Bug Appétit: Barriers to Entomophagy


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  • Even as a vegan I get dyspepsia when eating certain beans and certain fibrous foods. Its a weak argument. The truth it may be good for people but its a loosing battle since most people are grossed out by the idea. For those who eat insects… more power to you.

  • I'm guessing that this has something to do with the fact that most primates either explicitly or secondhandly consume a lot of insects in their diet, but we don't because they are yucky…

  • If people are stupid enough to eat 'live' insects, then I've got some raw pork that I am sure they will enjoy. This is the mess they make. they know better than to test people eating raw butchered meat, but they want to base their reports on people eating live insects.

  • I don't think this is a losing battle at all.  Westerners are in the minority, as over two thirds of the world's population eat insects regularly.  If people can be swayed towards veganism, which is arguably one of the most radical dietary philosophies currently espoused, they can probably be swayed to eat bugs.  Veganism can fail to provide adequate protein, specifically in allowing us all nine essential amino acids, or even all 22 amino acids that go into constructing and maintaining the human body.  Insects on the other hand offer these amino acids heavily concentrated and in abundance across a very small selection of foods.  To get everything you need on a vegan diet, you would either need to eat a strenuously large variety of foods every day or take a supplement.  Simply put, eating bugs is simply easier than eating only plants.

  • What kind of experiment would have people eating LIVE maggots?! Let's see 'who has the most resistance to vomiting'? And eating insects raw… well, let's not take chances at all no matter how entertaining it is on 'Fear Factor'. Insects can carry parasites that no human would like to share. Seriously.

  • would any food presented by a dull dry toady scientist be apatizing. think about everyone's response to hospital food. if i cut up a live chicken in front of you and threw it on a plate you would probably report nausea. The real tragedy is stranded people staving in insect infested areas spending their last caloriles of energy fighting them off. instead of feasting they die, probably hallucinating golden arches, or humming a coke add tune

  • I agree with Veganism, but B12 deficiency and the fact natural Herbivores like Gorillas do eat some insects, shows a plant based diet with some insect eating is the best natural way to eat.. The problem is modern people are brainwashed to hate insects as disgusting.. The should be research about which insects did ancient humans eat, and how to return to insect eating society.

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