Black Salve as an Alternative Cancer Cure


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  • plain old hemp oil you can buy at the store put a dollop on a Band-Aid and put it on your skin and it will cure anything like a bump mole or skin abrasion or cancer

  • plain old hemp oil you can buy at the store put a dollop on a Band-Aid and put it on your skin and it will cure anything like a bump mole or skin abrasion or cancer

  • plain old hemp oil you can buy at the store put a dollop on a Band-Aid and put it on your skin and it will cure anything like a bump mole or skin abrasion or cancer

  • My mother had a squamous cell carcinoma on her cheek 2 years ago. Instead of removing it in the office the doctor prescribed her a cream that burned it off her face. She had to put it on for 2 weeks straight, and when I visited her towards the end, she had a huge scab on her face. She she it hurt badly and kept her from sleeping well. THAT WAS PRESCRIPTION STUFF!!! Guess that's the best treatment you can get on Obamacare tho…. at least she didn't use black salve….

  • I have used BS on legs and temple, and it worked for me, but would never use it on my nose, but having said that, have you got pics of people a year on, because the holes usually fill in over time.

  • What you didn't mention is that all oncologists push very hard on radiotherapy and chemotherapy because it's very profitable. The problem is that those treatments have about 5% success. They are cancer causing therapies and majority of people die of them because they stimulate cancer growth. I'm not against surgery, I'm against pseudoscience. People live longer without chemo and radiation and quality of life is significantly better.

  • Come ON Dr. Greger. If the underlying cause of the cancer such as the diet, that caused it to grow in the first place is changed and the body has changed its pH that resulted from an acid causing to an alkaline diet, after the black salve removes the tumor, there are herbs to help grow new cells where the tumor was… or the body may just do so on its own. We all know western medicine has a deplorable track record when it comes to treating chronic and degenerative problems ESPECIALLY cancer. I can't believe I'm hearing you defend allopathy for cancer treatment!

  • guys stop taking vitamin D supplements btw, check out the evidence-based information provided by "pamela popper" youtube channel. she basically says that the best source of vitamin D is sun exposure and that vitamin D supplements are unhealthy and are not even close to matching the complexity of natural vitamin D production

  • I've used black salve on my face and chest for skin cancer and it worked! Pulled it right out. No longer have it. I'm going to stop following Dr. Greger. He has some sound advice on a plant based diet but he is dead set against natural alternative medicine. Like oil pulling, he's against it cause "it could cause phneumonia". Yeah right. I've been oil pulling for years and have very healthy teeth and gums. Yet again, he's good for diet advice but for other stuff, not so much.

  • The lesson came at the conclusion of this video. Effective physicians are respectful and caring. Unfortunately, many are not. A few can be arrogant, disrespectful, AND ignorant.

  • I'm very tempted to believe the "adversarial" and "thinking they were God" parts are at least partially explained by these patients being unreasonable lunatics in the first place.

  • Does it ever get to anyone else nerve about the.. Ehhhhh that is pronounced or the uhhhwhen the tissue samples are taken.. it's just how he talks kinda uhhhurmm eeerrrrrrrks me.

  • It saved my life, pulled the tumor until it erupted from my breast, with the blood vessels still attached, which had to be snipped with sterilized scissors. Left a two inch wide hole in my breast, which is now healed. Up until this video I had complete trust in Dr. Greger. To see the truth, watch on YouTube "One Answer to Cancer" with doctors who ARE honest on this topic.

  • I placed a small amount on my left arm for 24 hours, no tissue damage. Placed a small amount above the tumor in my breast, with in one minute, a tingling sensation. Within two weeks the tumor was expelled from my right breast.

  • I can't believe he's still looking for a cure for cancer, or we as a collective for this matter!! Doesn't people understand what causes it yet? Detox is where it's at, stop promoting nonse! Arnold Ehret's books are going to open anyone's eyes and they've been out there for about a century! John Rose, Dr Morse… The list goes on, don't plateau at this false knowledge and awaken at a brighter reality please!!

  • This study of the evidence is so ridiculously biased.. how can you see both sides of the salves effects if there are NO studies to see the efficacy of the salve? The reason people walk away from the medical industry is because it is corrupt and money driven. There is no money to be made from black salve. So there is no interest in studying it.

  • It's incredible that people would prefer someone warmly recommending total rubbish to a professional coldly prescribing a real treatment, but that's humans for you. Good to see a warning on any of these useless "alternatives". I'd be inclined to include the warning in the video title lest anyone who does not watch it takes away a false impression!

  • I have had melanoma cut out 100%success, an basal cell in my face radiated 100% success and a small basal cell treated with cannibas oil, 100% success. If my skin doctor recommended cutting out the last one,I would have done it, but she couldn't find after the cannabis oil treatment.

  • Is tea tree oil safe to use? Supposedly it's good for your skin. Only problem I have with it is the smell. My brother says it smells like ether.

  • I have used it 7 times successfully. Only 2 spots have a very tiny scar. I watched my husband go through many painful and scarring skin cancer removals.

  • I just watched your video about marijuana where you were very clear about how the pharmaceutical industry which is the backbone of the medical industry blocks the legalization of marijuana because it will cut into their prophets yet, in this video you seem perplexed as to why people do not trust doctors to treat cancer.

  • This goes to show you how people are so easily fouled by princes offering money or snake oil salesman with cures. Very evident in our current political environment! People, due your research from lots of reputable sources and not from the web sites that say your computer is infected with a virus, click here to clean.

  • Paul Nissan was on youtube before Dr. Greger promoting healthy eating. Pau Nissan used black salve on himself several times and got good results. Interesting that Dr. Greger, so data-driven researcher, didn't spend time contacting Paul and few others who used it successfully. Then after hearing horror stories and successful treatments dive deep into black salve treatments. And only then make a video. Looks like Dr. Greger is rushing forward to put more fresh vids out there without looking deeper. Sad.

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