Blue-Green Algae & Spirulina


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  • It'd be wonderful if you could post it to this specific video on nutritionfacts. org. This way more people benefit from the response, and I can actually provide you with links (which I can't do on Youtube). Thanks!

  • Based on the literature on, I found nothing at all conclusive about danger from ingesting blue green algae. The only thing I did find is that neurotoxins were found in negligible, (50-60 micrograms per kilo), in a few samples. Why do you sound like a ghoul, and why do you have that sardonic look on your face? What you have to say does not jive at all with the scientific literature. Ridiculous. I have been eating blue green algae for over a decade with no negative results whatsoever.

  • It's well known that blue green algae produces neurotoxins as a defense mechanism against predation (to kill the fish that might eat it). But as far as I know, there's nothing in the literature about spirulina "dissolving our muscles from the inside out".
    I have no idea what that's supposed to even mean. It's a really bizarre statement, especially since he listed specific details about blue green algae, then makes this ominous claim about spirulina without any supporting evidence.

  • Your whole presentation sucked. You sound tired and even unsure of the information your trying to portray as bad. Not to mention, there is NO EVIDENCE of this being harmful to humans whatsoever. There are certain instances with specific herbs or plants that may cause damage to animals or bugs, but not to humans.

  • You are really full of crap. Are you a doctor? Whatever you are, you are obviously targeting healthy foods, because you are either neurotic and have developed an obsession about discrediting these products, or else you have some agenda, or both.

    Let's hear you criticize the drug industry and the medications that cause such serious side effects additional meds have to be taken to correct these side effects, and ad infinitum, until the patient collapses from taking 15 pills a day.

  • But Spirulina has helped seemingly cure the muscular and joint inflammation I was suffering…..surely if fish consume this to attain their essential fatty acids…..then people consume the fish, what is being removed between the fish consuming algae and humans consuming the fish that would be detrimental to human health?

  • The year is 2013, and the CODEX is coming – UN Agenda 21 includes the "Codex Alimentarious" or the UN Food Code. Watch the lecture by Dr. Laibow on this subject from at least five years ago, where she warns that under the Codex, which takes effect in the US in 2014, Nutrients are Toxins, and vs. versa. Those condeming Organics and other green, clean food habits, are nothing but UN schills buttering up the sheep to lead them to slaughter. Google it while you can and spread the word…

  • His articles he is displaying for discussion are abstracts of research papers. As with a lot of scientific articles, they are observations backing a hypothesized thesis presented by the researcher. It does necessarily mean conclusive, it just provides data and observations so that you can decide its logic.

  • Normally I gain 2 to 2.5 kg if I go to gym eat a lot(I'm vegetarian, egg is vegetarian), nearly twice but still I'll be stuck 52.5kg. Then When I had spirulina I put 6 kgs over tat 2.5 kg. For me it's a miracle. I had been in this 49 – 52.5 for 7yrs (I'm 24 now)

  • Such concentrated bullshit, first learn how to pronounce it, its not called spiuirilinia or whatever you are saying. Second, dissolves muscles? Riiight go ahead and tell that to the many many athletes who take it regularly, yeah they wouldnt notice muscles dissolving right? I have taken Spirulina for YEARS, it makes me fell wonderful, full of energy, and STRONG. My mind is clearer, I have a lot more stamina. Again, do not let yourselves be fooled by this ridiculous video. Here is some food for thought: "Toxicological studies[edit]
    Toxicological studies of the effects of spirulina consumption on humans and animals, including feeding as much as 800mg/kg,[14] and replacing up to 60% of protein intake with spirulina,[15] have shown no toxic effects.[16] Fertility, teratogenicity, peri- and post-natal, and multi-generational studies on animals also have found no adverse effects from spirulina consumption.[17] Spirulina intake has also been found to prevent damage caused by toxins affecting the heart, liver, kidneys, neurons, eyes, ovaries, DNA, and testicles.[17] In a 2009 study, 550 malnourished children were fed up to 10 g/day of spirulina powder, with no adverse effects. Dozens of human clinical studies have similarly shown no harmful effects to spirulina supplementation.[18]"

  • How much education in nutrition do you really have?
    Makes me wonder why average doctor dies 12 years sooner than average American. Over working? Stress of malpractice law suit? or eating Spirulina?
    Studies have been done extensively by the Oregon state, of the non toxicity of Blue green alge. Why dont  you go submit your findings to them and they will shut the production down.

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