C. difficile Superbugs in Meat


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  • Cook your food and don't cross contaminate. Getting nasty microbes is of course a big problem with all raw food but I'll still take my cucumbers and melons raw. Time to move on.

  • Thank you for posting! I was sick with non antibiotic CDiff in 2008. It was nine days before treatment worked. I was left 12 lbs lighter and severely anemic. I was so weak I couldn't walk more than 30 steps or so. The dr at my second ER visit was shocked that I had contracted CDiff without antibiotic use first. This explains a lot as I was trying to eat enough Protein and I suspected a package of pork sausage. It didn't effect anyone else I came in contact with. It won't be contracted by everyone but it is an awful awful thing for anyone to go through.

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