Boosting Natural Killer Cell Activity


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  • Man this is the best channel and you are truly uncovering the most amazing information. This is what we should of been focusing on the last 100 years instead of developing pharm drugs and social weapons and media propaganda that kill and debilitate people. Great info, I don't think the study is compromised by the sources of funds, unlike most of the so called FDA or mainstream studies funded by the dairy and livestock industry backed by the government. No body is making money off promoting blueberries I can assure that. Maybe the family in chile growing organic blueberries will have a nice year.

  • Interesting results with regards to goji berries. I would say that a lot of people myself included cannot digest goji berries thus they are just passing straight through the system. Most commercially available goji berries are very hard. If you picked them straight from the bush I am sure digestion would not be an issue as they are soft.

  • I want to share a rather interesting personal story. I used to work at a blueberry pack house. I was in charge of the chillers. Using a forklift, I would unload all the picked fruit coming in from the fields and move them to cooling stations. I also moved the fruit when it was time to be packed. Any way one of the boss's would always come in and chat to me, he would literally stuff his face with blueberry's. He said they had antioxidants etc, I thought to my self 'antioxidants, yeah what ever ya hippie'. So a few days later I think, I will give this, blueberry face stuffing a try. So I grab hand full of blueberry's, shove them in my mouth and began to chew, I turn around and BAM! Another boss 'the head boss, the angry boss, the boss you never want to bother because he will burst out in fits of range' and all the investors where walking in, they where on a tour of the pack house and they see me stuffing my face with blueberry's. Good news is I kept my job 🙂

  • Next breakfast will be a cup of Tazo Chai (black tea, cinnamon, cardamom, black pepper, cloves, star anise) with blueberries/barberries/apple/cinnamon on cooked oat groats.  And 1 Tbs. toasted flax seeds sprinkled with maple sugar on the side.

  • Joe Higgs, there is a blueberry smoothie recipe involving ground cardamom…I tried it this morning…THUMBS UP! I also added freshly ground black pepper…the recipe involves frozen organic wild blueberries..I get mine at Trader Joe's for a decent price…a ripe banana, unsweetened almond milk, almond butter, ground cardamom in a blender. I used peanut butter and I also added fresh red kale from my garden. It tasted very very good!  Hope this helps!

  • I guess we can't expect an organization that is not interested in blueberry sales to fund a study about blueberries.  But, we also know that people don't like reporting bad news to their bosses. 

  • I have recently started taking blender food as breakfast. One of these lasts about three mornings unless my gf drinks it. Here is a basic structure of my blender ingredients:

    -Always include berries like blue berry and/or raspberries,blackberries, … 
    -Usually a fruit like banana but not always.
    -Sometimes spinach or similar green leafy ingredient.
    -A piece of ginger, a drop of lemon juice and honey to make it a bit sweeter
    -Quark and yoghourt (or whey protein when I'm lazy)
    -Juice to make it more drinkable
    -oat bran

    Can't really tell if it is making me feel any better than what I had before but at least it is healthy and actually tastes pretty good.

  • Yikes, the "nutrition facts" presented in the video came under question in the last five seconds, what are the facts? Is the research trustworthy or not? I was almost convinced, but now the video only confuses issues surrounding the nutritional impact of blueberries on NKC activity. Harmless or Harmful?

  • The ancient Chinese and Byzantines used minerals, fasting methods, spices, herbs, fruits and vegetables to heal over 1000 different diseases without any side effects whatsoever. Today we have the (TRUSTED) Pharma's corpo-gangs who's controlling the hospitals and young doctors and gov, in order to heal the blood-wallets of their share holders instead!!!

  • I take my Curcumin Tablets when I add cardamom spice to my food. I wonder of the 25 mg of black pepper (Bioprene 25 mg) in the Curcumin tablet is enough black pepper?

  • I trust the North American Blueberry Council and the North Carolina Blueberry Council a hell of a lot more than I trust Big Food (meat and dairy industries) and Big Pharma.

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