Caloric Restriction vs. Plant-Based Diets


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  • In the animal studies the animals were given stellar nutrition, while being given just less calories. But in real life outside of the labs, are people able to get perfect nutrition, as did the lab animals? Further is IGF 1 the sole determinate of longevity?

  • You really stress plant based diet.  However, I have a question:   What about meat flavorings?   I really like chicken broth, or use bouillon in my vegetable soup.   I could go without meat as a main item, but what about meat broth as flavoring or as base for veggie soups?

  • "One gram of fiber for every one hundred calories." If you only eat food that meets this requirement and only drink water then you will maintain the appropriate weight. All plant based foods have fiber.

  • Could it be that cancer cells cause an increase in IGF-1 and not the other way around? Also, the issue is so controversial and the findings between humans vs other species are different, that it is hard to make any decisions about manipulating IGF-1 for healthy individuals. Here is an excerpt from an interesting article: "A meta-analysis of studies examining the correlation between high IGF-1 levels and different cancers only found increased risk of prostate and pre-menopausal breast cancers, suggesting that perhaps it’s premature to say that high levels of IGF-1 would predispose someone to cancer. There are many more cancers, and many more deadly cancers, that did not appear to be highly correlated.

    A second meta-analysis observed that men with low IGF-1 levels actually had significantly higher risk of death due to cancer than men with normal (not high) levels. In this case, no studies involving cancer risk and IGF-1 in women were included, so we cannot assume the same will be true in women–though we might expect it to be similar given our knowledge of how IGF-1 affects the human body."

  • having a videos about high carb low fat vegans (who eat 3000/4500 calories a day) and the science behind it (would they have the same results as the lower calorie vegan group ? ) and also the ideal macro ratio for health (low fat ? moderate fat ? etc) would be awesome.

  • Calorie restriction dramatically lowers the risk of various cancers. "Adult-onset moderate CR also reduces cancer incidence by 50% in monkeys." That's probably a lot more benefit than any plant based diet offers.

  • A really good resource to look into is a book called The China Study by Dr. Campbell. There are some great videos on youtube of his lectures. It would help shed light on some questions that this video may have raised. Similar findings but Dr. Colin T. Campbell really goes in depth about the roles of plant protein vs. animal protein and its effect on cancer, tumours, and other diseases. Then, to find out where he came from and his motives for conducting this huge scientific study is mind blowing. Don't try to guess…because you won't guess it.

  • Great video. There is however one correlation that I wish you would have put in with your findings. You said it may just be the lower protein consumption overall by the vegans. But, the thing you didn't 'put to the test' was whether it was not just lower protein, but whether it was plant protein VS the animal protein?
    Being a 5 foot 7 200lb vegan myself I consume 130 plus grams of protein per day. So, this would be of particular interest to me.
    Thank you very much for all that you do.

  • Maybe the best strategy is to eat all the meat and eggs and dairy products you want during childhood (including late childhood/adolescence), but once you hit 18, you should go plant-based! 😀

  • it's amazing how hard the vegan diets hits it out of the ballpark here. even if caloric intake were held constant, veganism would win, but it's not, so veganism wins by twice the margin!

  • Everything is fine and dandy, but when i starting eating nuts, seeds and avocados, i start to get jiggly "downstairs". So…should i limit them? like 1 tbsp on flax or? what do i do? (i'm a really big volume eater, and do great on starches, vegetables and fruits)

  • Vegans have the lowest levels of IGF 1. Let's start with the fact (or assumption) that a man is a vegan, and in that context, let's look at an experiment with caloric restriction on rodents. Do vegans, who are exposed to calorie restriction, have even lower levels of IGF 1 than vegans that eat normal amounts of food?
    And, what about the vegans who apply a water fasting, say 7-15 related days for every 3 months, or 4-5 related days each month, or 36h once a week? Does the water post make sense and benefit from the vegan?

  • My cousin was skinny like a toothpick. He was having a barbecue every end of the week and heavy meat and olive oil eater being italian. He died on his sleep at just 50 years of age leaving 2 very young daughters and a shocked, devastated wife. He died of a coronary arterial blockage. Skinny people are not immune from heart and arterial disease.

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