BRCA Breast Cancer Genes and Soy


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  • Ah yes,the very plausible situation where you're stuck on a desert island and you've got no other choice that hunting that wild pig down,its him or you! This is a question we can only answer when the situation arises,how far are you prepared to go?I can return the question,are you prepared to kill & eat your dog/cat/etc…if you're starving and at the point of death?Of course,we will do what we have to survive in extreme situations.Are you living one right now,don't you have a choice??

  • No no no I'm not playing that game with you. You are the one who made a statement of fact "Sorry,animal products are NEVER advantageous to health" So you must justify the claim.

    Just because my scenario isn't probable doesn't mean it isn't possible.

    You made the statement of fact not me, so i ask you again to, Justify it!

    (As an aside I am currently strongly considering becoming vegan so you don't attack my character in response as most vegans are quick to do when presented with a challenge)

  • Lol well, good for you,i strongly encourage you to look into it,i did,i've been educating myself for 3 years now after watching Gary Yourofsky's speech,look it up,it turned me vegan overnight.There's heaps of studies out there,read the China Study by Dr Colin Campbell,check Dr Barnard,McDougall,Esselstyn,…and of course Dr Greger 🙂

  • The china study is a hack job of science. Anyone with a background in science knows it is a co-relation argument and co-relation does NOT equal causation.

    There are nutritional benefits to eating meat/dairy no matter what nutrition facts .org says, the current consumption quantities are detrimental to health and unnecessary but that doesn't change the fact that whey for example is anti microbial and extremely beneficial to health in people who have no allergies to it.

  • Could you envisage a world where you ate meat and dairy if it were ethically consumed. (Animals were allowed to die of natural causes and milking only occurred after weaning the calves?)

    Also you never answered the challenge.

    the majority of the names above i have already encountered and the science does not back their claims, even in doctor gregors case.

  • Ok i see you have made your mind up and you're well and truly brainwashed by the meat and dairy industries.Enjoy your special animal products "benefits" such as high cholesterol,diabetes,heart attack,obesity,liver diseases,cancer etc…have a lovely day 😀

  • You are the one with the closed mind, no willingness to engage in discourse "my way or the highway" approach to discussion.

    Obesity for example is as a result of caloric surplus not meat consumption.

    Meat consumption is co related but not the causal issue.

    Your argument style is genuinely a joke,as with most vegans, you are limited in your understanding of nutrition so it is purely an ethical mardigras when debating the health implications of either side of the debate.

  • that isn't what i said now is it. At current rates of consumption no. That doesn't mean that consumption of meat and dairy could fall to levels where natural causes of death and weaning of calves was abe to sustain consumption of meat and dairy

  • personal preference has no place in a society that could consume meat and dairy ethically as outlined above?

    Cheese is a delicious and very healthy when consumed in appropriate quantities. If it were produced ethically would you actually want to infringe on someones right to consume it based on solely health grounds?

  • I have no doubt all this is true…just wondering: I have heard that I should avoid soy since I have hypothyroidism. Would love to ingest it for cancer prevention, though. Any advice?

  • Wow, thanks for sharing! My mom, aunt & both sisters had breast cancer. We were part of the original breast cancer gene studies. I have been eating soy for decades and I'm the only adult female without breast cancer in my immediate family. I would bet that none of my family has ever consciously eaten soy. My response to Angolina Jolie's decision…I can't imagine having missed one of the best decisions of my life: breastfeeding my 3 daughters…whose high genetic chances of cancer, research shows, are reduced as a result. Mom Aunt BOTH Sibs Breast Cancer-No Mastectomies for Me, Angelina Jolie! Vegan Diet Works!

  • What is Dr Greger's response cited by user Lucia Succhiarelli on the article, that shows ER-negative cancers and most breast cancers are ER-negative? Also, I read an article about how a lot of those research that shows soy to be a healthy are either sponsored by organisations that make soy products or written by people with financial ties to the soy industry: Dr Greger, can you please explain to make someone like me who is planning to go full vegan at ease.

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