugar with a concoction of 3 different antibiotics and a teaspoon of vodka. It seems to be working. Must be the sugar!

  • What happens when you drink a few too many alcohol drinks is you don’t feel very good the next morning. Let’s call it a “hangover” whether you are throwing up or just feeling bad you know it is from the alcohol. Many people like myself don’t want to feel less than perfect so we usually avoid that first drink. Why feel less than perfect? Crazy. I think the title “hangover” helps deter people.

    But many of us don’t hesitate to eat a lot of junk, or eat just before bedtime or stay up too late. Let’s start calling these “food hangover” or “sleep hangover”. That is what it is. You feel like crap the next day because of poor food choices or lack of sleep.

    I think the word “hangover” is a deterrent. Let’s start using “food Hanover” or “sleep hangover” meaning feeling less than perfect the next morning due to poor food choices or bedtimes the day before.

    Let’s start saying, “you don’t want a “food hangover” when referring to poor food choices.


  • I've seen many examples of people who have recovered from cancers through the use of plant based therapies, the ketogenic diet and its effects on blood sugar and insulin sensitivity is a prime example of using a plant based therapy to address disease. The types of aloe many have used are flash freeze dried powders consisting of simple sugars that enhance white blood cell activity, one of the more powerful sugars is named Manapol and was patented or rather the method of stabilizing it and standardizing it was patented by Drs. Bill McAnally and Dr. Reg McDaniel years ago. The seeming miracles have progressed since then. Cannabis on the other hand has been studied by Dr. Christina Sanchez of Madrid Spain for its effectiveness against uterine and ovarian cancers and her work (Lectures) abound on YT. She is worth a look, and for s small sampling of what people have experienced with using cannabis for cancer treatment there exists the following, anecdotal or not, placebo or not, believable or not, here it is.

    Episode 188: She Successfully Treated Her 3 Different Cancers With Cannabis Oil

    Cannabis is curing my cancer now I want it legalized
    Darren Miller is one of those people who have used this oil to cure his ‘incurable’ lung cancer, and managed to survive, and live against the odds.
    Initially, after his diagnosis, doctors informed him that he had a year to live, as he suffered from ‘inoperable incurable’ lung cancer.
    His treatment included chemotherapy, but he decided to also try his chances using cannabis oil, as he has read numerous success stories about its potential.
    Survival rates for lung cancer are incredibly low, with stage IA cancer survival rate at 50%, and for stage IV, only 1% of the patients manage to survive.
    Darren decided to move to California with his wife in order to be able to legally try the cannabis oil treatment.
    Only after 7 months, his cancer was gone! In an interview for the CBS News, he said:
    “Today, which is seven months later, they tell me I am completely cancer-free – not remission. I’ve cured my cancer. Now, am I giving credit to the cannabis oil? Absolutely. Am I giving credit to chemo? I would have to say yes, too. I did both.”
    His successful story made him want to help others in the similar position and set up his own cannabis oil treatment.

    She healed leukemia, sarcoma and stage IV cervical cancer:

    Cannabis oil cured Stan Rutner's brain and lung cancer. Three minute video, complete with MRI's.  More at

    Breast cancer cleared with cannabis oil, No Chemo or radiation:  

    Cannabis cured my cancer  (Brain cancer)

    Dr. Confirms cannabis oil cures brain tumor and brain cancer

    Rick Simpson Oil can cure cancer, Interview:  

    I secretly gave my son cannabis to save his life  This Morning

    Amazing: Hemp oil cured man's stage IV pancreatic cancer (With medical records)

    Debbie's story, stage IV lung cancer

    Dennis Hill on killing adenocarcinoma prostate cancer with cannabis extract
    After three months on two doses of cannabis extract daily, Dennis's adenocarcinoma of the prostate is gone. Another three months takes care of any remaining metastases and Dennis gets the all clear from his physician after only six months. He uses no other intervention.

    Prostate cancer patient symptom free after using cannabis oil.
    An interview between Werner Bruining of and a patient who was diagnosed with prostate cancer. In the interview the patient describes how he used cannabis oil to combat his prostate cancer. For personal reasons, this patient refused surgery and opted for THC-containing cannabis oil instead. The patient has recently been diagnosed cancer free, suggesting cannabis oil actually cured cancer in this case.

    Sharon Kelly: Cannabis killed stage IV terminal lung cancer

    Dr. Christina Sanchez explains how cannabis kills cancer cells   More at

    Doctor William Courtney on the benefits of raw cannabis   21 minute mark, father shrinks baby's brain tumor with cannabinoids

    How cannabis oil cures cancer

    Can cannabis oil reduce cancerous tumors   News Night

    Cannabis oil and stage IV primary liver cancer

    50 year old man cures lung cancer with cannabis oil

    The science of cannabis as a cancer cure Documentary

    Scientific explanation on how and why cannabis can cure cancer

    Harvard update on medical cannabis

  • There are no permanent cures for a condition we create from eating an acid forming diet. The way to REVERSE CANCER is to CLEAN OUT YOUR INSIDES with alkaline forming food of which herbs like Aloe is one. This means you have to get rid of the mucoid plaque covering your colon and digestive tract but you also need to clean out your lymphatic system which is also your IMMUNE SYSTEM with mostly RAW FRUIT and whole herbs – not man made isolates so called "natural" supplements and vitamins which only stimulate and later on ENERVATE just like Rx do.

    Also we've been lied to about "protein"!!!!! PROTEIN KILLS and medical treatment for cancer is worse than the cancer. Going to see an oncologist with cancer is like going to see an arsonist to put out a fire. It is the TREATMENT that KILLS ie chemo and radiation which only creates WORSE INFLAMMATION than is already there. The cancer is just damaged cells which can be washed away by putting out the fire with cooling hydrating alkaline forming foods IE FRUIT and whole herbs grown in Nature.

    People need to wake up and take responsibility for their health. Don't trust the white coats. They have been brainwashed themselves and had their minds filled with propaganda. If the truth be told, they don't even understand how metabolic wastes in your body are removed. They think they empty into the venous system or blood which shows how idiotic some of their theories are.

  • In that case don't we have to ask if it was the aloe or the honey or a combination because honey also has great anti bacterial anti microbial exedra exedra properties and from what I understand the healing power was used during World War II on wounds to aid in healing. Being vegan I hope it's just the aloe but scientifically don't we need to check

  • Does the aloe block new blood vessel growth (a typical cancer strategy to get access to more glucose)? It seems like it helps starve the cancer which reduces it's ability to grow and makes it weaker. Which then increases the chances of the imune system to kill the cancer.

    In the eye example, growing blood vessels is the only way for the cancer to get access to more glucose. So it's a very specific case where this treatment would have a very high chance of success.

  • At 1 year most of the non aloe chemo group was dead.. Why are they still giving people chemo if it’s that ineffective? This capitalist healthcare system is so immoral. The treatment has to be something people don’t have access to so they can hold you hostage for your life savings before they kill you anyway.

  • For people who are confused on the verdict: The authors of the studies conclude their evidence is sound but Dr. Greger points out the science is not that strong because there's no placebo group, so if you really want to try aloe just in case, take note of all the harmful side effects first.

  • 4:24 – utterly confused

    Aloe was given…..

    "every day without interruption, either during or after chemotherapy, until the progression of disease, starting 6 days prior to the onset of chemotherapy"

    I have stared at that sentence for a while now

    Can anyone explain it a bit better than it is written ?

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